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Who's Coming - Ides of March - 2023 SASS Florida State Championship

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Ides of March - 2023 SASS Florida State Championship 

  1. Abe E.S. Corpus
  2. Ace Hanlon
  3. Amaduelist
  4. Angus McNasty
  5. Annabelle Bransford
  6. Appaloosa Amy
  7. Apple Jack
  8. Arcadia Outlaw
  9. Avocatessa
  10. Badlands Bob
  11. Bear Claw Brian
  12. Beaver Creek Boy
  13. Bellamy Belle
  14. Big Bear Mo
  15. Big Bore John
  16. Big Country
  17. Big Iron Bohannon
  18. Blackwater Will
  19. Blazing Saddles
  20. Bo Dacious
  21. Bogus Jim
  22. Bonfire
  23. Boston Lady
  24. Bubba Fett
  25. Buckskin Barb
  26. Bucky Buckskin
  27. Bullhead Moody
  28. C.A Siringo
  29. Cannon
  30. Captain Blaster
  31. Capt'n Rudy
  32. Card Shark Charlie
  33. Cardboard Cowboy
  34. Carolina Sunshine
  35. Carpetbagger Carley
  36. Cassalong Hopidy
  37. Cast Iron Cookie
  38. Cayenne Kay
  39. Chance Ramsay
  40. Charlie Reb
  41. Chert Rock
  42. Cheyenne Culpepper
  43. Chica
  44. Chickie Winsome
  45. Chili Pepper Pete
  46. Christian Mortician
  47. Chuluota's Bad Hombre
  48. Cody Witt
  49. Colonel Kraken
  50. Commodore Blockback
  51. Cowboy Jon
  52. Crane Creek Kid
  53. Cross-Eyed Chris
  54. Cypress Sam
  55. Dallas McBoomBoom
  56. Dang it Dan
  57. DC Madcap
  58. Deacon Will
  59. Dead Aim Dave
  60. Dead Head
  61. Deadeye Blue
  62. Deadly Dealer
  63. Deadly Don
  64. Deadly Sharpshooter
  65. Deadwood Blackie
  66. Deadwood Woody
  67. Delta Glen
  68. Deputy Spencer Hawk
  69. Desperado Dale
  70. Deuce Stevens
  71. Doc Foot
  72. Doc IronHorse
  73. Doc J.H. Hucklebury
  74. Doc Southerly
  75. Dogmeat Dad
  76. Dominator
  77. Dough Slinger
  78. Eastern Tenderfoot
  79. Fireball
  80. Foxplay SquirrelyGirl
  81. Gadfly
  82. Georgia Guns
  83. Goliath
  84. Grazer
  85. Gunner Down
  86. Gypsy Rider
  87. Hammer D Smith
  88. Harry TF
  89. Hawkeye Kid
  90. Hawley McCoy
  91. Hazel Pepper
  92. High Cotton Kitty
  93. High Noon Henry
  94. Holli Docaday
  95. Hollifer A. Dollar
  96. Hud McCoy
  97. J.M. Brown
  98. Jace the Ace
  99. Jack Spade
  100. Jake on the Take
  101. James Samuel Pike
  102. JB Kidd
  103. Jeremiah Longknife
  104. Jesse Cain
  105. Jessie Saint Ann
  106. John Crow
  107. John E Law
  108. John Ruth
  109. Johnny Sure Shot
  110. Johny Blackhouse
  111. JP Law
  112. Justin A. Shootout
  113. Kay Sadeeya
  114. Kid Romeo
  115. Kid Sperry
  116. Krazy Kajun
  117. Lady Rimfire
  118. Lainey Mae
  119. Lake Pickett Lady
  120. Lawless Len
  121. Lead Pusher
  122. Lightload
  123. Lightnin Hawk
  124. Lightning Bill Carson
  125. Little Dead Drewtzer
  126. Little Iron Lucille
  127. Loxahatchee Dan
  128. Madame Moog
  129. Marshal Dan Troop
  130. Marshal J.W. Stone
  131. Max Payne
  132. Medicine Bow
  133. Midwest Hale
  134. Misfire Mordecai
  135. Moog
  136. Mountain Keith
  137. Mudslide Mike
  138. Mustang Dave
  139. Nantucket Dawn
  140. Notorious Nealan
  141. Null N. Void
  142. Oakley Rose
  143. One Shot Dave
  144. Ophelia Payne
  145. Palmetto Traveller
  146. Patsy Montana
  147. Pawnee James
  148. Pefferlaw Pete
  149. Pink
  150. Pipeman
  151. Polecat Joe
  152. Preacherman
  153. Quaker Hill Bill
  154. Realtree
  155. Red Thunder
  156. Renegade Roger
  157. Right Again Dad
  158. Rio Drifter
  159. Riverview Rattler
  160. Rocky Creek Shooter
  161. Rogues Pierre
  162. Rooster Leadbelly
  163. Roscoe Ranger
  164. Rowdy Bill
  165. Runs with Scissors
  166. Santa Fe River Stan
  167. Santa Rosa Slinger
  168. Sassy Teton Lady
  169. Savannah Belle
  170. Scarlett Darlin'
  171. Semper Fi Cowboy
  172. SGT F.L. Cracker
  173. Shellen
  174. Sheriff Mickey
  175. Shiloh Red
  176. Shoulda Dun Gun
  177. Shyster's Revenge
  178. SideKick Chick
  179. Six Packin' Jan
  180. Sixgun Seamus
  181. Slothful Southpaw
  182. Smart Asterisk
  183. Snake Oil Osage
  184. Snazzy McGee
  185. Speed Stevens
  186. Stingray
  187. Straight Arrow Hombre
  188. Sure Shot Shawanda
  189. Surly Sullivan
  190. Tac Hammer
  191. Taos Jim
  192. Terrible Tyler
  193. Tex Avvy
  194. The Outlaw Travis James
  195. Thunderbolt Hayes
  196. Tick Ridge
  197. Tilly Two Spurs
  198. TinCan Sailor
  199. Toothpick
  200. Tornado
  201. Trail Bandit
  202. Tucker T Fudpucker
  203. Tuscon Tuco
  204. Vaquero Dan
  205. Velvet Sheath
  206. Wabash Valley Slim
  207. Waimea
  208. Whiskey Ro
  209. Wiggley Down Yonder
  210. Wild Whiskers
  211. Willy Whiskers
  212. Woody Shootem
  213. Wyoming Schoolmarm
  214. Yankee
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That's the biggest bunch of low down goat faced scab suckin' yellow bellied scum bags I ever done seen........ Oh wait...... My name's on that list...... Never mind. 


Edited by Sixgun Seamus
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17 minutes ago, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

We're leaving the house tomorrow morning and headed that way.  We'll see ya'll on Wednesday.

Unless somebody reprograms your GPS to Portuguese! :D



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Come on over Wyatt, old home week. Folks would love to see you! 

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Saw an awful lot of familiar faces today, and met a few new folks as well.  Side Match day is always good that way.


I think Holli and I must be shooting by ourselves for the match though as nobody we talked to was on Posse 9!  :P


Regardless of who is on it, we will have a blast I'm sure!  Stages look fun and I'm liking the match book format.  Reminds me of the ones I used to do for the Mason Dixon Stampede, but with a better diagram method and very concise instructions.  It will be interesting to see how it works out, but I'm liking it a lot.


Off to bed, got an early start in the morning....

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Well, Posse 9 turned out to be great!  Lots of good folks to share the day with and have some fun.  Stages 6-10 were fun and interesting, nothing complicated if you kept your wits about you.  Out of 20 some shooters over 5 stages (100 stages shot) I only recall one or two Ps, and they can happen to anyone.


Had a nice dinner at the Lake Harris Hideaway with some fellow shooters from up our way.  Thanks to Deacon Will, Hazel Pepper, Vaquero Dan, and Wyoming Schoolmarm who invited Holli and I and Hud McCoy who was with us to join their table. We had a chance to enjoy the beautiful evening weather with good food and good friends, and good conversation.


Tomorrow we shoot the lower 5 stages.with an early start, so it's off to bed early to read the stages before light out and dream of shooting fast and clean tomorrow.  (Hey, I did same it was a dream, so I will settle for clean... :rolleyes: :P)

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Awards are done, scores should be up soon, but at the end of the day, every one who came to the Ides was a winner.  Even the weather cooperated and the rains bypassed the match.


Posse 9 was awesome and Holli and I enjoyed shooting with everyone, seeing some old friends and meeting some new folks.  Already looking forward to next year!


Thanks to everyone who helped put on this match, you all did great.  See you in 2024!


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Thanks to the Lake County Pistoleros for a great match. As DD said, the bad weather held off and it was 3 great shooting days. Great venue and great people to shoot with. 

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