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  1. I run .429 lead through mine and the accuracy is just fine. Mine had been sent back to ruger and repaired well before I got them. I have noticed that the tolerances are extremely tight. I ended up replacing my lee die set for a redding die set and haven't had a single failure to chamber since doing so. There's a few threads in here on reloading for the 44/40 on the wire. Definitely the most problematic round I've ever dealt with when it comes to reloading.
  2. 7.5" 44/40 with 165gr big lube bullet and 15 grains of 2f is my personal favorite. But then again I've never noticed recoil when there's smoke and flames involved lol
  3. My dad used win 231 for his cowboy loads. 5.7 grains with a 200 grain pil. Works well also and reduces the recoil further but not so much as the spotters mistake you for a 38 shooter. I prefer wst at 5.2 grains as it saves a little powder per round and imo is just about equivalent to the 5.7 of 231. Never had any accuracy issues at cowboy distances out to about 15 yards.
  4. Just for this game. My smokeless .357 ammo is currently $0.073 per round or $3.63 per box of 50. My BP 44/40 is $0.022 per round and $1.09 per box of 50. My plastic BP shotshells are $0.166/ea or $4.15/box. That's with essentially free once fired hulls and reclaimed shot from a local trap range. My brass hulls reloads are roughly $5.75 a box because of the added expense of fiber wads, nitro cards and overshot cards. Now those are pre covid prices. Still using primers and powder I got at a store close out. I make my own BP and cast my .429 lead from free wheel weights another cowboy gifted me. I'm not factoring in brass or my time. I figure the brass and equipment has long since paid for itself. I'm not looking forward to adding up what the cost per round will be once I start using those $90/1000 primers and $40/lb powder.
  5. I have 2 44-40 cylinders in the spare parts bin. I'm not sure what manufacturer they're from. If you're not in a big rush send me the measurements and I'll check when I get home next week. T.F. Jack
  6. @.44bang My colt came home from the war with my grandpa. I doubt he did anything to it and I haven't at all. It runs fine but I don't shoot it much anymore as it sounds like I'm shaking a can of coins when I pick it up lol
  7. Uberti made an announcement saying that the company that provided the pin for the safety device had issues with the hardening process and they had used it for a while before finding out. Any newer versions should not have the same issues as the first batch released.
  8. The Rock Island 1911 is a decent gun especially for the price. Mine will feed and cycle any ammo i've thrown at it. IMO it's every bit as reliable as my colt govt but there's always room for improvement on a budget gun. Most folks are going to get an action job on a competition gun regardless of what they paid for it.
  9. Yes. The dual drum works just fine but doesn't have enough capacity for my likes. For a few dollars more the Frankford arsenal holds triple that of the dual drum harbor freight tumbler.
  10. From my understanding the current production "pre war" frames are all 3 click and have the retractable firing pin. If you want the 4 click you'll need to get the "old model" . I just got a pair of model P "old model" frames and they are both 4 click. Other than the retractable firing pin the 3 vs 4 click makes no difference to me. I just dont like the retractable firing pin as it adds another moving part to wear out.
  11. sure will. I just added an update to the bottom of my post.
  12. I didn't have any luck finding the right barrel length in 357 rugers. Figured these would have to do.
  13. I ordered a pair of model p's through my local shop. Took a week for them to come in. Took me 2 weeks to find the time to pick them up. They shoot great and feel nice in my hands. But I can't kick the empty brass out of the one. I'm gonna call cimarron this week. Hopefully they can just send me the part. After looking at parts list the ejector rods are in fact caliber specific. Looks like this one was put together early Monday morning lol 20220501_230955.mp4 UPDATE: just called Cimarron and they were quick to resolve the issue. Explained what was going on and got an immediate apology and offer to ship the new ejector rod. The rep even went as far as explaining how to remove the housing and unscrew the head to attach the new rod. I asked if I could purchase a bullseye head so both pistols would match. He immediately apologized again and added the bullseye head at no charge. All in all I was on the phone under 7 minutes. I have quite a few cimarron guns and this is the second time i've had to call for an oversight. Both times it was a simple fix and quick action by them.
  14. I agree but looks like I'll not get any sleep or make it to the match. They just threw another load on me for 5am.
  15. Depending on what time I roll in tonight I'm hoping to make it in the morning.
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