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  1. Yeah. I have a special place in my heart for the Model 89, especially the 10s.
  2. Yes. Has heavy twist barrels, but made for BP or early cordite. I shoot lots of Damascus and twist steel guns, but with BP only. Of course, I shoot Frontier Cartridge, so...
  3. This is a very solid and shootable Rem. Model 1889 10 gauge. Tight Action. Patina finish. The 32" Twist barrels have shootable slightky pitted BP bores. Chambers are 3". Good+stocks with two small splinters out (forend and above triggers). Asking $750 shipped. It is an antique and comes right to your door.
  4. Dawg: Definitely steel. Not sure if 2.75" chambers. Can ream for $20, if not. I will test fire tomorrow. Or, as a BP guy, you are good to go. Dusty
  5. SOLD These Model 51 Huskys are great CAS guns. They are built tough and have Greener Crossbolt for additional strength. This one has 29.5" barrels with bright shiny bores. Chambers are 2 3/4" (see new photo). Metal and wood finishes are VG, with typical wear, probably 80+% remaining. Each barrel has a small ding (13' from muzzle in right and 9" on left). Lockup is good, with some slight side to side play with forend off. Not a problem if you stick to light field or target loads. Ships to C&R or FFL. $400 Shipped.
  6. SOLD This is an unfired, generally very good condition example of the scarce Colt Black Powder Series .36 Pocket Navy revolver. Comes in factory matching box (worn) with paperwork. The only flaws are a slight cylinder ring, small loss of varnish on grips and two small scratches on left side of barrel. Silver plated backstrap is in great condition. $550 Shipped.
  7. You are correct that cleaning rod screwed into it. Kind of like an appendix now. Neither helps nor hurts function.
  8. This a beautifully crafted custom Hawken style rifle from late 60s-70s. This date is based on the H.W. Robbins lock and he was active during that time. The rifle is marked L. Papesh on underside of barrel. This is undoubtedly Leroy Papesh who was active in the Joliet (Illinois) Muzzleloaders. His son Ken was also a builder of fine muzzleloaders and this rifle shows where he got his talent from. The original straight taper .50 cal. 1"X32.75" G.R. DOUGLAS barrel was sent to Bobby Hoyt and bored out to .58 using his well known Gain Twist rifling. For hunting, this rifling will stabilize those big bullets out past 100 yards, making this an accurate and hard hitting Big Bore Hawken. There is some light, honest wear to the browned finish, but nothing not expected on a 50+ y/o rifle that was used, but not heavily. The Walnut stock has only the most minimal handling marks. It has iron fittings and pewter inlays. Weighs in at around 9.5 lbs with a LOP of 14.25". A truly outstanding rifle. Photos of target added. 50 yards. 80gr 3F. .015 Ox Yoke patch with Wonder Lube. I tend to pull a little left with everything I shoot, so this rifle appears to be spot on POA at 50 yds. Asking $1200 SHIPPED in hard case.
  9. SOLD Here is a great vintage survivor in fantastic condition. It is a Husqvarna Model 20B 12 gauge made in 1950. Both metal and wood are probably 98% condition. The bores in the 29.5" barrels are mirror bright. It is choked Full/Full. Chambers are definitely 2.75. See new pics. $400 SHIPPED.
  10. SOLD Title says it all. Gun is unfired with only the slightest signs of handling. The Pedersoli flask is nice. Box is worn. $350 SHIPPED.
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