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  1. Mine have these pachmayer grips. I’m looking for checkered wood grips as well.
  2. “You can’t change the people around you but you can change the people around you.” J F Millburn
  3. this one was a lab… just a chill old yellow guy. Always said “hello”.
  4. thanks Alpo our neighbors had a pet they called DiOJee… was his name an acronym for Delightful Old Guy? LGBTFQ I don’t wish ill on people i disagree with politically, but when they are as entitled as Brandon and Kamala … I’d make an exception. They are just plain evil.
  5. I agree, it’s a response to the “sporting purpose” point of view. Which bugs me. I’d rather he said EBR (cause it’s funny).
  6. Sold & Thanks y’all Berdan Primed Brass Cases plus Corrosive and HOT $12.50 per box of 50 Driving from El Paso to Phoenix this week, pm if you want we can meet anywhere along hy 10 westbound.
  7. I converted that ‘73 carbine to .44 Russian, Three Foot. It’s my fave SASS long gun when I’m shooting that caliber. IRT .44spl, my Miroku 92 and a Cimarron 66 are outstanding with .44spl. I load near max recipe, so the guns stay cleaner.
  8. Only noticed this now- Mercedes hour hand
  9. maybe i was asking for the wrong color… what i meant was this kind of a blue not Zoolander blue (as in blued steel)
  10. A local watchmaker here had blackened hands but couldn’t get me a second hand right quick (so maybe next time). I like that it’s easier to read than with the gold colored hands. I only thought of this now… charcoal blue would be an even better fit (would the hands have to be steel?).
  11. I agree with you, Hardpan. Wells Fargo is synonymous with the old west. Is there a “watch smith” folks recommend? I’d like my Colt one better if it’s hands were black. I only recently saw this old pocketwatch / minute repeater. Holy smokes that’s another level of cool. There are YT videos of this Tiffany & Co one.
  12. decades ago (i had a friend that was in the business of repairing clothes). a wrist watch i had was tearing up the sleeve/liner of my jackets… she fixed them but one day gave me this pocket watch
  13. i agree… teleophones are way too bulky
  14. mines not as legit as all of yours are… (it’s gotta quartz movement) but it was a gift from Betty Lou
  15. Canadian Independence Story: -they just asked the british to leave… promised to put the king on their money -the brits left canada
  16. Good man, I'd gladly do business with any time.

  17. I don’t pay much attention to my rear view when I’m on my moto. The only times there’s someone that close, they wanna write me a ticket.
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