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  1. For sale: Ruger new model Vaquero Blued with case color frame. Custom one of a kind set. 357 4-5/8 guns were original all blued. Sent off for true charcoal - bone case color on the frames action work done by Jimmy Spur, They are not short stroked Used roughly two season by a state & regional champion. I purchased these from the original owner after he retired from Cowboy shooting. I prefer the colt SAA for weight and balance. Guns are ultra reliable and very smooth. There is some bluing wear on cylinder and barrel. Asking $2,600.00 shipped from my FFL dealer to your FFL dealer. Unless your a Michigan resident. text for more info 517-617-6867 or Deuce Stevens knows these guns and could give you an honest evaluation on them.
  2. The year was 1991 went to a gun show and found a new in box Smith & Wesson model 27 with 8-3-8” barrel (N frame 357). Still own it. Paid $318
  3. 357 with 24” half round half octagon Barrel. Pistol grip with checkering on grade VI wood shotgun butt
  4. I just received my Winchester back from Cowboy Carty. It feels wonderful. here are a few pictures C3CFA470-F09A-40C8-BB16-9F541B5F5061.mov
  5. Hmm, not sure why it would require permission to watch...
  6. Just received a video of Carty testing my test rifle . I can’t wait for it to get here BD7A9A00-04B1-4B19-AA42-F6908369960C.mov
  7. It’s hosted at the Blue Water Sportsman club Kimble Michigan near Port Huron Michigan
  8. Started in 2003 I like 18.1” on solidframe 97 Lightened 20” octogon on uberti 1873 rifle 4-3/4” on Colt or USFA revolver
  9. Bump to the top. These would be perfect for a new shooter or a top 10 shooter.
  10. Sounds like some unburnt powder. I loaded 3.6 grains of N-320 with 125 & 105 grain bullet for about 10 years Federal GM200 primers Had trouble with 3.0-3.2 grains leaving grit-unburnt powder. Especially in sub 50 deg temps Now I load 2.7 grains of Clays or clay dot with poly coated bullets 3.6-3.7 gave me about 950-1000 FPS at 80 deg. I load 38 short colt for revolver.
  11. We drilled holes in a 4x4 post then ran it thru a band saw to make a mold for duck decoy weights. And used # 12 copper wire to make the loops for the rope. The weight are still good 35 years later
  12. Sent you a private message, I could sell a set of new USFA’s
  13. I ordered a deluxe pistol grip 357 with case color receiver and grade VI wood. It was only available in 24” looking forward to shooting it when I comes back from Cowboy Carty
  14. Deuce, thank you for the info. You probably shot and dryfired these more than I have. 3GC
  15. I believe the original owner used them 2-3 years. So they do have blueing wear on the barrel-ejector rod housing and the front of the cylinders. I purchased them when he got out of cowboy shooting. They feel too heavy for me. I shoot the Colt style guns better than the rugers. Call or text 517-617-6867 if you have questions. 3GC
  16. F/S. Consecutive numbered new model rugers Jimmy Spur did the work on the guns. $2,700 shipped to states that accept from my FFL dealer I have The original factory boxes. The guns were shipped with the standard blued finish. case color was added before action work.
  17. Try feather lite hulls, they are shorter than STS hulls. My 87 works better with them
  18. I prefer the deluxe border rifles in 20" and then the smith reduces the barrel weight 3GC
  19. I have some new unfired winchester brass in 32 S&W short that I could part with.

    I'll go search for it and see what I can find. I think I bought 3,000 pieces back in 2003. I know I have at least 1000 new in the bag still.


  20. Colt isnt fast, but he builds the best rifles I have seen.

    Last I heard Long Hunter shoots a colt rifle

    So if you want the best rifle money can buy & you have time, colt's the guy to call

    Good luck,


  21. 1873 rifles,

    I hear the uberti guns smith up better than the others.

    I've used emf & cimmeron with very good luck getting a good rifle on the first go around with Lassiter or Colt McAllister.

    Cody was the fastest to get a rifle from.

    Long hunter and jimmy spurs do fine work

    Lassiter does a very nice job and is very good about his schedule.

    Colt McAlli...

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