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  1. That was my Smith Carbine, and I do believe you shot that one too.
  2. Shiloh made .45 caliber 1859 percussion sharps, and Pedersoli made the percussion sporting rifle in .45 cal as well. They are a different animal than the centerfires. They seal the chamber by either a floating gas check plate or a sliding chamber sleeve. I've been shooting them since 1990. At present I own an Armisport .54 cal Infantry Rifle, but I have owned three Shiloh Percussion models, One Garrett and two Pedersoli's. You shot my Armisport at the Texas Peacemakers range in Tyler during a monthly match back in the day. I load paper cartridges and cast my own bullets. Lots of fun, but finic
  3. For Sale - Pedersoli 1874 Sharps Military Rifle. Full Stock, beautiful Bore in 45-70. Is outfitted with Leatherwood 6X Malcolm full-length scope with offset kit and Fine Adjustment kit on rear mount. Comes with leather sling. Front sight has been removed and previous owner had attempted to cut 3/8" dovetail that needs a professional to straighten out. Beyond that, the rifle is in excellent condition. Will ship via Fedex ground to your FFL, who must be willing to accept from a non-FFL (I only have a C&R). Will ship in hard case and cardboard box. Asking $1400 , now $1000 plus shipping. Slid
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