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  1. The man must really like his powdered sugar if he carries it around in a zip lock bag.
  2. He says his license has the number "01 when it needs 07" is what he told me, no idea what any of that means.
  3. All the stores in my area only sell firearms and don't buy them or sell on anyone else's behalf. I don't understand this reference. I don't have my SASS number because I was waiting to acquire my cowboy guns first, but I can't afford all of them yet because I don't have the funds because I haven't sold the LaRue.
  4. Some pictures of it: So far this thing has been an absolute headache to try to sell; i've had a dozen people referred to me who express interest but then they don't commit to a deal so it fizzles out. Recently someone contacts me through the cowboy club saying he wants to buy it so I scheduled a day and location to make the sale, then he calls back 10 minutes later to say he changed his mind and doesn't want it after all. I bring it to an FFL whose number was given to me and he lists it online, only for him to email me this morning saying the ATF says he can't sell it on my behalf after all. If this doesn't sell at the next gun show I attend then i'm all out of ideas.
  5. And today that gun would cost 2-3 times what it used to even if you somehow manage to find it for sale.
  6. I made a post similar to this same topic last year:
  7. I watched this video the other day, I wonder if he saw the same footage back then:
  8. What was buying used guns like in the before times? I've wanted a classic double action revolver for years but it appears i've been priced out of the market so I have yet to acquire one.
  9. I want a medieval crossbow, but it's difficult to find them for sale. Most of the options online are either purely decorative and the ones intended for use are plain wood and stainless steel jumbles that look like they were assembled in a garage being sold for hundreds. Something like this would be cool to own:
  10. Since they don't seem to be in production anymore it seems like by this point the .45 Thompson would be the same price as a converted Ruger 10/22.
  11. That video was wholly uninformative. They ought to open a new primer plant in Utah since it's so gun friendly.
  12. Now that's a fine looking wheelgun, it's even pinned and recessed. One day i'll own a Smith & Wesson..
  13. Coupon code for free Ruby's Cheeseburger at any Ruby Tuesday restaurant.
  14. While discussing the topic of Wild Bunch categories the other day, someone mentioned seeing a Ruger 10/22 rifle modified to look like a Thompson somewhere online. I looked it up and while it appears the website what sold the conversion kits is no longer active, I did find a few pictures and even a video of our own @Jed I. Knight, SASS #36423 using one: I like the iconic look of the Thompson and would love to own one of these or the genuine Auto Ordnance reproduction. With a new .22 category created due to the ammo shortage, this seems like a more affordable way to participate in Wild Bunch matches. I can't find any of the kits for sale online and only the magazines show up on Gunbroker so i'm curious if anybody else here has one and what you think of it?
  15. I got a printable coupon for a free dozen eggs by Vital Farms, just in time for all your Easter egg decorating needs. Make a 12 egg omelette or throw them at your neighbor's house, the choice is yours.
  16. @Chili Pepper Kid, SASS #60463 what brand is that stainless hammer double? Don't see too many of those anymore.
  17. @Yul Lose man those are seriously gorgeous eye candy, do you know how much they cost?
  18. While counting down the days until a possible deal I can make next month, i've been looking at recoil pads/butt stock covers online. Amazon doesn't have too many that look all that decorative, so i'd like to see what custom touch people here have put on theirs to get ideas and inspiration for my own things. Share pictures if you have them and maybe where/who made them if you like.
  19. My late grandfather left behind a nickel Colt Frontier .22 single action revolver with the original box. It has two tiny gouges at the barrel tip and a slightly bent blade sight (they said he tripped and fell on it while holding it) but aside from that it's in great shape and the springs are still crisp. I would love to inherit it but I am only the grandson so I don't get a say in who gets what from the estate..
  20. This website: https://www.freestufftimes.com/
  21. Sent. I got in my email a coupon for a free 4lb bag of Zignature dog food, I don't have any pets so offering it here.
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