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  1. This is the 73 that prompted my post. It appears to be untouched, and unfired. At least not many rounds down range. It's priced as a new one on Talylors web site. Waimea did you buy a new one from Taylors, and how long of a wait?
  2. Came across a delux .357 20" 73 from Taylors & co at LGS on consignment. The guns finish was in the white. I can't recall ever seeing one used at a match. What are the pros, and cons of this finish? Is it just a personal preference much like stainless, or blue revolvers? Taylors has these rifles on their current website, but out of stock.
  3. If they are made by ruger, and drop in I would be interested in one.
  4. Marlin 1894 CL Classic .32-20 JM stamped. This is a Ducks Unlimited edition, and ready for a NRA cowboy silhouette pistol caliber match. I don’t participate anymore, and it sits neglected in the safe. Williams receiver sight with locking gib knob. Lyman 17A front globe sight with some spare reticles. 22” barrel, 6 round magazine, one piece titanium firing pin, baseball stitched lever wrap. All original parts included. 1990 MFG. Very accurate. Excellent condition. SOLD
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