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  1. Yes sir it will take 38 spl and 38 long colt. Even with the 38 spl ammo its accurate enough to hit a 6x6 plate at 12 yards repeatedly.
  2. Uberti 58 Remington in 36 caliber. Kirst gated conversion with ejector. Will ship directly to your door with the 36 cal cylinder installed and the kirst conversion shipped separately. Asking $600 shipped. Already have a uberti 36 cal cap gun? I have you covered there too. Taylor's and Co. conversion cylinder. Save yourself $40+ shipping. You can have this one for $200 shipped. Low round count on the pistol and cylinders. Check, money order, or PayPal friends and family accepted.
  3. Exactly how I saw it. It was full of attitude and nothing more to follow so I walked away.
  4. 1st get to a couple matches and get hands on experience with as much as you can before buying anything. After that determine what category you think you will enjoy the most and go from there. There's only 2 categories that 38/357 wont work for, classic cowboy and wild bunch(wild bunch being an entirely different subject that I dont have much info on). So if you know those categories are not your starting point then i'd strongly suggest going with 38/357. I shoot 45's because that's what I had before starting and I enjoy them. As mentioned the cost of new ammo or the components to reload the 38/357 rounds are much cheaper than the 45 colts.
  5. I'll be shocked if these are still here by this time tomorrow. I'm struggling not to take them and i'm not a ruger fan.
  6. Magtech Brass Hull trimmed to 2.25" (cycles better in my pw87 than the 2.5") Federal magnum lrg pistol primer 45-50gr 2F goex or home brewed circle Y 11ga nitro card circle Y 11ga fiber wad construction paper wad cup 7/8 oz reclaimed shot circle Y 11ga overshot card sealed off with 50/50 beeswax/crisco (or lambs tallow)
  7. So is it up to the spotters/other shooters to police infractions on gear? Or is it just up to the to/ro?
  8. No I didn't. I am absolutely certain per the discussion with examples of what was a go/no go. As I said I didn't want to make waves and honestly I didn't figure it would go anywhere but "well it's a monthly we'll let it slide"
  9. Everyone wants to be liked and no one likes a hard ass. I'm fairly new to SASS. I joined last year about this time. I originally tried cowboy shooting in the early 2000's and loved it but didnt even know there was a rule book at that time. Now i've studied the SHB and asked a million questions and have probably driven PaleWolf and a few others near the point of insanity. I'm grateful to have access to such great people in the game. I try to apply what i've learned from them when i'm at matches. How do y'all go about making a call when you're just another shooter? Rules are rules in my opinion. I've always practiced everything that way. I understand that some ranges may have certain things that are allowed that others don't like say a round over the berm is cause for being asked to leave. Those I can understand and get along with.. but it drives me nuts when it's a clear SASS infraction and i'm told "it's just a monthly, we're just here to have fun" Well I am too but the rules need to be enforced all the same so once I do have the chance to make it to a state or above match I dont have bad habits or gear that can get me booted. Just an example: recently there was a discussion on shotgun slides, what's legal or not. During that discussion I learned that having the slide over the buckle is fine but if there's enough leather wadded up to make the shells protrude from the body it is now in violation. So of course at the match I attended directly after that discussion I happened to notice a shooter that this applied to. I politely mentioned that due to the placement of the shotgun slide it was not conforming to their body as intended by the rules. I was instantly met back with "i'm a current state champ and used this very rig to earn it. No one had a problem with it there" I just walked away. I know that I probably should have taken it to the MD or someone but it was a small shoot that I really enjoy and dont want to make waves. I'm sure i'm the only one that noticed or even cared lol.
  10. Some how I ended up with an extra set of the 12ga dies for a single stage press. I'll take $70 shipped to your door for them. Check, money order, or PayPal friends and family all acceptable. Thanks, T.F. Jack
  11. Make up some flyers and have some good pards take them to matches with them. Or if your local matches allows it set them out on a table at the match. If you dont mind dealing with shipping there's always the classifieds on here. The biggest problem with selling it all in one shot is you have to find the right person that likes every single thing you have or at least the majority of it, and they have to have the money to spend.
  12. This was the primary reason I switched to a 73. I got to the point where I was doing it at least once a match minimum. As for the other issues I regretfully have nothing of use to offer. the few things that I would suggest have already been said. Please let us know when you figure it out though. i'm interested in knowing what the outcome is.
  13. Providing your backup is also a Uberti just carry a screwdriver and use it as a parts gun to get the main match pistol back up and running. There's not to many things that will break that you cant fix in just a few minutes with parts on hand. Before I got a pair of backups I carried a full set of internals for my 58's in my cart.
  14. Before I polished the Chambers in my cimarron hammer gun the estate shells were the only plastic hulls I could shuck. The rest I had to pull out by hand. I've never had an issue with them other than the recoil is more than I like.
  15. It's brand new from the factory so a remlin. Thanks, I had read that was a must as they'll crack and bind up the spring.
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