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  1. I remember watching it when it first aired as a mini series on tv. Im partial to it.
  2. Nope. I have a piece of garden hose hooked up to the hot water in my utility sink that gets used for cleaning all my bp guns.
  3. All the little nuances is part of the fun of shooting bp for me. Substitutes just dont make the same smell as true bp and whatever lube combo you prefer.
  4. If the springs will work with the factory screws or the screws come with them ill take the springs. Thanks, Jack
  5. Not specifically that i know of but given proper measurements one of them for pietta or uberti should work with little to no fitting. I believe theres at least 1 place that can do it for you. Thuer conversion maybe. But for that price you may as well buy a cimarron nma already converted at the factory.
  6. Ive always had better luck with piettas when it comes to cap guns. As for customer service I've had nothing but excellent luck dealing with cimarron. Twice now ive gotten new guns that was missing a part or had a broken part and they sent me the part to make it right pretty much immediately.
  7. I still havent gotten around to finishing it yet. Heres a couple of in progress shots. 4" barrel and sort of a birdshead grip frame. I still want to lower the hammer and then make the grips.
  8. Horse reigns which also work well for dragging deer out of the woods.
  9. Most anything you find chambered in 44/40 is going to workout pretty well with bp. Now I will say that my 1875s were a little messyer than my omvs. But any colt clone in that caliber should do just fine. As mentioned with proper lube even my converted 1858s in 45 worked quite well. But annealing your brass and loading a grease cookie adds to the effort which is why ive switched to 44/40s.
  10. I'll take the 2 sets of buffalo horn. Thanks, Jack
  11. If you bring those to tusco ill take them. Thanks, Jack
  12. Id be very interested in the 44/40 brass. Let me know how much with shipping to 44663 Thanks, Jack
  13. Ill take these. Let me know the total with shipping and the preferred method of payment.
  14. Booo get a rope! Lol. hope to see y'all sooner rather than later. Maybe next month. Best wishes, Jack
  15. When I picked up my 2nd and 3rd loadmasters I sold my lee turret press. Now i'm kicking myself because it was a great press for running small batches of precision or working up ladder test loads on. I still have a single stage to do that but the turret made short work of those jobs.
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