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  1. Would be very appreciative of any help/advice.
  2. Found this in Richard Lee's book but it says "bullet" not Lead.
  3. Thanks. Can anyone suggest a reduced load like what Lyman published for IMR4198 for - .45-70 500gr lead round nose and H4198?
  4. Safe to use IMR4198 data for H4198 powder? I want to load H4198 (ADI 2207) for .45-70 cartridge with a 500gr RN projectile. In the Lyman 48th Reloading book the table states to use 28.5gr of IMR4198 for 1088fps. Is IMR4198 & H4198 powder interchangeable?
  5. Footnote: I ended up buying the Lee Classic Cast press, when I saw it next to the Challenger in the gun store and for an extra bit of cash I thought I'd be happier with it. Its a honking big piece of iron, I will never wear it out that's for sure. I bought the one that doesn't have the quick change gizmo. Liked the feel of just screwing the dies onto the cast body of the press. I know it takes longer, I sorta' find it therapeutic screwing in and taking out dies.
  6. Thanks for all the pointers and links posted appreciated. For the Pat Garret match, the club wants the rifle loads to be below 1100fps.
  7. I'm after a reduced .45-70 load using H4198 or IMR4198, looking for below 1100fps. Any suggestions for powder weight and projectile weight? (p.s I don't have any and I can't get any Trailboss)
  8. One more question, my rifle just has a blade sight. Is a front sight replacement pretty much mandated?
  9. Thanks everyone, looks like the long range are the way to go. @Major Crimes any issues with the company sending to Australia?
  10. Most likely (for the time being) no more than 300 metres. But I don't want to get stung with getting a sight that I can't shoot longer distances (you that saying "no never going to do that" until you do ) They ain't cheap down here, looking at close to $600 for a Pedersoli sight. Disclaimer as well: .45-70 is a new cartridge for me, using these types of sights will also be a new experience (besides the limited few shots I have had with a mates rifle).
  11. Purchased an Italian clone .45-70 Sharps and looking for some vernier sight help please. Not sure whether to go for the 3" long range soule sights or the 4" long range soule sights? I have shot a friends Sharps and it had the 4" sights and my hat kept on knocking the sight forward.
  12. Pretty sure we've worked out the problem. My elbow flared up last week and I did carry the rifle from the LT to the shooting bench holding my hand over and around the chamber, I knew I was carrying it different because I could feel that it was different. Just re-created the problem, when there are 10 rounds in the magazine and I hold the rifle the way I did on Sunday my fingers push the carrier up a little and its staying there and its just enough to jam the lever stopping the loading of that first round. My jiggling of the lever on the stage had made it go down and allowed the first round then to be loaded. Loading up to around 6 and pushing the carrier up, it comes back down on its own accord. Loading 10 and pushing it up it stays that little bit up (Whisper Springs and brass carrier).....So pretty sure that's what happened on the weekend. Loaded lots of 10 dummy round then and rifle cycled perfectly every time from the first round. Just have to be careful to make sure I don't carry it so that I push the carrier up again
  13. The cartridge OAL is 1.490 I've shot around 7-8 thousand rounds through the rifle and its never happened before and its just happening on the first one, then its fine for the next nine?
  14. It was just a question @Phantom, SASS #54973 no need to laugh at me.
  15. At my last match my first shot with my 1873 Uberti rifle I couldn't get the lever down. I had to jiggle it a few times (felt like it was locked up) and then it went down and I was able to cycle through the all the bullets in the magazine without a problem. It did this in four scenarios, always just the first bullet, its never done this before. Any ideas on what caused this?
  16. Thank you, I would never need to weight that much so the 5-0-5 will suit me fine then. Appreciated.
  17. Could someone inform me which one is the 'better' scale? Ohaus 10-10 scale versus Ohaus 5-0-5 scale
  18. Why is double duellist not separated from duellist?
  19. Explaining colours to a person who was born blind, how could you? Would it be possible?
  20. I'm a home shop machinist, I was interesting (and wondering) what the machining was like on the original vs Uberti's ie. the side plates and internals. Those old timers didn't have High speed steel tool bits, halogen lighting and CNC, but they sure did turn out a hell of a lot of firearms with the equipment they had.
  21. Original, I was wondering how the machining is on them made with the tooling they had back then.
  22. For those that have taken apart an original Winchester 1873, what is the fit and machining like compared to a Uberti?
  23. Harsh? I've read a ton of questions asked on the Wire where a curt answer such as "The OP needs to read the rule book" could have been said, but that's one of the great things I've found with a lot (though not all) of the pards who frequent the Wire, is that they will answer helpfully and with friendliness, questions that have obviously confused another pard who is seeking some clarification.
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