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  1. All this time, I thought my Navy Arms S&W copies(NM Russians) were uberti. Gonna look at them again.
  2. i’m about halfway through my primers and powder so... not lost yet
  3. “i’m on a boat! “. what a great pic
  4. the littles (wife calls them that)
  5. yeah, I do... mostly cause 55 meant I could quit running into burning buildings and get out of CA.
  6. do round bbls differ between orig and new vaqueros?
  7. I had “old lonesome” chop both of mine down in so cal years ago. his biggest chore was cutting the sight grooves.
  8. .38 .44 and .45 and zero judgment from me... people are free to do whatever
  9. WOLFY

    first firearm

    We had just moved to the US my dad’s Aunt lived in Calistoga on enough property to shoot on. Since there were a lot of us kids and only a couple .22 rifles, my dad got me a Remington bolt action .22 lr. Wish I could say I still had it, I think it got handed down at some point.
  10. Today I learned that there are lever revolution 44 magnum cartridges.
  11. If the Madera PD Officer is still on the job, this one shouldn’t even be charged. But I get it. BLM has their agenda to serve.
  12. the first two mistaken tazer shootings were oakland and fresno- i realize this is a training issue & this might be a hardware solution but is there a reason the tazer has to resemble a firearm? what if they resembled a flashlight or garage door opener? can they still operate the same? (i have zero engineering nor manufacturing education)
  13. bodycam footage is out/ not to monday morning qb but with that many officers on scene, dude should’ve been proned out on the ground i agree, none of these deaths would’ve occured had the perps just complied.
  14. Evil, let me know if James H wants just one. I’d be interested in that 2nd one.
  15. Think I knew that, so I double checked. Can’t find a ruler, but here’s my 5.5” Ruger for comparin’ So... maybe 4.75”?
  16. my previous job was as a fireman/emt. it was rare that we had to breach someone’s door. we more often got our probie in through an upstairs window or patio door. one old dude had his garage remote w his car keys, we radio’d when we were on scene and he hit the remote. in my couple decades, i only had to use the chicago door opener 7-8 times
  17. this is awesome i had no idea folks could do this
  18. WOLFY


    Were the EMF Great Westerns always Piettas?
  19. It does. If it doesn’t sell, I’ll fill it in & keep it as a Sunday carry. kinda like how this one was deleted
  20. Beautifully engraved plus 24kt gold appointed Model 36 Smith & Wesson. Includes “Texas Hold’em” Presentation case. $1000 plus actual shipping (case and handgun could take more than one box).
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