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  1. I prefer the USFA's I shot old model ruger vaqueros for less than 1 year, then Evil Roy gun by Cimmaron for roughly 2 years. Switched to the USFA's in 2005 The balance and feel of the USFA works for me. I usually get 5-8 years out of a set before I have to rebuild them. I think I can buy Colt's cheaper than a set of USFA's 3GC
  2. I'm a big fan of the Pact3 timer. its louder than anything else that I've seen at the range. I also like the display, shows the first shot, the total time & the split on the last shot fired. Also allows you to review the shots forward & backward, if you need to check the timer for shots fired it much easier than the blue timers. It does have a release style start button. Just press and hold until after you give the shooter a stand by...
  3. I think have 4 boxes of new mag tech 12 gauge shells to sell $25 a box plus shipping sold what I had pending funds
  4. Good post Chili P P. Looking forward to EOT 2021. I have confidence in Deuce, CC Top & Lassiter, I'm sure it will be a match to remember... 3GC
  5. I use a 9 mm expander from Dillon for short colt
  6. Rifle average reload 2 seconds, good reload 1.7 seconds 5th shot with shotgun .65-.80 7th shotgun 1.4 seconds 3GC IMG_7335.MOV IMG_7336.MOV
  7. After Carty tuned the rifle, you don’t feel the lever safety at all
  8. Buy the deluxe sporting rifle. Last I talked to Winchester, they said they make less than 200 of each caliber when they make them. I have both the 2018 and 2020 shot show deluxe sporting rifles in 357. ‘These are Great rifles !!! Cowboy Carty did the actions on mine and they are truly amazing. 3GC IMG_0293.MOV
  9. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/889571346 barrels are hard to find
  10. Plus one to the comment, don’t overlook the Winchester solidframe 97... 3GC
  11. Try feather lite hulls, they are shorter than STS hulls. My 87 works better with them
  12. I prefer the deluxe border rifles in 20" and then the smith reduces the barrel weight 3GC
  13. I have some new unfired winchester brass in 32 S&W short that I could part with.

    I'll go search for it and see what I can find. I think I bought 3,000 pieces back in 2003. I know I have at least 1000 new in the bag still.


  14. Colt isnt fast, but he builds the best rifles I have seen.

    Last I heard Long Hunter shoots a colt rifle

    So if you want the best rifle money can buy & you have time, colt's the guy to call

    Good luck,


  15. 1873 rifles,

    I hear the uberti guns smith up better than the others.

    I've used emf & cimmeron with very good luck getting a good rifle on the first go around with Lassiter or Colt McAllister.

    Cody was the fastest to get a rifle from.

    Long hunter and jimmy spurs do fine work

    Lassiter does a very nice job and is very good about his schedule.

    Colt McAlli...

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