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  1. That was one unexpected, but very enjoyable conversation with the Kid. A lot of vivid memories from the fire day, the best included Needa Tailor. Fire out or nearly so, the bomber pilot wishing to make a point, dropped the last of the fire retardant from about 200 feet on the vehicles where we parked, AND US! As it was coming down, Needa headin' for the cab of her truck!! She was NOT going to be painted red!! She should have been in the Olympics! Gawd, I'm glad that I wasn't between her and that Ford! The red guck landed 15 yards short of actually hitting her truck.
  2. PM sent. Nice turkey decoys. Are they stuffers? ;^)
  3. My apologies to OP, DM for my post. This ain't the Wire Saloon. Muley Gil, ...
  4. Na, that's not it. Especially on "Tennesse" style rifles. The hole is for the brass cased compass, which must have fallen out or been removed. Marbles got their start in TN, then moved to Gladstone, Michigan, during the Civil War. You can find the complete story on the internet.
  5. Har, har!! I love that all the passengers on the train are wearing MAGA hats!
  6. Well, Rye, there you go. You are demonstrating your White Privilege and Unconscious Bias. Equity and Inclusion!!!! (Resistance is futile.)
  7. Gave a short talk to employees about email SPAM, including how to use filter to block or prevent blocking email addresses. Got called on the carpet this morning; seems "blacklist" and "whitelist", standard industry terms, are not "sensitive" descriptions.
  8. Old Uberti, or new? Just like the data on the link above does not apply to pre-2004 bore dimensions, Uberti may have changed barrel shank thread dimensions at some point, or multiple times. If you are thinking about rebarelling an action, better to measure what you have, as a start.
  9. YO! COWBOY! Hello! Is there a reason you blew off my PM? I made an honest inquiry on an apparently honest sale. It would have only taken one number, four digits, to respond. Either "1909", or "1916". Not difficult.
  10. Uberti - IT, (ubertireplicas.it), replied to my email: "... With regards to your questions, I can only tell you that these various modifications were made before 1994. We don't have the exact date." Lever, carrier, and groove diameter changes. Did not ask about mainspring tensioner. Also, Uberti/Navy Arms 1866 #14XX: Proof 1968, safety, carrier length= 1.515", bore Uberti/Navy Arms 1866 #3XX: Proof 1967, safety +1 to CC
  11. Doh. "AD". My '66 made 1978, serial number 376xx. Bottom of carrier, front to back, 1.53". My '73 is 1.62", ser 582xx. It's the '73 not showing a proof date stamp...
  12. I will guess that each of the Uberti importers from the 1960's through late 1990's had their own serial number ranges and formats: Western Arms, Navy Arms, Cape Outfitters, Mitchell, Replica Arms (?), et al. Uberti-USA is just another of the more recent importers like EMF, Cimarron, or Taylors.
  13. What's your groove diameter and carrier length? The bore/carrier/lever changes may not have happened all at the same time. My Italian date code reference has "AA" as proofed in 1975. "XIV" would be 1958. Thanks!
  14. I'd like to know the year that Uberti last made 1866 Winchester replicas with the trigger disconnect feature, sometimes called "lever safety" or/and two-piece trigger. My commemorative 1866 has the safety, edit: "AD", 1978. but can't find a proof date stamp above or below the stock line. From web references, might be that Uberti changed the carrier length from 1.5" to 1.6". (I get 1.58" OAL 44-40 to cycle nicely, however.) My barrel groove diameter is between 0.4265" and 0.4270", the change going instead to 0.4285" groove. Obviously, the lever lock was added and flat spot on the lever for the safety tab removed at time of transition. I don't intend to reopen the lever safety debate, no SS kit options debate, rather just want to know the actual date for reference purposes. Thanks. EDIT: Addressing McCandless' good point to call Uberti: Uberti USA does not know. It is a pre-USA Uberti question. Sent email to Uberti Italy, asking for dates of lever, carrier, and bolt changes. More to follow. Not sure there was a carrier length change. VTI parts retailer could not help.
  15. Withdrawn. Colt 2nd generation “F Series” 2nd Model Dragoons made about 1981. No boxes, paperwork, or accessories. Original cones on both. Not consecutive serial numbers.
  16. Withdrawn. Colt 2nd generation “F Series” 3rd Model Dragoon made about 1981. No box, paperwork, or accessories. Original cones. $, shipped directly to you least-cost and insured, unless you need other arrangements.
  17. Sold. $450 shipped directly to you least-cost and insured, unless you need other arrangements. Manufactured by Pietta. From the pictures you can see the action has been cycled, and the bolt is dragging. I have not attempted to open the action. Note the nice blued receiver, not purpled as some earlier versions display. No box, papers, or accessories such as the combination tool. This does not have provision for loading lever. The Uberti Paterson barrel I also have advertised does not fit the arbor. I have only removed the barrel and cylinder for cleaning (and comparing the Uberti barrel.) Everyone should have a Paterson revolver, this one is surplus to my needs. Additional Paterson Revolver Pictures - Photobucket Format
  18. As new Uberti made Paterson loading lever capable revolver barrel.
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