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Thoughts on child support


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Reading an online story. They were married eight years they have two children, they get divorced and he's paying $1,500 a month child support.


At first it was difficult making the payments, but three promotions in two years helped, and now he makes enough money that it's easy to do it.


Really? I thought if you earned more money they increased the support payments?


The theory, as I understand it, is your child should be supported as if you were still living with him and his mother. If you're making $5,000 a month, you pay x amount of money child support, but if you make $10,000 a month, you pay more than that. Isn't that the way it works? So if I got a raise from 5K to 7K, logically my child support would increase by 40% also. Wouldn't it?



Going off on a tangent here, I recently read that Texas has passed a new law. If a drunk kills a parent, along with whatever else happens to him for driving drunk and vehicular homicide, he's got to pay child support for the kid.


I like that. Great idea. But I wonder how that would work. I make three grand a month, and I get run over by a drunk. Would he pay child support to my kid based on my 36k yearly salary, or based on his 150k yearly salary?



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I've always thought that child support was subjective to the income of BOTH parents and

who might have the main custody.

PLUS..... if the divorce was caused by infidelity of the wife with a multi-millionaire, the husband

might not be liable for any high alimony payments, depending upon his income.


I think there are a few variable involved in each divorce situation that we don't normally

take into consideration, but the judge might.




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In Ohio where I had my divorce, there is only no-fault divorce.  Adultery or any other factor just doesn't matter.


Changing the amount of child support requires action on the recipient's part.  The court does not automatically review the payor's income and adjust accordingly.

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I paid child support for about 8 years. They based it on 20% of my weekly income. Of course I also spent other money on my two boys when I had them on Sundays and some weekends etc. This was 40 years ago ! I think it’s about the same rate today in the county . This is in Ohio.

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sometimes i think you overthink things - yes i agree both parents that procreated these kids need to support them , , no i dont think it should put either in dire straights , if they were together and things got tuff the kids suffer along with them , its the way of life , i think families need to try to stay together till the kids are gone - i think people should not have kids they cant afford , and i think people should not have kids they dont want - by that i mean - dont make them , 

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8 hours ago, Red Gauntlet , SASS 60619 said:


Right. It isn't going to increase by itself.

Maybe she is chipping in a little, it take two to raise a kids.

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