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Question to our California Pards

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3 hours ago, Black Angus McPherson said:

I caught part of a tv news story the other day talking about a "Reverse Gold Rush".  Apparently a lot of folks from CA (They called it an "exodus") are moving out and a favorite destination seems to be Missouri.  My first thought was "aw, crap.  There goes the neighborhood."  I can only hope the libs find someplace else, I recommend Illinois, and MO gets more of you folks on the SASS wire.  Apologies to my IL pards.


My daughter and son-in-law are in CA.  They should stay.  Their politics fit right in.




They started moving here in Benton county around 18 years ago. I met the first family and asked why and they said they just had to get out of there. Checked places out and saw a lot of info about Warsaw and the school system. They moved here then told all their family in Ca. about the place and they began moving here. At least they were Red and nice people

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Funny how Red as become good.;) Blue was always sad. :(


So, I Googled it and found:

Since red is the color of blood, it has historically been associated with sacrifice, danger, and courage. Modern surveys in Europe and the United States show red is also the color most commonly associated with heat, activity, passion, sexuality, anger, love, and joy.

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13 hours ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

Our (Amador County) sales tax rate was 7.75% (6% state and 1.25% local) in 2020 (and will be the same in 2021). I use a "dumb" prepaid flip phone for which I pay $100 per year ($8.33 1/3 per month). We have central heat and air; but, Hubby burns wood in the cold weather. We have an unlimited supply of free wood.  There are no smog checks in Amador County.


I also noticed from the COL Website that I posted a link for, that Fresno and Bakersfield are below the National Average. Both Hubby and I grew up in Fresno County.


I concede that the State political situation stinks.

Dumby phone yep I got one of them..I think it's a bit embarassing to go  ask a 5 year old how to use one of them fancy new  fang dangled phones..as long as I can ring & answer that will do me. !!

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I couldnt afford to retire and stay in $an Franci$co.  I was also tired of fighting the Caliban (I was 23 when they rolled in with their AW & magazine bans).


Vote Red, yall.

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Except for my 30 months in the Army I lived 66 years in the East Bay.  Until the 1990's I figured I'd retire to the Gold County.  I knew the Bay Area was too expensive to live comfortably.  The early 90's was the end of somewhat sane politics.  By the late 90's my retirement plans changed to Minden, Gardnerville, Smith Valley & Carson City NV.  Wound up in Fallon when we bailed my daughter and son in-law out of default on property they were in the process of moving to; until my daughter decided the marriage wasn't going to last.  The biggest thing we miss from CA is the flora.  In the desert the only trees are along the Carson River or irrigation canals.  Evergreens won't grow in the alkali soil.  So, right now everything is gray except for the dead Russian Thistle (tumbleweed).  Also, we are <90 miles from South Lake Tahoe.  At least 1/2 my grand kids have relocated out of CA & have stated they aren't moving back.   The eldest just got back from 2 years in Korea & is stationed in Colorado Springs.  He & his wife bought a home there.  In the time he has left in the Army he will have a masters degree in the IT field.  He is like me, he is putting in his time to complete the time he signed up for to get IT training that was taking him too long & expensive.

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Carson City, Minden and Gardnerville are priced through the roof.
No state income tax in NV will offset the huge increase in property taxes we would pay when moving there from CA.

Johnson Lane is downwind from a sewage treatment pond... how nice.
One has to check the FEMA maps carefully, as several areas there are in flood zones.
If you check the county recorder documents, you will find many of those homes for sale have HUGE price markups over a few years.

It appears to me these are the first wave of CA refugees who plan to make a killing from the current wave of refugees.
Most of them are not selling.

I hope your son does well in Colorado Springs.
We left in 1992... I understand it is way overbuilt today.
I assume he is at Ft. Carson, or Pete?

If Carson, ask him if the huge anchor is still there at the main gate.

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