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.401 Powermag

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Of the few used that I handled over the years, all seemed to be good West German build and quality.  Frame is full sized, not Vaquero or Model P, and adjustable sights.  Probably would want to pay less than a used Blackhawk .41.


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is this gun any good?


It's a well made, hefty gun made by Sauer and Sohn, Germany, back in the 60's



Before you splurge on it, realize that ammunition is VERY hard to come by.  Most folks who have one reload.  Even brass is hard to come by.


But here's a custom shop that sells full-power Powermag ammo:



Now, whether your sample of the gun is in good condition or not, that is a whole other question.  Some folks have had a custom cylinder made so they can shoot .38-40 cartridges, which would be much cheaper to shoot.


Unless you are a unique and unusual single action fan, there would be many much better suited revolvers for use in Cowboy action shooting.


good luck, GJ

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Thinking it was originally developed and marketed by Herter's out of Waseca, MN. Catalog was the size of a phone book. Bought a lot of stuff from them in the late 60's and early 70's. I still have a reloading manual from them. George Herter was quite the self promoter.

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I remember pictures of George Herter holding a .401 revolver with one foot on some dead African animal and touting the caliber as able to kill anything that walked the earth. Always thought he was a self-promoting loudmouth. I still have a 1972 Herter's catalog. Everything he sold with his name on it was always: "The world's finest......" Spent many an hour reading their annual catalogs in the 1960's.

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21 hours ago, Ezra Hawthorne said:

I've never heard of this caliber before, is this gun any good? https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/101041581


What the others have said, good gun, interesting caliber.  Maybe not quite as expensive to feed as mentioned above


Here is a link if you choose to  buy it:  https://www.buffaloarms.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=401 herters power mag


Dies are $130, brass is $96 for 100  (update your quantity in the shopping cart)

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