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WTB 1873 44-40

Bo Bender

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just got two from Jimmy Spurs - so the factory is working again !  (celebratory cheer )

These are my match gun and back-up (not for sale)  - but you should call Jimmy. 

He will sell it, and short-stoke it, all in one seamless transaction.

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20 minutes ago, Mudflat Mike, SASS #20904 said:

 I've got a super nice Uberti '66 24" rifle in 44/40 for $1,200.00.  PM me if interested.

I have a 66, just looking for a 73, thanks

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I have an American Arms 1873 44-40 made by Uberti listed on page 39.  It is in excellent condition and has a 30" barrel.  It is listed for $1150.00 shipped or you can make an offer.  James Sandner SASS# 111384

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If you can get the coin together buy the one from July Smith.  Extremely fair price and a real Winchester to boot. If you are looking for something cheaper then you have a problem. Just my opinion!



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2 hours ago, July Smith said:

I've got a Winchester (Miroku) 20" short rifle in 44-40 with a short stroke action job by Boomstick.  It has not seen much use because it is now a backup to my backup.  Can send you pictures, just PM your email.  Asking $1400+shipping.

If and only if @Bo Bender passes on this deal I'd be very interested in that rifle!

@July Smith I don't want to snipe a deal out from the op so if he gives a positive decline on it please send me the info on that Winchester. 


T.F. Jack 

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I have a Uberti 1873, 44-40, 19" round barrel, Taylor tuned with mild stroke job, elk hide butt cover and lever wrap, larger front sight with brass bead. overall great shape with a few cart marks. I bought this last year from company quartermaster and decided to go another way. $1299 SHIPPED to your FFL in the 48.

thumbnail_1873 Composit.jpg

thumbnail_1873 receiver left.jpg

thumbnail_1873 receiver right.jpg

thumbnail_1873 full view.jpg

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