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Oh, Swell... *grump!*

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Golly gee, lucky us.  PG&E - Pacific Gas and Electric - the energy supplier for most of California, just announced they're seeking a rate increase of 36.2% this year.  Applied incrementally, so it won't hurt so much - the biggest part (23.5%) will hit in September, during peak usage for air conditioning, when temps are often over 110° .


This is on top of increases of approximately 25% over the last two years.  


"We don't increase the price of power we have to buy," a PG&E spokesperson claims.  But since the wethers in sackamenna refuse to allow adequate power production in state by hydroelectric, natural-gas fired generators, nuclear, and don't even THINK about burning coal, power has to be purchased from other states.  :angry:


"We need total wind and solar generation!"  <_< 


But hey... we're gonna save the planet.  Right?


Road apples.   -_-



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Sorry to hear that.  Our provider, Flickering Power and Light {or Florida Plunder and Loot} informed us our bill will be going up about $100.00 a month starting in February.  I can just imagine what it will be when summer rolls around here, starting in about March and lasting till November.

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Wisconsin has the most hydro-electric dams in the country.  Another will never be built so they best maintain the heck out of them.  We burn a lot of coal, gas and have a few nukes.  Hydro-electric works, it is clean and efficient but (in my best whiney voice) it is hard on the environment.  BECAUSE IT CREATS A LAKE!   We couldn't have more lakes.  You moron.  Lakes are good.  Stores lots of water.  Maybe we could sell that water to Kalifornia.

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Just wait til they have to triple the infrastructure in the next two years to provide for wiz bang mandatory EV's, they can't support the 2% we have now. Just keep putting the cart before the horse. Guaranteed the rich will get richer at our mandated expense.:angry:

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Rates are supposed to go up in Connecticut too, about $80 per month for the average customer

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Yep, Florida Power is asking for a 20%+ rate hike. 



- The cost of natural gas his risen. No S*** Sherlock, what prices haven't risen.

- Maintenance cost have risen. Really? Gee, I guess they haven't risen for EVERYBODY.

- They need to recoup their losses from hurricane repairs. I don't see them paying for my storm repairs from various storms. Don't they have a budget for stuff like that? Maybe I should send them a bill for my storm repairs...say 25% off my bill per month for a undefined length of time of my choosing.


BTW, Has anyone actually tried to contact the power provider and talk to a live person...good luck. They don't even have people reading the meters anymore, it's all done by computers in the office. 


I wonder how much the President of Florida Power rakes in every year. It must be a secret evidently as a quick search on the net fails to bring it up.  I know that they are way top heavy in management type personell...how about cutting back on the pork first before taking what little ramen noodles that I have to eat.:angry:


Rant over, didn't solve anything but I feel temporarily better.

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Another reason to leave the "Golden State", I did 23 years ago and I am a 5th generation Californio. My elect bill averages about $150.00 a month, it is actually cheaper in the summer! My kitchen is all electric, but don't need A/C and I run my 220v irrigation pump 8 hours a day during the summer. 

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