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  1. I should’ve never sold my first AR. It was so old it didn’t have a fwd asst. I only recently did a PSA build to kinda replicate that pre-A1 CAR.
  2. as no one’s brought up a Cowboy Ltd to trade… would anyone be interested in trading carbine for carbine? Mine’s 18.5” with gold bands and saddle ring.
  3. None of our local grocers have Sarsaparilla.
  4. What be a pirate’s favorite letter? The C
  5. I left a phone message PLUS a follow up email with no response. When you’re doing work as good as his, I can see how there’s got to be a line of people waiting.
  6. May the >3000 souls lost on that day be honored and remembered. I’m humbled by the efforts of my brother and sister firefighters.
  7. https://chng.it/sSyrjKyTDz Sign the recall petition, folks. She’s guilty of violating 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 “civil right violation under color of law”
  8. Thanks for checking yours out, y’all. Wait, what? I thought the rebounding hammer was a Miroku thing. Did Marlins come with them (maybe in the Remlin years)?
  9. The Man survives. They couldn’t burn him last night.
  10. Mine isn’t as nice, but works just as well. Let your hammer do the heavy lifting.
  11. It could have crumbled further over the years. I recall reading that the first tv shot was with a Colt 45. He had SAA and 1911 Colts in his collection but I could never find which he reserved for TV viewing. Another reason to doubt that S&W was prized by him is it’s lack of TCB grips (which almost all his pistols were adorned with). Here’s a Zenith that was auctioned off in Memphis that his nurse said she witnessed being shot. The reason it survived was that it worked when plugged in again.
  12. Is it your favorite handgun? I should’ve written my post better. What I meant was that I doubt that was the King’s fave. Whatever he shot his tv sets with is more likely to be his favorite. This doesn’t look like a quarter-bore hole to me.
  13. Years ago I shipped a handgun to a Strawing Service in New Mexico. It went UPS. A couple years later, I Fedex’d a rifle to a gunsmith to have it partially Cody-fied. Today, Fedex told me there has never been a way an individual could ship any firearm via private carrier. Things sure have changed. Update: I dissassembled the long gun and sent most of it’s parts to the gunsmith.
  14. My brother & sister both own Rav4. They have zero complaints. My wife went from a Honda CRV to a Toyota Highlander and is very happy with it.
  15. Dawg, good attempt, but that doesn’t take .44Russian Alpo, since 24 grns of fff black powder doesn’t get compressed in a 45 colt case he uses flour for a filler. These are my .44 Russian wheel guns (Navy Arms by Uberti)
  16. is this a tv program or a news report?
  17. I enjoy shooting my old bulldog so much that I got a SS Charter Arms 44 with the shrouded hammer to carry here in Tx. What’s slowed that plan is the lack of ammo on the LGS shelves.
  18. ER Nurses are a firefighter/emt’s heroes. We just package, load them and drive to our trauma center. The nurses never let us down. @1942 USS SOLACE
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