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  1. Maybe see if a local wb shooter will let you load some on their press? Or if you trust their hand loads see if they'd be willing to part with some for the cost of components?
  2. Not sure, as I've never shot that match, if there's a place people normally layout extra stuff for sale or trade but here's some of the stuff I'll have loaded up if you're interested send me a pm and I'll give you my # so we can meet at the match. Cash is king but don't hesitate to offer a trade. I wouldn't mind another sxs or 44/40 brass or even a wild bunch holster and mag pouches. If you're bringing something to sell or trade feel free to add it in the comments. 1. Motorcycle chaps, men's large H-D brand, women's off brand size medium. $40 each 2. Miscellaneous
  3. I dont have any to sell but if you have a pair of bisley gripframes blued or stainless I'd trade my blued plowhandle gripframes for them
  4. Everyone I know with an sds imports 1911 raves about how good they are. I missed out on getting them when they were about $350 and settled on a R.I.A. I'm happy enough with it that I picked up a second one as a back up just in case. You can pick them up at rural king for under $500 out the door.
  5. I've made 22lr bp rounds. They are fun but they would not be sass bp category legal (imo) since they can not hold 1cc of 2f bp. They would not meet minimum smoke factor.
  6. I wanted a larger bead on my carbine. I used a winchester LPP. Popped the anvil out, punched the firing pin dent out, notched the edge out to fit around the existing sight, and a dab of jb weld. Been there well over a year.
  7. I love my 87. It was a big learning curve for sure. I gave up using it at matches for a few months and just practiced with it at home. It's my main match gun now. I'm still not fast with it but I've gotten consistent with it. Get one that's already worked over with the drop 2 mod. I have a pw 87, iac, and a chiappa. All with the mod. The chiappa is by far the best of the 3 imo. The iac is fine and the pw is ok. Could be the difference in who set them up but I'm not thinking so on my 3. Lassiter did the pw87, I did the iac, and I'm not 100% sure who did the chiappa but believe it was Lassiter.
  8. I'm heading out of town for 2 weeks but I do have a few extra sets. If you're not in a hurry or don't find any before I get back send me a pm and we will hash something out. T.F. Jack
  9. Wow don't we all wished every short stroke was that easily accomplished! Thank you for the how too!
  10. Added note in case someone else does this. Ended up milling more like 3/8" for the bisley trigger to fit through AND function correctly. Also had to take a couple thousandths off the bottom of the bisley trigger so it would clear the omv plowhandle trigger guard.
  11. And the first 2 are swapped. Can't believe I gave up so easily the first time around. I did have to mill out .25" of the trigger housing on the omv gripframe to accommodate the bisley trigger. However now I'm stumped on which one I like the feel of better. The plow handle with bisley hammer and trigger does feel quite nice. I'll give them both a run at the range and see which one speaks to me lol
  12. Ziplock sells various sized airtight containers. I use ice-cream pails to store my homemade bp until I corn it. Works for that application but idk if I'd trust that for smokeless. I'm sure if you ask fellow local shooters they probably have a fee powder containers that are empty laying around the reloading bench. Ik I do lol
  13. @Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 yep I noticed everything you've mentioned. I'm not a fan of the bisley trigger so had planned on milling out a bit of the omv plow handle to accommodate the bisley trigger and leaving the vaquero trigger in the one with the bisley gripframe. I knew I'd have to remove the ears on the plow handle to mate up to the new model. So with what you said about needing to be more mindful of the plunger and spring I may just need to try it again and see if I can get it lined up correctly. Thanks for the info. T.F. Jack
  14. Not a clue. I never noticed her before.
  15. Have any of y'all done this? I attempted to change my omv plow handle for a nmv bisley gripframe. Screw holes line up and grip frame mated up to the omv frame just fine. But the cylinder won't lock up correctly. Best I can tell is the nmv latch spring and plunger are at an angle where as the omv is basically vertical. Wish I had been smart enough to take pictures. If that's not the issue please point me in the right direction. The omv grip frame will need modified to mate up to the nmv frame but I don't want to alter it until I can get the bisley grip frame working on the omv.
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