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  1. For some reason, I' can't seem to identify that ruger # to a particular gun. I do have a stainless, 5.5" new model vaquero in 45 colt, bisley for sale. Stock gun
  2. Like new Chiappa 1860 saddle ring carbine in 45 colt. Case hardend frame with nicley grained walnut stocks. It's been shot close to 20 times, but looks new. Works like it should but ya gotta use "authority" when opening the lever to completely eject the case. Click on the photo to enlarge $1,150.00 shipped
  3. For years "action jobs" on '97's included polishing the shell stops 'cause we didn't use 'em. I've seen may guns that were polished, along with the sides of the carrier to the point were the stops either wouldn't hold the shells in the mag, or just the opposite where they wouldn't come out! There are also 2 completely different types of shell stops, B&C prefex guns have one style, D's something else
  4. Found one. I need a used, 5.5" stainless new model vaquero in 357 to match the one I've already got. Would like to pay $500 or so for one
  5. SOLD Like new Pietta (Cabela's marked) "Millennium" 4 3/4" .38/357 mag revolver. About 100 rounds thru it. Remarkably smooth considering it's cost $325.00 + shipping (around $20)
  6. SOLD Power Custom Series 1 Universal stoneing fixture with 3 adapters. 2ea BH (Ruger single action) and 1 CSA (colt SAA and clones) $150.00 shipped
  7. Most of the time they are, I've put in over a dozen over the years and this is the 1st time I"ve had a problem. They work fine, just won't allow the "free spin" to function!
  8. Ya can, with the original hammer. When I added the SBH hammers, things changed. They're not "drop in" parts
  9. Which surface of the pawl needs a bit removed? Same as when an orig model is "free spinn" converted?
  10. 2 Ruger new Vaqueros that were "free spinning" just fine, utill I put in SBH hammers. Now one sorta spins backwards, but I can feel the cyl. dragging on the pawl. The other gun won't spin backward at all. What's up? I ain't no gunsmith!
  11. 4 3/4" Rodeo II in satin Nickel. It's been shot, has a small holster rub spot on the frame right under the hammer screw, hard to see, but it's there. Very smooth gun. No box $1,200.00 shipped Trade for a '73 carbine or short rifle in 357
  12. Thank you Sir! Shoot well this weekend, it's raining here but I think I'll go anyway
  13. Found one Going to try something different. I need a blue, fluted 44 mag ruger cylinder.
  14. Sorry, I had a few problems posting photos but they're up now
  15. As much fun as that shoot is, I'm afraid I'll never be able to go to that altitude again (cuss, swear, vulgar words) I'm still working on getting better heart function, so I can. Getting old SUCKS
  16. SOLD Almost new 45colt Uberti 1875 Remington copy 7.5" with r/h El Paso slim Jim holster $375.00 delivered
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