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  1. The Model 100 was one of Husqvarna's higher end SxS. This one was manufactured in 1937. It has approximately 85% finish (old reblue) and no pitting. Bores in the 29.5" barrels would rate Good + with some light pitting. Chokes are both Modified. I believe chambers are 2.5". The frame has some nice engraving and stippling. Lockup is tight. Stocks are very good, with minimal handling marks. Forearm and wrist are checkered and grip has a horn cap. LOP is 14". Very nice gun, but duplicate quality in my collection. Asking $600 SHIPPED to FFL or C&R. Your FFL must receive from private seller or I
  2. This is an ANTIQUE (on importer's paperwork) Husqvarna rolling block action. It is from one of the shotguns and can handle longer cartridges than standard rifle action. It is attached to a plugged and unusable barrel stub that your gunsmith and get thread pitch from. Complete and ready for that custom rifle. $300 SHIPPED to your door.
  3. SOLD Downsizing EVERYTHING to move into smaller house, with a smaller shooting focus. This is a very nice Brownells BRN-601, which is a pretty good copy of the early Colt 601. The green furniture is not quite right. How hard can that be to match, right? Metal parkerized. I have fired exactly TWO 20 round magazines through this, cleaned and put in safe. Brownells no longer makes this model. It has the three prong flash hider, chromed bolt and partial fence. Comes with decent clone of the Colt 4x20 scope, 1 retro "waffle" mag, 1 Brownells 20 rnd mag and five NEW Colt factory 20 rnd mags. Comes i
  4. In case anyone is looking, Graf and Sons has them in stock, at least as of yesterday. I bought two boxes - and I don't even have a gun to use them in! LOL.
  5. Was asked about smokeless powder. These would probably be OK, as they are made to shoot in vintage 2.5" chambers, even damascus. http://www.rstshells.com/store/p/115-16-Ga-2-1/2-Lite-Vel-1125-7/8-oz-Load-Box.aspx
  6. PRICE REDUCED. This is an ANTIQUE Husqvarna 16 gauge rolling block shotgun. Has about 80% plumb finish. Tight action. Missing firing pin, but replacement can be had from www.rollingblickparts.com or make yourself. Pretty easy with drill press and file. Ornate trigger guard. Bore in 32" half octagon steel barrel would rate GOOD + with some minor black powder pitting. Professional repair to block thumb piece (I just noticed this).Wood is good with checkered wrist and cheek piece. Easily repaired crack forming behind tang. Asking $300 shipped to your door. Some trades considered.
  7. Would you sell me just the cavalry trousers? I would like those.
  8. Not something you see every day. This is a like new American Gun Craft DESPERADO SxS 12 gauge muzzleloader hand cannon. It has 8" barrels with mirror bores. Uses 209 shotgun primers instead of percussion caps. Has a selector on hammer to fire individual barrels. Condition would rate Like New in Box. Comes with carry bag, cleaning cloth and fiberglass ramrod. Currently a backlog of orders on these that usually take 8 weeks to deliver in best of times. Gun was fired a few times by previous owner, cleaned and put away. I took it in trade. Lists for $639 + shipping from AGC. Asking $525 shipped d
  9. Whew! Saved from another birth year impulse buy.
  10. Saw a pretty good video, but always like independent reviews.
  11. Not specifically SASS, but close. Anyone here have any experience with the Desperado 12 gauge muzzleloader pistol? Been offered one as a trade and I am intrigued.
  12. SOLD. This is a very cool Pre-war (possibly pre WW I) German single shot .22. The 23.5" round barrel and receiver have over 80% blue. Bore is VG+. Checkered stock is also VG. It has a cheek piece, horn grip cap and steel buttplate. A set of fine Double Set Triggers in an ornate trigger guard. Top of barrel is stamped AUGUST STUKENBROK-EINBECK, which was a German retailer from the 1890s to 1920s. Drift adjustable front and rear sights. Rear has elevation adjustment. A beautiful little rifle that was high quality in it's day. Ships to FFL or C&R for $350 + shipping.
  13. Sorry. Mailbox was full. Deleted old conversations.
  14. Not final, but I have a discussion going on. Will know shortly. Thank you for your patience.
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