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Arizona Has Strange Creatures

Subdeacon Joe

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It is!


We have thousands of fossilized critters, trilobites and others, in the rocks in the canyons east of Logan Utah, where I used to live.  Also entire ledges and banks of fossilized sea shells, mostly quite small, up there as well, all around 7,000-9,000 feet altitude.


Over south east near Vernal they have bigger fossils of Jurassic Park size dinosaurs.


At one time all of that area was under water, known as Lake Bonneville, a huge inland sea.  The Great Salt Lake and some smaller lakes are remnants of that.  GSL has only one form of sea life called brine shrimp, because of the salt content.


All of that ancient life and I've never seen any of it alive.


Oldest living animal I ever saw was my high school history teacher.







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Triops you can buy them at hobby lobby and hatch em. 


Triops have 3 eyes! They are vegetarian except when they are cannibalistic.

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