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  1. Young Guns YOUTH ONLY MATCH Registration is open and going strong for the first "Young Guns: Youth Only Match". Match application can be found in the ASN Event linked below. Stages are going to be written by youth (tweaked by adults). From what I am hearing hot dogs, hamburgers and an ice cream sandwich bar will be what awaits once the shooting is over. The match is free for youth so don't delay in getting them signed up! CONFEDERATE COLT Application and Event Info: https://actionshootingnetwork.com/event/347/young-guns-a-youth-only-match/
  2. Follow this link for the rest of the pictures from No Man's Land https://www.facebook.com/groups/sassfl/posts/2050700981775011/
  3. LOCAS in Attendance (from left to right): Madame Moog, Pinky Pistols, Gunnby, High Cotton Kitty, Sass E Pants, Sunflower Bee, Pocket Rocket, Heartbreaker Haley, Foxplay Kid, Ginger Death, Lightening Livvy, Jesse Jane JJ, Oakley Rose, Mo Betta, Dancin' Angel, Bellamy Belle, Tac Hammer, Carpet Bagger Carly, Hawkeye Gin, Greta Dee, Lady RImfire, Sue Render, Calico Cricket, Sure Shot Shawanda, Midwest Hale, Dolly Cottonwood, Shootin’ Sharyn, Cherokee Rose, Tilly Two Spurs, Buckskin Barb, Ennah Tizzy, Angie Oakley, Chickie Winsome, Purdy Sharp, Kay Sadeeya, Dynamite Deed, Silver Willow, Becca Boo, Jailhouse Jesse.
  4. No Man's Land - A Cowgirls Only Match - Posse 1 Playlist Inaugural Florida LOCAS Ladies Only Match hosted by the Fort White Cowboy Cavalry, stages written by the Roughshod Raiders, promoted by SASS Florida, and presented by ActionShootingNetwork.com. The match was held at the Fort White Gun Club in Fort White, FL on April 30th, 2022. TOP 10 OVERALL: Midwest Hale - CG - 115.24 Hawkeye Gin - CG - 141.53 Tilly Two Spurs - LWRA - 178.92 Buckskin Barb - GD - 181.12 Sue Render - L49 - 181.58 Angie Oakley - LG - 194.31 Gunnby - LG - 195.05 Chickie Winsome - LWRA - 195.45 Heartbreaker Haley - JG - 196.02 Dancin Angel - LS - 197.45 COUPLES SIDE MATCH WINNER: Hawkeye Gin & Santa Fe River Stan – 10.00 CLEAN SHOOTERS: Dancin Angel & Midwest Hale DAGNABBIT: Sass E. Pants, Tac Hammer, Greta Dee, & Buckskin Barb Scores: https://actionshootingnetwork.com/fwcc Website: http://fwcc.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fortwhitecowboycavalry
  5. https://actionshootingnetwork.com/PF.Site/Apps/phpfoxer_file_loader/files/691/Fort+White+Cowboy+Cavalry+02-05-2022_1651504786.pdf
  6. We would love to have y'all come down. Hope you can work it out.
  7. Mark your calendars for the first annual youths only match “YOUNG GUNS” July 23rd, 2022 Hosted by The Fort White Cowboy Cavalry 6 stage match for youth 18yo and younger, written by youth (as we know that what they find fun is not the same as what the adults do), tweaked by adults. Lunch will be provided after the match. We supported the Lady’s this past weekend with an record breaking turn out, now let’s do the same for our youth! If you have any questions please let me know. Match application is attached. If you are an adult and have no youth in the match, it is $15 for lunch. Please let me know if you plan to come so we can keep an accurate head count for lunch! CONFEDERATE COLT
  8. From the FLA-LA-LA-LOCAS We are less than 2 weeks away from the Inaugural Ladies Only Match being organized by the Florida LOCAS. Hawkeye Gin has finalized all 6 stages and the posses are built. We now have 38 registered LOCAS!!! There’s still time to sign up, BUT you must reach out to Hawkeye Gin ASAP prior to mailing your application. You can email her at: vlbernal96@gmail.com We would like to send a special thank you to Moog and ActionShootingNetwork.com for going all out on the awards for the match. Thanks to him, you ladies should be very happy with them! There is some pretty cool stuff to give out including lots of LOCAS swag and some raffle tickets for the Shotgun Boogie Gun Works giveaway. We will be setting up for the match this Sunday, April 24th starting around 9am at the Fort White Gun Club. If you are available then, the help is much appreciated. We will be setting up 6 stages and two side match bays. It shouldn’t take too long. WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK OUR CURRENT STAGE SPONSORS SASS Florida ActionShootingNetwork.com Bullets by Chance Roughshod Raiders A Dark Day On The Santa Fe Ladies of Cowboy Action Shooting Kitty’s Kloset Lunch, awards, and side matches are included. Side Matches will be a woman vs woman (or man vs man, woman vs man, etc) challenge and a couples mini-match. So fellas, don't forget your guns. No Man’s Land – A Cowgirls-Only Match: Hosted by the Fort White Cowboy Cavalry, stages written by the Roughshod Raiders, promoted by SASS Florida, and presented by ActionShootingNetwork.com. See y’all in a couple weeks. ASN Event: https://actionshootingnetwork.com/event/270/no-mans-land/ Application: https://actionshootingnetwork.com/Dev/images/LOCAS_APP.pdf
  9. I was 1-506th AAINF C Co at Camp Greaves 99-00 There aren't very many who know what Currahee means.
  10. Not on topic but I noticed your alias. Were you in the 1-506th? "Stands Alone"
  11. I really enjoy the whole process of filming and editing. Coming up with unique camera angles is my favorite part. With the 360° camera, it gives me lots of options. Thank you for watching and your kind words.
  12. I have some copper wire used as a stabilizer on the brim of my hat. The brim is too flimsy to hold the camera so it was required.
  13. I am trying to figure out how to make the picture in picture a little more viewable without taking away from the first person.
  14. Call Me the Breeze It wasn't my best outing but the footage is pretty cool. I'm still figuring out the settings on the new Insta360 One RS so a few of the stages are overexposed. This range is notoriously hard to film on due to the cameras being in the shade and the targets in full sun. First Person footage shot on Insta360 GO 2 360 footage shot on Insta360 One RS
  15. Data transfer is a pita but once it is done, it is done. I believe there is a way to export the data to the CAS Scoring app website and then send it to the iPads. In reality though, it is much faster to just enter them manually. Once you do, they are there for good. And then it just requires you to add new shooters at registration and verify the categories before the match. MAKE SURE and use the CAS categories and not the General. Not sure why this causes issues, but it does. If someone changes categories permanently (i.e. ages up) change both the general and CAS categories. If you only change the CAS category, it reverts back the the previous general category for the next match. Generating reports is a trial and error deal for each match. The reason I say this is because each match will have a different amount of shooters and will require different text sizes and orientations to make the reports readable. When in the reports screen, tap on the "circled i" icon on the right and adjust the orientation and font size there and click the "Override default settings" button on the bottom or it won't update them when the report is generated. If your match has the same amount of shooters generally, you can figure out what is best and set this as the default and then just adjust as necessary with the method above. Once you have the settings configured, click on "Done" in the upper right corner of the box, then generate the report to see if it is what you want. If so, export it and it generates the pdf. Let me know if you need any help with it.
  16. Greta Dee is checking the plumbing before the match. Enter at your own risk...
  17. We are now up to 35 registered shooters which means two full posses!!! REGISTRATION CUTOFF IS APRIL 16TH SO IF YOU'D LIKE TO ATTEND, PLEASE GET YOUR APPLICATIONS IN ASAP. Hawkeye Gin, Tilly Two Spurs, and Midwest Hale have a great match planned for you ladies so don't miss out. If you haven't watched Godless, you may want to do so before the match. See y'all at The Fort on the 5th Saturday of this month. Event Info: https://actionshootingnetwork.com/event/270/no-mans-land/
  18. 2022 SASS FLORIDA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP THE IDES OF MARCH HOSTED BY THE LAKE COUNTY PISTOLEROS AT THE EUSTIS GUN CLUB IN TAVARES, FL. Playlist: Special thank yous go out to Stingray for filming; Oakley Rose, Bellemy Belle, Jace the ACE, and Notorious Nealan for helping with the starting gong; Confederate Colt and JP Law for stepping in to run the Shootoff when I was shooting; Jane Deere for doing all of the admin and organization with matchups each round; and to all of the volunteers who helped pick brass and reset the targets. Without all of them, this shootoff would not have run so smoothly. THERE WERE 3 SHOOTOFFS Juniors - 16 & Under - all welcomed Top Ladies - Top 8 Top Gun - Top 32 The matchups were decided by every competitor drawing numbers. They were then matched up by 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, etc. Odd numbers shot on the left and even numbers on the right. In the Juniors shootoff, we only had 6 shooters, so in the second round, we had 3 shooters. The one who drew # 3 got a bye into the Finals. The tournament was single-elimination, the first one to knock down all 25 targets wins, the center crossover must be shot last. In the case of the juniors, we had a slightly different scenario so as not to require them to reload the rifle for the last shot. They started with pistols on the outside, then moved to their rifle and cleaned up any standing pistol targets with the rifle before engaging the rifle knockdowns. Then cleaned up any rifle and shotgun targets with their shotgun before shooting the crossover. Ladies & Top Gun scenario was: move to the rifle first, then to the pistols, clean up any standing knockdowns with the shotgun (in any order), then move back to the center to reload the rifle to shoot the crossover.
  19. Ides of March the SASS 2022 Florida State Championship hosted by the Lake County Pistoleros at the Eustis Gun Club in Tavares, FL on 3/17/22 – 3/20/22. Special thanks to JP Law and Stingray for helping film stages. Day 1 Playlist: Day 2 Playlist: We had 8 of the Top 20 Overall and 5 of the Top 10 Ladies on this Posse. Don't blink or you may miss something! TOP 20 OVERALL: 1) Santa Fe River Stan - 49er - 168.02 2) Bucky Buckskin - WRA - 172.89 3) Dang It Dan - S - 176.76 4) Arcadia Outlaw - 49er - 188.28 5) Cardboard Cowboy - S - 192.13 6) Christian Mortician - 49er - 192.96 7) Quaker Hill Bill - 49er - 196.70 8 ) JP Law - WRA - 198.53 9) Delta Glen - 49er - 200.09 10) The Outlaw Travis James - WRA - 203.91 11) Fireball - 49er - 205.82 12) Angus McNasty - S - 209.00 13) Big Country - 49er - 211.77 14) Shelleen - 49er - 211.78 15) JB Sledge - 49er - 214.95 16) Bogus Jim - BW - 218.88 17) Appaloosa Amy - L49 - 219.13 18) Stingray - YG - 220.90 19) Wabash Valley Slim - 49er - 221.58 20) Dominator - COW - 222.81 TOP 10 LADIES: 1) Appaloosa Amy - L49 - 219.13 2) Sue Render - L49 - 232.30 3) Hawkeye Gin - CG - 240.00 4) Midwest Hale - CG - 241.05 5) Pearly Heart - CG - 241.15 6) Side Saddle Sue - LS - 265.90 7) Tilly Two Spurs - LWRA - 278.48 8 ) Chickie Winsome - LWRA - 302.49 9) Dancin Angel - LS - 313.00 10) Velvet Sheath - LS - 313.69 CLEAN SHOOTERS: Willy Whiskers, Major Missalot, Captain Blaster, Boston Lady, High Stump, Pipeman, Doc McCandless, Savvy Cindy, Whiskey Ro, Colonel Kraken, Quicksdraw Connie, Dynamite Deed, Preacherman, Yankee, Madame Moog, Deadeye Blue, Marshal Dan Troop, Lake Picket Lady, Patsy Montana, Lightning Bill Carson, Rowdy Bill, Bisley, Jack Spade, Sheriff Mickey, Tilly Two Spurs, Hollifer A. Dollar, Deadly Sharpshooter, Side Saddle Sue, Moog, J.M. Brown, Lead Pusher, Realtree, Hawkeye Kid, Vaquero Dan, Little Dead Drewzter, Confederate Colt, High Noon Henry, Kid Ray, Stingray, Appaloosa Amy, Angus McNasty, Delta Glen, Quaker Hill Bill, Cardboard Cowboy, Dang It Dan, Santa Fe River Stan DAGNABBIT: Semper Fi Cowboy, Notorious Nealan, Six Packin’ Jan, Gypsy Rider, Annabelle Bransford, Polecat, Ace Hanlon, Hand Cannon, Krazy Kajon, Mudslide Mike, M.T. Chambers, Terrible Tyler, Amaduelist, Hawkeye Gin, Deadly Don, Sue Render, Null N. Void, Crane Creek Kid, Bogus Jim, JB Sledge, Big Country, JP Law, Arcadia Outlaw SCORES: https://actionshootingnetwork.com/PF.Site/Apps/phpfoxer_file_loader/files/691/Lake+County+Pistoleros+20-03-2022_1647751253.pdf Website: https://actionshootingnetwork.com/lcp Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LakeCountyPistoleros #CowboyActionShooting #SingleActionShootingSociety #Florida
  20. Most match attendees absolutely care about getting called up and receiving an award. I attended a match recently with about 200 shooters, give or take. There were 47 categories and 14 had only 1 shooter in them. This demonstrates that, given the chance, a lot shooters will op to get a buckle by choosing wisely. 14/ 47 = .297 | 29% of categories, or nearly 1 in 3, had only one shooter So, let's say that the categories averaged 3 awards per, 47 X 3 = 141 141/ 200 = .705 This means that from our theoretical calculation, 70% of match attendees got an award. (please note that these numbers are for arguments sake as I cannot remember the exact number of awards given) In my mind, this makes these awards almost like participation trophies. The next logical question is, how do we fix this? I don't think we should be awarding buckles to someone who did not beat any one else in their category. There should be a minimum number required for each category (like EOT does) and if someone really wants to shoot a specific category, then it's up to them to recruit enough shooters to shoot in it. If not, they get collapsed down until there are enough in the category to meet the requirements. Then, there could be some type of honorable mention award that they can go up and receive. Not a buckle, but maybe a poker chip, badge, or concho. Something they can remember the match by. Then everyone get's there name called, and the people who earned them get their buckle. This may make the awards take a bit longer but it sends most participants home happy. Which, in my opinion, is the real win for the match as a whole. We, as MDs, want as many shooters as possible to go home and tell all their friends how fun the match was. This will ultimately help future attendance.
  21. Make no mistake, I am a competitor. I just don't care what others think about me or the sport. I have fun and that is all that counts with me.
  22. My personal opinion is I don't really care what anyone's opinion is. I shot this game becuase I have fun. I am not out at the range trying to prove anything be thought of as anything. I shot to be with my friends and have a good time shooting a match.
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