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  1. I ended up buying all eight boxes from the guy - 160 cases in all. Would like to rehome some of them.
  2. UPDATE: I bought them. Have one box spoken for. Excellent brass at a good price. OK, the guy with the NOS Bertram .50-70 cases has 8 boxes. He will make me a good deal on the whole shebang. Clearly I have no need for 160 .50-70 cases. But if there is interest, I can sell them for $65 per box (my cost, plus Egg Management Fee) and Priority Flat Rate Small Box shipping ($8.30) for a total of $73.30/box. At Dixie, these same cases are $4.50 per case ($90/box) plus inflated shipping. Any takers? I need to let the guy know. Sending MO out today, so should have them in hand next week.
  3. Well, .50-90 Starline brass is available. What isn't available are .50-70 trim dies. I like using those better than mechanical or powered case trimmers. Just have better luck that way. I would be paying $2.80 per case shipped for the Bertram. Retails at Dixie for $4.50 per case plus shipping.
  4. A guy wants to sell me a box of NOS .50-70 brass sold by Dixie Gun Works and with DGW headstamps. These were made by Bertram. Seems that .50-70 brass is sold out everywhere. The asking price is less than Dixie's $4.50 a case, but higher than the out of stock Starline. Is Bertram worth the extra money?
  5. SOLD Lightly used RCBS .45-70 dies and 50 Starline cases (44 unfired). Asking $60 SHIPPED.
  6. WTS A complete Husqvarna rolling block shotgun action with buttstock and keyed forestock. Barrel was deactivated via chamber plugged with welding media and hole drilled in chamber. This process did not compromise integrity of receiver, as it would not reach a high enough temp. Gunsmith can use stub to determine thread pitch. Barrel tapers from 1.1" at receiver to .9" at front of forestock. Buttplate needs reshaping (too long at toe). A couple of easily replaceable buggered screws, but otherwise solid and nice for a custom build. Likely post 1898, so has to go to C&R or FFL. Sorry. Asking $325 (OBO) SHIPPED. TRADES CONSIDERED. More photos available to email address.
  7. Sorry, BK. Rifle sold on GunBroker a little earlier this afternoon. I occasionally get others in similar condition. I will keep your contact.
  8. Why FFL to FFL? Definitely an antique. No restrictions unless both Shipping and receiving states require.
  9. Thanks, Buckeye Pete. Now, if it would just Bump into a new owner's hands!
  10. Sold This is a very nice, MOSTLY matching, example of an un-messed with Swedish M67 military rolling block rifle. Originally chambered in the rimfire 12.17x42, it was later converted to 12.7x44R centerfire. Receiver, barrel, stocks and buttplate all match. Hammer is un-numbered. Block has different number. This is typical. These rifles were often sold surplus to civilian shooting clubs. They shot matches or hunted with reloadable CF ammo and military matches with surplus copper RF ammo. Most competitive shooters had two blocks in their shooting kits. When the RF ammo dried up, shooters just kept the CF block in their rifles. I have never seen a rifle come into the US with both blocks. Collectors in Sweden have them, but they got rifles and shooting kits from heirs of the shooters. The 36.5"barrel retains over 75% plumb finish with some thin spots. Bore is EXCELLENT!!! Receiver is tight and crisp and has some faded case colors. It is dated 1873 and was manufactured by Carl Gustaf Stads under licence from Remington on Remington machinery. Stocks are VG with some minor handling marks. Unit disc intact. Has cleaning rod. All in all, a nice example to collect or shoot. ASKING $575 SHIPPED! Payment by USPS money order preferred. More photos available.
  11. Betterluckytg: Sent you a PM with info. Will mark SOLD. Thanks! Dusty
  12. SPF a nice example of a Husqvarna No. 33 half stock rolling block rifle in 8x58R Sauer. Made from 1877-1912. Receiver similar size as a Remington No. 2, but sleek and rounded. No way to determine age. Its 30.5" barrel has approximately 70% plumb finish with some edge wear. The bore would rate VG. The stocks are in good shape, with typical dings for a 120 year old rifle. There is what looks like a line of ink on the right side of the buttstock near toe. Pistol grip is checkered. Receiver has some faint case colors. Comes with CH4D dies, 20 cases, 90 .321 165 gr bullets and a bag of close to 1000 .030 thick fiber wads. Selling as a package. Asking $800 SHIPPED to C&R or FFL. I can send you more pics to an email address. Thanks for looking. More photos available.
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