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Remington rolling block 45-70

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Rifle was built by gunsmith Bob Lawson for me from an original antique action.  Barrel is 28 inches round heavy contour with 1:20 twist  Wood was built for the rifle by Bob also. Trigger is smooth. Shots great.  $1,200 ships direct to you where legal due to being an antique 






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That is a great deal!

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16 hours ago, Horace Patootie, SASS #35798 said:

Hoping for a number 5.  :-)


Smokeless powder us a passing fad, Horace. Come to the dark side.

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32 minutes ago, Pee Wee #15785 said:

that is still about $150-$200 in sights.

And Lawson is (was?) known for really good rolling blocks.  Thank God I am shooting .50-70. LOL!!!

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2 minutes ago, Notso Slim, SASS #67301 said:

What is the difference between a #1 and #5 action? Will this one handle smokeless powder?


2-3-and 4 :P

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The # 5 action was Remingtons rolling block action for smokeless powder ammo. The # 1 action is not proofed for smokeless.  I have a #1 RB in .43 Spanish and a Pedersoli/Navy Arms in 50/140.

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