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  1. I have this same issue with loading 44/40 quite often. Remove the decapping pin from the full length sizing die and post size. I run lee dies on a load master press. I purchased an extra FL sizing die and put it in the last position so it just post sizes before it kicks them out.
  2. Far as I seen it he had dibs. Ifn he changed his mind id happily take it. Much appreciated, is it wrong to hope it don't Jack
  3. Preacher, if this other fella passes ill take it. Thanks, Jack
  4. Thats exactly what I did to get them to run in my first one, which was the pw87. They still don't run flawlessly in the iac for me. Ill take the blame on it as I did the drop 2 mod and not a professional.
  5. I have 3. A pw87, an iac, and a chiappa. The pw had Lassiter work done on it and functioned just fine but was a bit clunky and butt ugly. I did the drop 2 mod on the iac and it runs ok with plastic or paper hulls but doesn't like to feed my brass ones. The chiappa runs like a champ other than the extractors dont like to grip paper hulls worth a lick. They have a thicker lip on them. Idk who did the drop 2 on it but you can't stoke the mag tube. It runs my brass flawlessly as long as they've been trimmed to 2.25" it took me a bit to get the hang of running an 87 but turns out I'm quicker with i
  6. Ill take 20. Size 42x31 1/2 1879 Clothing, dark blue trousers. $20 + shipping $15 + shipping 24. Size 42x26, unknown maker tan trousers. $20 + shipping $15 + shipping 25. Size 42x28 Horsefly's Old West Clothing turquoise, gray, and black striped trousers. $20 + shipping $15 + shipping Ill send a pm to arrange payment and shipping. Thanks, Jack
  7. Hey ill take the rcbs case lube kit. Text me your PayPal address and ill get it paid this afternoon Thanks Jack
  8. My mistake the ones there now are 44 mags. But check with Barleycorn he has them fairly often
  9. There was a pair all slicked up in the merchants corner from Barleycorn outfitters.
  10. Have at it https://www.sassnet.com/mercantile/
  11. Yeah ignore that and send him an email saying everyone is out of stock and you'd like to buy direct.
  12. Skip the middle man and just contact the fella at circle fly wads. https://circlefly.com/ Circle Fly Wads, LLC PO Box 36, Airville, PA. 17302 P/F: (717) 862-3600
  13. Hey Dawg if no one scoops up #3 the large homemade shirt before Saturday could you bring it with you. If it fits ill take it. I normally wear an xl but my jackets are 52" chest so that should work for me. Thanks, Jack
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