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  1. Keep it. I wouldnt have even known who he was if it wasnt for you. I'm sure there's one or two other folks in the same boat as me.
  2. Most of it's been said but i'll throw my two cents in. From what i've seen in my purchases is they both need the same amount of work to be reliable and run smooth. So I choose to spend less money and buy pietta's. The way I figure it is if I'm gonna spend 3-4 hours of my time smoothing them out I may as well save the $50-$75 on the pistol itself. I've also experienced less failures with internals with piettas than I have with uberti's. Your miles may vary though. However what really bothers me about your post is the fact that you threw out a gun. They are extremely easy to repair and the internal parts are relatively inexpensive. Before you ever throw away another please post it in here. odds are someone will be happy to help you get it running again or take it off your hands. I keep a full set of internals and a spare hammer on hand for all of mine. In the event of a failure during a match I can generally have it up and running again before it's my time to shoot the next stage.
  3. I'd like to thank everyone for their help on this. I got it up and running 100% based on the knowledge of you fine folks. I had one other hiccup afterwards and that will be remedied once I order the parts. The lifter spring is worn and needs replaced. So i'll be ordering a loading gate, rear sight retaining screw, and the lifter spring. So my last question (especially after Go West's comment) does anyone know if the standard Uberti parts will work on the Navy Arms? If it makes a difference the date code stamp is AD putting it made in 1978. Thanks T.F. Jack
  4. I cant speak for anyone but myself.... I personally think survival of the sport lies with each and everyone of us not just the supreme rulers of the game. I kinda treat SASS like any other small business. I share post, videos, etc and I to talk to other discipline shooters about our sport. I'm pretty sure most of the guys that I work with are tired of hearing about how my last match went lol.
  5. Yeah i've looked at the shotshell loads for it. but I dont load any smokeless shotshells. I have no desire to really sell it. I mean if I knew someone that could use it locally i'd let them have some for what it cost me. If you dont mind sharing what's your load for 45 colt? Or even what you consider a safe starting point for a 200 gr cast bullet in 45 colt case using wst. I have no problems working up my own loads but definitely feel better with a known starting point. Thanks, T.F. Jack
  6. Anyone using this powder in 45 colt or 44-40 loads? I dont generally load smokeless powder but got a good deal on a couple pounds of it. The only data I can find for pistols that I load for are 45 acp and 38 spl. For all the more I load in those calibers i'll have to pass on most of it to my surviving relatives when I pass. Thanks for the help folks T.F. Jack
  7. The delete your post is the only thing that I'm not a fan of with classifieds. We as users can not actually delete the thread. So people go in and just delete the content in editing. Which is fine I guess but I like to see what the offering was at times. But it doesnt really matter it's just a preference thing for me. Ya know so I can sit here and stew over what a deal I missed out on.
  8. Even the refs would disagree with that. There wasnt any flags thrown for his hit on Mason Rudolph. Flags didnt start flying until Myles Garrett had a hold of Rudolph's helmet. Garrett 100% went way overboard but Rudolph definitely started that fight.
  9. That's exactly what i've been saying. QB was trying to pull Myles helmet off and then kicked him in the groin when Garrett pulled his helmet off. He was backing away after taking his helmet and the QB came running up trying to swing on him and pushing. That's when he got busted with the helmet. Myles Garrett was 100% in the wrong for his reaction but Mason Rudolph certainly started that brawl.
  10. nope that's what it says. it's only $1500 blanket coverage unless you opt for additional.
  11. You mean on this topic correct? because your comments are a huge source of entertainment for me when i'm perusing random threads on here
  12. That's exactly who I have. Standard policy only covers up to $1500 towards firearms. Same for jewelery. You have to ask for additional coverage. It's fairly inexpensive. I think an additional 10k on the guns and 10k on jewelery only runs me something like an additional $40ish a year. After looking at my policy just now I didn't have to provide a list unless a single item was over 5k. Might have changed over the years because I remember making the list and submitting it. My guns are also covered while traveling since I have usaa auto insurance too.
  13. I have done the same. However to get the upgraded coverage for them on my homeowners insurance I have to provide my agent with a list also. The list has to have manufacturer, model, caliber, serial number, and purchase date. Any that hasnt been added to the list at the time of an incident is only covered in the blanket policy which only covers $1500 of firearms. That's total not per gun. Found that out the hard way when my house burned down.
  14. Does anyone ever actually fill out the owner cards and send them in on new guns or even fill out the online cards for used guns? I never have. I write it off as being lazy in the moment and just want to go play with my new toys. But having lost my entire gun collection twice (house fire and theft) in the past i've wondered if it would have helped in recovery. Then that little tingle in the back of my head screams "dont do it! you'll just be on another list of gun nuts" What's y'alls thoughts on them?
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