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  1. Palewolff must be napping on this one! He's addicted to Bromley's artwork
  2. Before cowboy shooting came along, folks would "fix" the magazine tube from pulling out of the extension when worn by welding it together, appears that's what's happend here. Good luck
  3. S&W 4th mod "Lemon Squeezer" 38 S&W. 5 shooter. Tight with good bore. $400 delivered Merwin Hulbert .32 pocket Model 5 shooter. Really good shape, but minus the folding hammer spur. Great bore. Still has some "suction" $575.00 Delivereed Merwin Hulbert 3rd mod Pocket 32 with 3 1/2 and 5 1/2" barrels. 7 shooter. Really tight with great bore but wrong grips $800.00 delivered
  4. I'm looking for 2 nicklel 7.5" barrels for a 3rd gen Colt SAA in .45
  5. I've got a stainless 7.5" vaquero barrel for $125.00 shipped in you're interested.
  6. I've got a Vaqaero 7.5" stainless 44 barrel for $125 shipped if you're interested

  7. SOLD Like new, no marks nor dings. Blue new model 5.5" Vaquero's with boxes, manual's and nice action jobs (I don't know who did the work). They are about as smooth as you can get a Vaquero, stock hammers and no short stroke. If you'd rather, I can send 'em with the wood laminated Ruger grips instead of the factory black plastic. $1,225.00 delivered to your FFL
  8. I'll take one of the crimp dies, sending a PM
  9. Found One Even a non working one. will do. I need a Dillon elec. case feed assy. Don't need the shell plate, just the big blue plastic tub assembly.
  10. I've been skipping the "big" shoots (too much drama) and instead spending my time and money attending smaller shoots. In fact, I'm sitting in the middle of Saskatchewan as I type this, waiting for the next match to start up. Try hanging out at local clubs and/or traveling to smaller events, it's sure worked for us to revive the fun, let someone else get all worked up 'cause they think they was robbed somehow
  11. Found one. I need a checkered 9" 1894 forend wood with an Oct. barrel that takes a nose cap I've got several longer marlin levergun forends
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