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  1. Pair of stainless New Model Vaquero's. 3" barrels in 45ACP. Super blackhawk hammers, short stroked with brass wrapped front sights. The grip frames have been modified and are now 2 piece, same size as colt SAA and are fitted with red stag grips with colt medalian's. Non seq. serial #'s. Original boxes. $2,500.00 delivered to your FFL
  2. Any pistols, caliber under .38 if prohibited. Any barrel length under 4 3/4 is prohibited. Others are "restricted" meaning you will probably not get them across the border without doing alot of paperwork. Long guns are not a problem, you just declare them at the boarder, you might have to pay a small fee before entering the country. Best thing to do is arrange to borrow handguns. I also have a PAL but it was a pain to get and their laws are changing faster than I can keep up with 'em. The clown that runs their country is trying very hard to do away with all handguns. We just had 4 Canadian citizens at our annual shoot and none of them were willing to bring their handguns. No problem bringing them south, but they were told by Canadian customs that they MIGHT noto be allowed to return north with them, even thou they are all registered!!!
  3. I’ve got a super clean factory riot model 12 for $1,000.00. I’m away at a shoot with limited internet access until this tuesday
  4. Found one Anybody have a pistol grip stock for a Rem mod 81? I already saw the ones on ebay and gunbroker, and don't have the skill to do a 90% er.
  5. I'll take it, if ya send me photos of the top of the reciever where it meets the stock
  6. I've got a very nice, stock , blue 20" carbine in 357 for $700
  7. I've got a set of RCBS carbide 45 Colt dies for $50+ shipping. Don't have a shell holder, but am still digging.
  8. You need just the caliber conversion or that and dies, or the entire quick change?
  9. If these are the SASS vaquero's I sold him, I'll be happy to buy 'em back for what he paid for 'em Sending ya a PM
  10. SOLD New, never fired but no box. Uberti, imported by Stoeger 1866 19" round barrel carbine, no saddle ring in 44 WCF (44/40). Newer gun that takes all the current "speed" parts. $1,000.00 + shipping ($25) to your FFL
  11. TRADED Pair of stock (not converted) Ruger 357 3 screw 4 5/8" Blackhawks. They have some blue loss on the sharp edges and ejector housings. Good, tight guns with no work done to 'em. I want to trade for a pair of original model 45 Vaquero's, preferably stainless 4 5/8 but will consider others. You can offer me cash if you want, but I'd rather do a trade deal
  12. I've got a 1979 vintage 4 3/4" Colt in 45 colt. Nice clean gun, completly stock for $2,000 shipped, pm me if interested
  13. Withdrawn, found a mate to it instead of selling. Orig, model Ruger Vaquero 4 3/4" blue in 44/40. It has a 44 mag cylinder fitted to it that works perfectly. No work nor modifications to the gun, completely stock. $1,100.00 + $15 shipping to your FFL $1,000.00 without the extra cylinder
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