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  1. everyone along that chain (armorer/ prop master/ assist director/ talent) messed up. things were made worse because they were following covid protocol and only letting a few people onto the set at a time. so, the cart/table and armorer were outside of the structure.
  2. could an italian 1860 Army be converted to that caliber?
  3. I was about to ask, where was the Propmaster, TK? That position traditionally oversees the armorer. I worked on movies in the post Brandon Lee world and they pretty much eliminated all pointing guns at anyone. Pointing into the camera lens is done by locking off (remote operation) the camera or using mirrors so the camera and crew are actually behind the 180. Most of the actors would dry fire a cold gun 6 or 7 times into the ground to confirm what was said when the Assistant or Armorer handed it to them. Alec Baldwin would have saved a life, had he done like these other actors.
  4. for years my work clothes were Ben Davis
  5. In my jeans that was always a Zippo pocket.
  6. my pocket watch is too bulky for most watch pockets, so I’ve taken to using one of these
  7. the previous “misfires” are described as negligent discharges (witnesses confused terminology) 2 happened while shooting with Baldwin’s stunt double the previous saturday.
  8. I got some news from the film makers… basically a preventable accident due to cutting corners and not having the armorer on set. The AD who handed Baldwin the gun declared it safe without checking it themself. I still believe Alec B should have checked it himself. This was supposed to be a rehearsal. The only way he’d hit both the Cinematographer and Director would be if they were trying to film the gun pointed into the camera lens. Baldwin has said very mean spirited, anti 2A things following shooting tragedies in the past so I don’t feel bad posting this:
  9. stay the course, Ms Allie my college roomie fought off a case of lymphoma and recently made his 5th year free & clear.
  10. Thanks for informing me, yall. I have two 97s and one actually has 1897 on it’s slide bar. The newer one has 97.
  11. Was it some model or feature change or other reason that one year the models are 1894 and then they become 94? Or was it just marketing… “it’s the 20th century, why remind the buyer our designs are from last century” like? I couldn’t find “when” these model designations changed.
  12. “clip-mag”? maybe you meant; Magazine Clip?
  13. your spelling? it’s spelled one way in Nipon, Canada & Scottland, and another way in Ireland and the USA*. *except for Maker’s Mark, Old Forester & George Dickel (who drop the e).
  14. I don’t pay much attention to my rear view when I’m on my moto. The only times there’s someone that close, they wanna write me a ticket.
  15. I agree. Plenty of examples of experienced people saying one or the other. It’s a bigger issue with newbies that wanna pass themselves off as experienced. Remington & Marlin used the terms interchangeably (on packaging as late as 2010).
  16. Sick days are yours to use same as vacation days. My dept was fire, but we had thousands of us in a major city and admin rarely contacted firefighters &/or paramedics. Take care, John. Wolfy
  17. never knew Sarsaparilla and Rootbeer were related til this thread. good to know. my first memory of rootbeer was as a float.
  18. Silence is Golden, but Ductape is Silver.
  19. it’s rarely the 1%ers that start trouble. you’re a better man than I am, Deacon KC.
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