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  1. Well, here’s the thing. The world has gone bat shit crazy!!! I’ve seen primers from some of the big outlets going at 80 per 1000. And I’m guessing he bought them before the crazy at around 30-40 per 1000. So, the question is does your pard want to break even, or make some money on the deal. For what it’s worth I’ve helped out a few pards and sold them some Federal SPP for what I paid pre crazy prices. And just traded a good buddy 1k Federal for a bag of 7.5 shot. And I had a good pard gift me 500 209 primers cuz he knew I was in a jam. So, I guess it all breaks down to bottom line and conscience. I try to do right by my pards and cowboy family. Making a little on the deal seems ok given the times, but I’d hope neither of ya put each other over a barrel. Oh, and them Wolf primers, well they’re tougher than woodpecker lips, yer likely gonna need full strength hammer springs to crack em.
  2. No worries Prairie, as time allows. Don’t got a lot of folks knocking down this door ya know.
  3. Tell ya what Prairie, let me sleep on that. If ya don’t mind I’ll pm ya my email and if ya could send pictures I’d appreciate it.
  4. Shame is they ain’t shipping. Old South has some 44s is stock but they won’t ship to Michigan…
  5. Looking for a pair of 1851 navy steel frame 5” 36 or 44 cal. Need a pair in the(nominal) 5” barrel, don’t want to have to buy new leather. If ya got a pair your willing to part with let me know. Prefer Pietta as I’ve already got the Slix nipples for em, but not a deal breaker if they’re Uberti.
  6. Well, looking to pay it forward a bit. Times are tough right now and there’s a good amount of newer shooters and reloaders in need. I’ve gotten some great deals here on the wire and figured it’s time I give back a bit. If anyone out there is truly in need I can spare 200 new Starline 45 colt brass, all I ask is that you cover shipping, and are actually in a bind on this, not just looking to add to an ample supply. It’s the Cowboy Way to do each other proper. Shoot me a pm and well hash out the rest.
  7. I’d call that a good deal with your leather work on it. I got my Johnny Meadows SKB a few weeks ago, damn happy to have it!
  8. WTS: Stoeger Nickel Supreme 12ga Bought this off Gunbroker, paid $700 shipped. Since then I have installed a Longhunter top lever spring, Longhunter SS firing pins, polished and chamfered the chambers, confirmed headspace with ho/no go gauges and added a brass doorknob for a bead and replaced the stock choke tubes with cylinder bore Carlson tubes, automatic safety has been disabled manual safety is fully functional includes box and papers. Looking for $700 shipped. Yes, I know that’s a lot for a Stoger, but I’m not looking to loose money on the deal. See pics below and feel free to contact me with any further questions. There is some discoloration near the muzzle of the right hand barrel and on the receiver, I tried to get this in the pics, but I’m not a photographer.
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