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  1. If you decide to let go of that barrel I might be interested.
  2. I have a century arms pw87. The cheapest one on the market because I didn't know if I'd like it well enough to spend $1000 on a shotgun to just sit in the safe. Paid $360 new. Polished the internals myself which was extremely easy. Spent something like $275 to ship it off to Lassiter and have the the drop 2 mod done. It's as reliable as any of the other makers imo. It's really fun to shoot but as everyone has said it takes a steep learning curve to make it run fast. I used it exclusively for about 6 months and still couldn't match the speed of my hammered double. No fault to the gun purely on the operator. There's people that can make them sing. I'm not one of them. As for the stoegers breaking..... You'll have that unfortunately. For an entry level shotgun priced as such they're a decent gun. I've used several with no issues. My pops used the same one for 10 years in cas never an issue. If they make it right with you I'd say they're customer service would warrant there brand a second chance if that's the price point you're wanting to work with. But maybe this time but one directly from a cas Smith already worked over. Or for a little more $ check out the new Charles Daley I've heard good things about the ones being turned out by cash gunsmiths.
  3. When I started teaching myself how to shoot my ttn right handed I kept stumbling when going from front to back on the triggers. I swapped them around so I'd quit bobbling at them. Pretty easy to do even without a guide.
  4. Lord I saw the topic and had to see what he was up to lol. Glad he's still vertical and breathing. I don't always agree with him but he's always entertaining.
  5. Not all black powder is created equally. Very similar but not the same. I make my own and I'm getting within 10fps of goex cartridge so I'm content. But some burn cleaner some give better velocities. Stick with goex, Swiss, or any of the big brands and you won't notice much of a difference. Now if you find some off brand like dragon or elephant it'll work but not nearly as good of quality as others. Gaffs is also a good inexpensive powder but stay with 2 or 3 f as the reenactment powders tend to be lesser quality.
  6. Thanks for asking this and hopefully someone will have an answer. I have a Winchester in 45 and would love to swap out the barrel for a 44/40 one. Winchester never responded to my email asking where to get a 44/40 barrel
  7. I use on called splits. It works for me. You have to adjust the sensitivity for shooting indoors or undercover so it don't pick up the echo. It works for dry fire also but there can't be any background noise for that. It records splits and all kinds of other stuff that I don't understand lol
  8. A couple things to keep in mind when loading 44/40. With smokeless power you want a good firm crimp to make sure the lead don't collapse into the case. That's a rifle problem not revolver. What revolver are you going to use? If it's a Ruger you'll want to run .430 lead not .428. rugers had 44 mag size bores on their 44/40s. Even with other makes you'll either want to try a couple different sizes or slug the barrels before buying a bulk amount of lead. My rifle has a 429 bore my rugers have 430. I had a Pietra that was 427. Just something to think about. As for loading real black powder everyone has offered good advice the only thing I can add is use a good quality lube. I run light loads. Regular lead with smokeless lube but I run a dry wad with a healthy sized BP lube cookie over it then seat the bullet. Hope some of this is helpful and best of luck T.F. Jack
  9. House of Delegates voted 51-48 to pass House Bill 961 today https://www.nraila.org/articles/20200211/virginia-house-passes-bloombergs-gun-ban?fbclid=IwAR13ov5ChpDB4rhmTAlq9S8cANXN4BFuI6bPWd74728fdsGv8oD56fIZocE
  10. I dont care for awards shows unless it's maybe the AVN awards
  11. I bought a couple boxes of ultramax in 44/40 and had to crimp all of it before sending it. Had the same problem you're talking about. The best cure for it that i've found is just fill'em up with black powder and the crimp isnt as important.
  12. No wonder some new shooters feel put off by certain cowboys. smh. To answer your question NO. The only difference is going to be the 7th cav markings on yours vs the others. If you get another cimarron that's not the 7th cav model the fit, finish, and function should be the same providing you get one that has the same case hardened old model frame.
  13. The wife and I have both tried it. The oral drops tasted horrible but worked best for me. Not all are equal either. Most of them arent cheap. For me it helped with minor arthritis aches and pains but for the cost i'll stick with motrin. The wife on the other hand had better results with gel tabs. She had been on rx opioids and her pain management doctor wouldnt try anything else or up the dose in 3 years. She ended up switching docs and got a medical marijuana card. She tends to get the lower dose thc with higher doses of cbd strains and has vastly improved her pain.
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