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  1. Doooh this is where my rotating schedule kicks me in the bottom. I cant make it. I'll be back in town in time to catch the last indoor work shirker match though. Good luck to everyone and i'll see ya next time.
  2. It's funny i'm kind of a tight wad when it comes to certain things for myself but i'll throw cash out for anything the wife or kids just kind of want. I guess the money is kind of secondary to the fact of being gone for the extra time. I work out of town 14 days at a time. After reading y'alls comments I think that is my biggest hang up at the moment. The wife doesnt travel well and that would mean leaving her home alone for even more days out of the month. Thank you all for your take on it. I'll make it to some bigger shoots eventually i'm sure.
  3. Never claimed to be rough or tough cowboy. I play this game because I enjoy it and deal with the less enjoyable parts that comes with it. I laugh because you always seem to have something to say and if it's not your way it's wrong. Just the way I see it. So yes it amuses me. Have a nice day and look forward to seeing more content from you in the future.
  4. I'm of no help of how to make your rounds louder. However there's several decibel meter apps available for free. I'd think that would be helpful in load development at least. As for those who think it's rude of you to make your rounds louder I have to sit here and just laugh. I'm a BP shooter for a reason. The boom from black powder rounds dont hurt my ears nearly as badly as that whistle from smokeless .357/.38 rounds. It's a pitch thing for me with or without hearing protection certain tones bother me. Maybe if I ask all of those guys to take my feelings into consideration and switch over to larger calibers.
  5. The idea of attending some of the larger matches seems like a lot of fun. My schedule is kinda weird but looking at it for the shooting season I could potentially make it to a couple territorial or state level matches. I've only competed at monthly matches and know that my skill set is not what it should be to even dream about winning that cadillac or buckle even. So attending the bigger matches would be purely for the fun of doing so. I started looking into match fees and expenses the last couple days. It kind of bummed me out. Besides the vendors, meeting up with friends (new and old), or possibly winning a buckle or something what's the reason to spend so much money to attend a shoot? I'm not trying to knock any of it. Honestly i'm trying to justify spending the money. Also I dont just mean the match fees. It all racks up to a fairly big expense between hotels, fuel, food, etc. I consider myself lucky with the number of monthly shoots near me. I can shoot any weekend i'm home and never travel more than 2 hours. Actually the majority of the shoots I attend are under an hour for me. So I guess my question is what draws or compels you to attend a bigger match? Also while I have you attention how do you work your costumes/outfits? I dont have a ton of gear yet. Do you wear the same one for multiple days and just find a laundromat each evening or are you the smelly kid in your category?
  6. you're gonna be busy loading between stages! hopefully you have large posse or really fast at loading cap guns. Or that's a whole lotta spare cylinders
  7. I didnt see the point in a class ring. I ended up with one since the girl I was dating expected me to give it to her. She picked it out, ordered it, and I gave her the money to go pick it up lol. Later in life we married and then divorced and she gave it back lol. It's in a box somewhere. I've never worn it. My line of work I cant wear a wedding ring or any jewelry with the exception of a watch with a break away band. So the 2 weeks i'm at work my wedding band lays in the cup holder of my car. other than that I dont wear jewelry.
  8. Small hands you say? Check out any of the 1858 remington reproductions. not much variation in the feel from maker to maker. People with big hands tend to complain about the trigger guard bashing up their fingers when shooting. I have smaller to average size hands and they feel more natural to me than a colt plow handle. A slightly higher grip also does away with the finger bashing problem but most people are more familiar with how to hold a colt style handle as they are more readily available.
  9. I'm not certain that he is. I talked to him via email about some brass. Always a pleasure shooting with you.
  10. Great shoot today! Had a blast! Keep up the good work guys. I'll be there every chance I get.
  11. I originally shot under the name Brimstone when I first tried it years ago. Started back up last summer and that name was taken. My fathers dad settled and raised his family in a little spot called turkey flats. My mothers dad went by the name Jack. So I thought i'd show hummage to both.
  12. I think Splitrail mentioned wanting a pair of open tops today. Does he know you have these available?
  13. I'm all packed up and ready to go. See y'all in the morning
  14. I ordered spare stock springs from taylors & co. Used a dremel with a cutting wheel to cut a slot in the mainspring and on the trigger spring I ground it into an hourglass shape. going slow and only removing a little at a time. I like to tinker though. Getting 1 gun how I wanted it wasnt difficult. getting the second one to feel exactly like the first was a bit more of a challenge.
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