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Ohaus 10-10 scale versus Ohaus 5-0-5 scale

Quiet Burp

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There are some cosmetic differences, but the big thing is the 10-10 will weigh twice as the 505. The 505 weighs out 505 grains (510 actually, I think), and the 10-10 uses a calibrated weight on the end of the beam to double that - 1010 grains. They're both magnetic damped, the beam is identical IIRC, just the base is a bit different.

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Accuracy is the same for both scales. Both are magnetically damped and will weigh up to 500 grains.

The biggest difference is that it is a lot easier to find an unknown weight with the 5-0-5 than it is for the 10-10.


The 1 grain and .1 grain adjustments on the 10-10 is accomplished by turning a common weight while the 5-0-5 uses weights that are slid along a toothed beam. It is quicker to move the weights on the 5-0-5.







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I have the 1010. Great scale for more years than I care to remember.  Have never used the 500 gr weight but do like the dust cover.       GW

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When I bought my first scale back in 1973, RCBS offered 3 scales, a 10-10, a 10-5-0 and 5-0-5, all identical to the Ohaus except color.  Leaving me to believe that the RCBS were built by Ohaus.  I bought the 10-5-0 as it featured the same screw adjustable tenths of an ounce, as the 10-10, which I feel is far less susceptible to being jostled out of place during use.  About 8 years ago it started giving erratic readings and I contacted RCBS customer service.  They suggested I send it back to them and they'd either recalibrate it or replace it under warranty.  So I did.  I received a new 10-10 replacement 3 weeks later as they'd long ago discontinued the 10-5-0.  Yes, I'm as thoroughly "green" as I am "blue"!

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Bought my 10-10 in 1985. Still accurate and in great shape. Original box is marked "Made exclusively for RCBS by Ohaus scale"

Have tried 5 different electronic scales and all failed (ended up in trash bin) at one time or another. Cross checking weights the 10-10 was within +/- one tenth of a grain.

Don't know who was actually off.

When I am using my scale I am not in much of a rush so speed is not a big deal for me. Like most things you just get used to how they work.

Funny that some have said they never weighed anything over 500 grains. Just last night in searching for some 45-70 bullets I knocked the box over (which had several different bullet weights in it) and mixed up about 200 bullets of 500, 530, 535, 547 weight. Decided to weigh every one to be sure and got everything sorted out. Probably only the second or third time I have weighed 500 + grains in 37 years. :)


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Gateway Kid

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I know this is of no help to the OP.  BUT it's Sunday morning, warm and humid and I'm bored.  SO:  I have a scale.  I don't know who made it.  It's covered in dust.  Lots of dust.  Since I shoot BP and APP, I have found "weight" to be meaningless trivia.

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