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  1. Sold!! Pietta laser engraved aces & eights 44 Cal 1851 unfired $350 shipped
  2. Trigger Mike tried to message you but your box must be full it wouldn't go through.
  3. Alright have yall got those stimulus checks yet lol
  4. Hoss I will take the short ladder sight for $55
  5. I am in Texas not too far from you and if you can meet up next weekend I will gladly take this from you for your asking price.

    1. Randingo


      Sure thing.  I am currently in Colorado and will be back in Texas the 10th.  Will that work?


      Randy. 719-565-7463

  6. Do you know how much you need for the 32-20

  7. Leave the man a lone already he stated for you grouchy Internet Nazi's that his membership is current still and we have another member vouching for his good name.
  8. Is this a new production high wall or 100 plus year old orginal
  9. Capt you asked for an evaluation of value partner and that is what was provided.
  10. Cheating charlie his is not an orginal malcolm scope because it is marked navy arms. The navy arms brass scopes are of low quality and not worth much.
  11. Slim I didn't get a message and it won't let me send you one.
  12. Thanks Prairie Dawg. That smith is exactly what I am looking for message inbound.
  13. Thanks Hoss I am aware of all the places to find a new one. Hoping to find someone with one laying around they dont need first.
  14. Looking to buy a 3/8" dovetail ladder sight or ladder sight with buckhorn.
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