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Dry Fire with impunity?

Quiet Burp

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No, I particularly avoid dry firing any .22 rimfires, double barrel shotguns, and Model 12 shotguns.  Also 1900 era pocket pistols.  Too much chance of dinging rims of chambers, breaking firing pins, and breaking parts in real old guns that I'd rather not have to make parts for.  And NEVER a cap and ball revolver, for real obvious reasons of almost instantly damaging the nipples and even hammers.  Your mileage may vary, your damage concerns may escalate.


good luck, GJ

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I used to dry fire a lot. Hardly ever these days.

I always used a snap cap with the edge ground off for the '73 and while I know the Rugers don't need them used snap caps in them as well.

I use the snap caps in my SxS but I leave the safety on (no trigger movement) to save wear and tear on the firing pins/springs.

Never had a problem and did not worry about it.

Just broke my first firing pin in a '73 in about 5 years while cleaning it (of all things) :wacko: I guess cleaning really is hard on your guns :P


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Gateway Kid

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