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  1. You can check Armanov, I think they have them in stock. And the roller beading handle and shell plate indexer from them are both nice upgrades as well.
  2. Looking at getting a 45-70 for Plainsman side matches and because, well, I don’t have one yet. Anyone out there have some 45-70 brass, or dies, or both they would be willing to part with???
  3. Check Taylor’s & Co. I just got a set of(what they call 1851 Navy Conversion) actually the Uberti 1871/72 45 colt 5.5”. Nice guns for sure!
  4. Well pards, the search continues for a pair of 1872 navy 45 colt continues. Prefer 5.5” barrels but open to options. The need to be blued, not nickel. Looking for shooter grade so appearance isn’t that important as long as lock up and timing is good.
  5. Sasparilla Goz no I won’t be going to land run. Oklahoma is a good ways from Michigan. Especially when ya gotta go to work....
  6. Well pards, I’ve managed to aquire a S&W model 2 38S&W. Any cowpokes out there have a set of 38S&W loading dies they’d be willing to part with? *EDIT FOUND WHAT I NEED*
  7. Ace, I’ll hit you up on FB messenger
  8. Got a new shooter and need some brass for 38S&W anybody out there have some they can get rid of. Needing to buy a few 100 pieces.
  9. Really need to find a pair of 1872 Navy open top 45 colt. Would prefer 5.5” barrels but not the end of the world if they are not. Help!
  10. I use mainly Bullet Corp coating, higher production rate the PC, but wanting to shoot some BP cartridge stuff so I need an actual lubed bullet.
  11. Looking for a lube sizer, anyone out there have one they can part with? Preferably with a .454 sizing die with it?
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