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Michigan State Championship - Wolverine Rangers Range War 2022

Sinola Kid

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The 24th annual Wolverine Rangers Range War, the SASS Michigan State Championship will be held September 2-4, 2022.  

Info and registration forms can be found at www.wolverinerangers.org


Register by July 15th to receive a free t-shirt or shooters towel.   Registration can be online or by mail in form.  

Vendor registration forms are also posted.  



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Applications are still open and coming in steadily.  There is still time to sign up.


Applications and information are posted on our website. 


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This is shaping up to be a fun shoot, some great looking stages, plus a full side match day on Friday.   Held September 2-4, 2022.  

Overall Man and Lady buckles custom designed by Molly’s Silver.  

Main match awards are buckles for all places.  Proofs look very nice, and they are a little Michigan State themed this year.  

Door Prizes galore. Carolina Belle has done a great job again this year securing some fantastic door prizes.   


Raffle prizes are looking great too.  
There are custom stock covers by Michigan Rattler, Shotgun Belts by Doc Noper, an 8 lb jug of Titegroup, Thousands of Federal Large and Small Pistol Primers, new Starline Brass, lots of 1lb cans of powders, and many more items, too many to list.  

Don’t forget about the awards banquet, air conditioned, beautiful reception hall.  Be prepared to dress to impress for our costume contest.   The ladies have some great prizes planned this year.  

Our website has all the details. 


The Who’s Coming list, Category list and more will be up this week.  

There’s still time to sign up, we love to have you spend the holiday weekend with us.   Plenty of onsite camping available as well.


If gas prices were holding you up from coming, I filled up for $3.98 a gallon here today.   (not great, but over a dollar a gallon less than a month ago)

Only a month away before we head to the range, we can’t wait! 


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On the website there is a tab labeled Range War.  The applications, schedule and information each have there own box to click on.  I added a picture to show where the info can be found.  



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I will be in Michigan at that time but not at the shoot, unfortunately........ One of my favorite shoots for sure. Life will slow down someday and I'll be back!

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Set up will start Wednesday  August 31st.  
We will have a clip board and a list of everything needed for each stage.  

Hoping to make everything easier for the setup crew.  
If you have some time Wednesday or Thursday come out and give us a hand.

All volunteers will be welcome to help setup.    




David Cole


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Back to the top.   Not to be missed!

For anyone attending the side matches and speed stages on the Friday, we still have a few open slots for volunteers to run a couple of the speed stages -

Pocket Pistol plus Derringer,  Stage 3,   between 3:00-4:00 pm.

Long Range Pistol Caliber Rifle plus Long Range Pistol,  Stage 4,  2:00-3:00 pm and 3:00-4:00 pm.

If you can help, contact details for Broke N West are on the Wolverine Rangers web site.  https://www.wolverinerangers.org/

See you there.


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