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  1. Going back a few years now. I believe it was an Indiana State shoot at Paradise Pass, Etna Green, IN. Important context; I was in the running for a clean match. Don’t remember the precise target sequence, but essentially shotgun targets off to one side, followed by rifle then pistols. Both rifle and pistols on the same very large targets, way down range. The rifle shot from quite a long distance. Made safe at an angle. Shooter then allowed to move down range as far you wanted to, to engage the same - now pistol - targets. Many/most stopped when confident enough to hit the targets. I recall the TO complaining (smiling) that he had to struggle to keep up when I got to point blank range with the first pistol, and moved closer yet for the second. Time wasn’t that good, but a clang for every bang. Haven’t seen a similar set up recently. Yes, very often we have downrange movements with the rifle and pistol targets shared, but travel is typically limited when shooting the pistols, since it is prudent to stop at a safe distance due to splatter. A good memory from a great event.
  2. You Tube has a couple of items on case removal. There’s a RCBS case removal kit mentioned. Requires some blacksmithing, including drilling and tapping the case. BNW Cancel the thought. Rye has a problem with the crimp station die. I was erroneously assuming the first die - de-cap. Obviously not a good idea to start drilling into a newly primed round………..
  3. Something I noticed over time (ten years or more) is that the self-adhesive felt pads (readily available in hardware stores or on-line) polished the bluing off the barrels of both rifles and shotguns. Can only conjecture that the felt was absorbing some dust/grit/abrasives. Easily fixed by cold blue every so often, but I looked for a replacement option. Last few years I've been using the thick (4-5 mm) black neoprene sheets, with self adhesive backing, from Amazon. Easily cut and formed to the slots in the gun racks, and also makes for a good base for the long gun butts. So far, no visible wear on the blued gun barrels.
  4. Where did you find the application please? The Bigiron web site seems to default to an internet provider. I found it. In the MIddletown Sportsmans Club web site. www.middletownsportsmansclub.com Bottom of the page - + COWBOY RANGE (BIG IRONS RANGERS) hit 'MORE ........." There's a button to register for Guns of August (and also Smoke in the Woods)
  5. Over fifteen years with 231 in 45 colt. 200 gr RNFP, with the load at just below the handbook minimum. Measurable crimp. No primer movement, so a stout enough recipe to keep the primers seated. Yes, dirty results on the outside of the case in Colt 1873 diameter chambers, but can live with it. One issue is cold weather. Don’t know if this is peculiar to 231, but when it gets down towards 32 deg (Michigan and Ohio early and late shoots in the calendar) the burn can be erratic. Not to the point of squibs, but definitely has that audible delay between bang and clang.
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