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  1. cylinder bore for shotshells that have a modern wad. for my brass hull BP shotshells that I load with fiberwads I like to use modified or full depending on the distance to targets. some ranges have pretty heavy targets set out at a good distance.
  2. This ^^^ and preferably with Ballard cut rifling. also I wouldnt mind one in 327 federal magnum either. But i've had a hankering for marlin in 44/40 for a while.
  3. That'd be cool but what would be cooler is if they do another run of 44/40 rifles. heck if they'd do another run of vaquero 44/40s I'd be apt to buy some more!
  4. SBH hammers do not require fitting. Bisley hammers either require fitting or you have to buy the pricey power custom bisley hammer for the vaquero. At least that's what i've come to find on mine.
  5. Yep what he said ^^^^ @Prairie Dawg, SASS #50329 Thanks for shooting out of your normal category and giving a run at mine. It's always nice having someone to compete with. Great shooting with all Everyone today! Shotgun salute was fun hopefully someone got it on video and will share it somewhere. See everyone at High Noon next weekend!!!! Jack
  6. that's one route or I think i'd go this way.
  7. I cant say for reproductions but Winchester/Miroku did at one time make a 92 in 38 WCF with a 20" barrel. You maybe able to find a used one on one of the auction sites.
  8. I've never trimmed any straight walled pistol case in my life.
  9. I have one that I use. I like odd things. But I like being able to use them even more.
  10. sadly i'm missing the crimp starter piece. not having any luck finding one on google. I might call lee just to see if they happen to still have one laying around.
  11. I'll let you know if he changes his mind. but at the moment they are SPF
  12. It's yours. PM sent about how/where to send the gold
  13. Lee Load-Master progressive 5-hole reloading kit. $225 shipped to your door setup for 1 caliber. $250 setup for any 2 die setups, $270 with all 3 die sets and shell plates. Your choice of dies with appropriate primer setup. Lee 3 die set 44 mag/spl, Lee 4 die set 45 colt, or Lee 4 die set 357/38 spl multitube case feeder with case collator Comes with only 1. 5 hole turret (regardless of how many die sets you choose) Shell plate for dies of your choice (357/38, 44 mag/spl, 45 colt) Lee bullet feeder. You will need to replace the fingers for whatever caliber you want. (this wasnt originally part of this press or calibers offered) NO powder measure included. Sorry I dont have a spare to put with it. I will NOT sell die sets alone until the press is sold I can deliver to Shoot out on the Sandy Creek on Sept 26th or to High Noon Oct 2-4th. If you're picking it up I can take $20 off the price.
  14. A dedicated LTO is rare at the matches that I attend even when there's 20+ people per posse. What is normal for us is the shooter loading behind you checks your pistols before you holster. It seems to be more of an honor system though and many times I have to ask to be checked.
  15. that's the table I use to clean guns. my actual bench is a train wreck lol
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