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  1. There's the right way and then how I did one. I purchased an IAC that someone had glued leather stops on the bottom of the carrier to stop the shells from dropping all the way down. Works but it's not legal. I pulled the leather off and welded a piece of steel in place. Shaped it and blued it. I've shown it to multiple people and they can't tell what's been done. Probably not legal but I only use it for practice now and have a chiappa from a professional that I use for competition when I want to run an 87.
  2. I've gotten most of mine from Midway USA. Sometimes I've had to backorder them. Or maybe @willie GOODNEWShas a set laying around.
  3. Depending on the price I might be interested in the marlin. Let me know when you figure it out if you don't mind. T.F. Jack
  4. I've used them a few times in pistols and real bp. They're not bad but does require a little extra work cleaning up. Not much but seems to me that the fouling is a bit harder than with bp lubed lead bullets. I've never used coated bullets in my rifle so idk on that.
  5. Put these together to suite me. A trio of 44/40 OMV stainless: bisley gripframes, bisley hammer, vaquero trigger, and ejector rod housing on a CCH frame and blued cylinder and barrel. Short stroked, half cock, free spin, and slicked up. Will be sending the gripframes out for engraving sometime this coming year.
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