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  1. I'll take the Classic Duster!
  2. NO, No, No, no, no! You got the bear part right. Anyway, the bear was headless and had been skinned, which added to the thought it was poachers after trophies or "medicinal parts". It's the LEO part! We weren't stopped by her, we were already stopped! 'member? Yes, it was a dirt road, but we were scoping the field across the road. It was the field that you said the millionaire ended it all by nose-diving his restored P-51 Mustang into the dirt at a 90 degree angle. (F'ing criminal!!!) Didn't you recover a piece of that P-51 during a younger-years hunting trip? Nothing to see, except a normal back-woods fenced rustic pasture. Then, a light green pickup pulls up at a decent distance behind us. THAT pickup had a second light green pickup pull in behind it a truck-length or two. From lead pickup, out steps the honest-to-goodness mountain-climbing, uniform-wearing, sharp-eyed, dimple-faced Annie Oakley! (This was NOT someone that would "...make the rockin' world go 'round"!) We were hunting P-51s, and she was hunting ROAD-HUNTERS! We (you) explained the P-51 story. I could not talk because I kept having to spit gnats, mosquitos and flies out of my mouth. I got my jaw working, and we describe finding the bear. And she was a bear-killer, too!! The second pickup was her BACKUP. You could see the shotgun barrel above the dashboard in the center-mounted easy access rack. A sad comment on the state of California law enforcement conditions, even back then. (And WHAT "red light"? Or was that your reaction when she stepped out?) The most memorable part of the trip was being stopped along the road. The LEOs must have driven off. I looked at you and said, "Dang it! I was born 10 years TOO EARLY!!" (And thinkin' I was married 2 years too early!!) I remember the trip where we checked a road-side yellow pages for gun shops in the area, tired and dehydrated as we were. When we drove ahead a few miles to the town, and could not find a sign for the shop, we stopped at the first likely spot to get info, an open Union 76 service and repair station. (Yes, I do normally think that asking for directions is pointless.) I remember walking up to the guy in greasy overalls with the Union 76 patch standing in the bay and saying, "we're lookin' for 'Rhonda's Husband's Gunshop'." He says, "Well! You found it!". The Union 76 station was just part of his business empire in that region of California. There were other businesses in town, but to hit it first try was amazing. I still love checking out hole in the wall gun shops.
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