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  1. Been AFK. Send me a UPS shipping address and I will roll thei your way sometime next week when I am near a ship center.
  2. I have 28 rounds and 12 once fired cases of .32 Winchester Special, 170 gr Power Point. Just pay shipping. Might be a few days before I can get to a UPS shipping hub.
  3. Just like title says. I need a few 28 gauge hulls to fiddle with.
  4. I was asked if the steel underlever would get hot. Since I have not shot strings of shells in quick succession with this type, I can't say. But, my CAS sxs has a splinter forestock and I feel the heat from barrels on my thumb and fingers if I shoot more than 4 in a row.
  5. Nickel City Dude. I can try those, but may be kind of small. I need some that are .585-.590. Original Model 63 Springfield barrel on roller action. Bore is pretty generous, over .610, but hard to measure 3 groove bore. But I can try several. Dantankerous. What diameter are the GP bullets?
  6. Anyone have a few .58 Minie' bullets they could sell me to test a load I am working on for another oddball cartridge? Just need maybe 5 or 6, just to see if I am on the right track.
  7. Oh. My other right! That is the thumb piece on the block.
  8. It is cool, but I have three gauge guns already. This came with a lot I bought. I just thought it would be cool to mess around with and it was. You mean the screwdriver handle? I use it to prop up guns for photos.
  9. OK. Once more before I offer it to the Great Unwashed of GunBroker. This is another nice example of a Husqvarna Model 20B sxs. It is a tight and rugged field gun (second of three from lot I bought). This model built1944-56. Husqvarna shotguns are built like tanks! The 29.5" barrels have around 95% + blue with some edge and muzzle wear. Mirror bright bores with minor shot streaking. A minor dent on left tube 6" from muzzle. CHAMBERS HAVE BEEN REAMED TO 2.75". Receiver has some case color remaining. Smooth pistol grip stock has is VG + with no cracks or major dings. Nice oil finish. LOP is 14.25". Asking $300 SHIPPED to C&R or FFL.
  10. SOLD Not something you see every day. This is a Scandinavian fullstocked rolling block in 28 GAUGE RIFLE! It is a gunsmith built affair, wherein an older muzzleloader with hand forged box breech barrel was converted to a cartridge gun by mating barrel and stock to a commercial rolling block shotgun action. The ornate barrel is 38" long and shows some spots of thin surface delamination, typical to this kind of forged barrel. It has a shootable bore with very deep rifling and pitting throughout. Still actually shoots pretty well for what was intended to be a short range moose gun. It is missing the rear sight, as it was badly broken when I got the gun. Just fell apart while I was messing with photos. I made some functional shells using cut down 28 gauge hulls and .54 Minie' bullets. Better cases could be made from Magtech brass. To test fire, I glued a rear sight on after some Kentucky windage bore sighting. Actually seemed centered! See target fired at 35 yards. Take into consideration old eyes, cloudy, tiny blade and notch sights, iffy rest in my truck window, and my difficulty with consistent sight picture. Group measured about 4"x5". Some better potential there. Asking Asking $400 SHIPPED. More photos available.
  11. I will take the mini 14 pending photos and overall description of condition. PM sent.
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