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  1. I had a similar experience, I paid the extra money for priority mail to send from Fl to Seattle area, the package took over a week and was sent to Puerto Rico first to catch a little sun I guess. I would have been better off sending first class with just a stamp.
  2. I'll take the maHOGany one if still available. Boss Hog
  3. The better question would be: What 2 rifles am I going to bring on this once in a lifetime hunt? Do not go on a hunt without having a spare rifle.
  4. Winchester makes a low recoil AA, Win AA12FL8, 26 gram, 8 shot. All same shells fired in different types of shotguns have same recoil. Action/reaction. Felt recoil is what you are trying to mitigate. Heavier gun less felt recoil. Gas operated semi-autos stretches the recoil pulse so less felt recoil. Beretta 391, Browning Gold, Rem 11-87 are all good choices for managing felt recoil.
  5. Schaefer outfitters in Texas. Made in USA.
  6. This morning I was searching for some magazines for my colt delta elite 10mm. Gunclips.net had some colt genuine mags in stock at a very good price. I ordered 4 of them. By 11 am, I received an e-mail with tracking number. That's pretty darn good service.
  7. Eberlstock makes a day pack with rifle carry called the H2 gunrunner pack, carries all the stuff you need. They have a web site, I bought mine at the Harrisburg, PA outdoor show last one they had. Wrks great.
  8. I got a couple full race nmv from Jimmy Spurs (cowboy gunworks) for about 1900.
  9. here's another option to look into. Henry makes a 327 fed / 32 H&R. I bought one and added the large loop lever and seems to work fine.
  10. I'll take it. send me a pm where to send gold and ffl copy. Boss Hog
  11. If you will do 500 I'm your huckleberry.
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