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  1. I have the same shot shell press. I use it on the rare occasion that I loaded plastic hulls. I had some crimping issues the first few times also. You have to use the right components so the column is right for it to provide a proper crimp. As for polishing/honing chambers there's lots of excellent suggestions already made. For my dbl I chucked up an empty hull in a drill and wrapped it in 1500 grit emery cloth. With a generous portion of 3n1 oil and then polished until it was shining. Still won't shuck plastic hulls worth a lick. Brass hulls fall out like a charm and no need to pester with a crimp.
  2. Wish I could. I'm stuck in NM working til the 10th. Y'all should work your matches to match my schedule
  3. I pretty much load just for myself. I'm loading on a progressive press. The projectiles I use are already sized I just have to put BP lube on them. I lube 200 at a time because that's about all that will fit in the skillet that I use. I generally keep 500-1000 ready to be loaded at any given time. I'm thinking I'll keep pan lubing for now. I'll try a couple other lube recipes that's been mentioned and see how I like them.
  4. I'll take them. Pm heading your way for payment info. Thanks, T.F. Jack
  5. I'll have to look into it but I'm not thinking alox is gonna work to well with real black powder. I've no need to lube bullets for smokeless as yours comes ready to go for that. Some day I'll remember to ask for non lubed from you and save myself the trouble of removing it lol.
  6. See that's why I'm kinda hesitant on jumping right on buying a lube sizer. Especially after pricing it out. Is the minor inconvenience of not having to clean my dies every few hundred rounds worth the money? How much of a headache is lube sizing? I really don't need to size just lube what's already been sized. I pan lube about 200 bullets at a time and it really don't take long. Decisions decisions
  7. .452, .430, and .358 should be all I'll ever need. Everything else that I load for gets smokeless powder and comes already lubed.
  8. I've been offered a Lyman 450 new in the box for $130 shipped. Seems like a fair deal but then I looked at the cost of the dies and top punches. Not sure I'm willing to spend that kind of money. I'm starting to think cleaning out my bullet seating die every few hundred rounds isn't so bad lol.
  9. Arrange bullets in an old skillet spaced about .25" apart, set on a burner on low heat and add 50/50 beeswax/tallow until it fills the top lube groove. Turn burner off and let cool. Then I use a modified piece of brass as a cookie cutter.
  10. I've only ever pan lubed and truthfully I've never even seen a lubersizer in person. Any insights on the topic would be appreciated. I'm kinda tired of the mess my BP lube makes out of my seating die and considering getting a lube sizer machine if it'll make a difference. Thanks, T.F. Jack
  11. Wish I could be there. I'm still stuck in NM working til the 10th of June.
  12. I regularly use a pair of pietta new model army's. One was purchased new in 1979 and the other in the late 90's. I have an original 73 in 38/40 that I shoot but never at a match.
  13. Yep there's a couple ways to get around keeping the internals clean, none of which are quick. Annealing ended up being the quickest fix for me. I'll not go back to my other ways lol.
  14. It's hot but lucky for me I'm working nights this time so it's not bad. Margaritas are prohibited here though lol. Stay safe guys T.F. Jack
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