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  1. This left-handed Flintlock Southern Mountain Rifle in .50 cal. was built from a Pecatonica River kit. It has a 36" Green Mountain barrel and L&R lock. The tiger Maple stock has nice figure and no nosecap. Iron fittings. Set triggers. The trigger guard has been repaired. Bore is bright with some fine grain in grooves. LOP is 14.25". Nice light rifle built with quality parts. $700 + Shipping.
  2. SOLD This is a very solid example of the Snider artillery carbine and is one of the scarcer items in the snider group of arms. This example is a Mark III with the improved breech lock and steel barrel. There were approximately 27000 built between Enfield and Birmingham. This piece shows an ENFIELD lock 1858, indicating that it was converted from the Model 1858 Enfield muzzleloading rifled musket. The 21.5" barrel has been polished bright, with patina around the receiver. The bore rates very good with scattered pitting. Correct pattern rear sight, fixed front sight, saber bayonet lug on barrel, sling swivels on upper band and in toe of stock. Correct pattern cleaning rod. Profusely stamped with proofs and Broad Arrows. The roundels on the stock are mostly illegible, but seem to be LONDON and ENFIELD. The stock is in very good antique condition, with typical minor bumps and scrapes, but no cracks. Overall mechanically functional. $650 + Shipping. Can provide 36 cases formed from 24 gauge brass for an additional $110 - exactly what it cost me to have made. Antique ships right to your door.
  3. In a carbine, I think the plastic hulls, cut to length and using round ball is most economical way to go.
  4. It has a firing pin in a rotating block. Uses CF cartridges.
  5. I would say they are actually a Hoot and a Half to shoot!
  6. I have a MW model, but I had it turned into a faux 520/30 trench gun for home defense.
  7. SOLD The Great Culling continues. This is one of the neatest takedown pump shotguns ever, brought to you by the mind of John Browning. It is the civilian version of the Stevens 520/30 used by the US military from WW II through Vietnam. It has a very strong takedown system. This particular example was marketed by Sears as part of their RANGER line. Montgomery Wards also marketed this gun under its own model designation. It has a 28" barrel with Poly-Choke. The bluing is very good. The top of the receiver has two drilled and tapped holes for some unknown purpose. Stocks are also very good. Small chip out of edge of buttplate. The action is buttery smooth and a joy to shoot. Ships to C&R or FFL. $300 + Shipping.
  8. I have not. It isn't a round I reload. I only shoot BP rollers. Lots of info on shooting these out there.
  9. SOLD This is a nice example of the 1901 model Remington rolling block Chambered in 7x57. The metal has an even plumb patina. Action is tight and crisp. Block and hammer have blue finish remaining. It has an exceptional bore for a smokeless rolling block, bright and sharp. Wood is in Good Plus condition. There is the ubiquitous stable crack in handguard near rear sight well and a hairline crack on right side at buttplate. A few small chips out around buttplate. Has letters TM etched into stock.The buttplate has a modern screw which needs to be replaced with a correct style (I have one on its way). Ships to C&R or FFL. $525 + Shipping.
  10. PRICE NOW FOR CARBINE ALONE. This is an interesting Snider carbine in .577. It came from the almost 200 year old hoard of British colonial military weapons from the Lagan Silekhana Palace in Katmandu, Nepal. The carbine was manufactured in Birmingham, England and marketed by J.C. & A Lord with offices in London, Birmingham and Bombay. This carbine was likely purchased through the Bombay unit for use by the Royal Nepallese Guard. The carbine has a 20.5" barrel with faint rifling. The fancy walnut stock is checkered and held to barrel by a single wedge. Metal and wood still have storage grease. Metal in white with mottled finish. Stock has two identified defects: A chip out of the toe and a period repair on right side of forestock. Actin is nice and tight and has Snider logo and British proofs. . If you would like to buy brass, I have 36 formed from 24 gauge Magtech for $110 -exactly what I have in them. Or, you can easily make "Snider Chow" from plastic 28 ga hulls using round balls. Carbine alone $600 + Shipping.
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