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If you could only buy 1 box of ammo.to zero your m1a with , would you buy PMC 165 grn 308 , 155 grn colt match ammo in 308 or 7.62x51 all 3 being FMJ  of a differentbrand?


I have good hunting rounds for afterwards.

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Use whatever cheap ammo is closest in bullet weight to your hunting ammo. 

9 minutes ago, Trigger Mike said:

I’m new to the rifle.   Please provide more detail 

Heavier bullets require faster rates of twist (ROT) in the barrel’s rifling to stabilize the heavier/longer projectiles. Grits can provide details of what’s needed in the 7.62 selection of bullets.  

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1 hour ago, Trigger Mike said:

I'm new to the rifle.   Please provide more detail 

Heavier the bullet, faster the ROT should be.

Also, the rifle's gas porting is set up for mil-spec 7.62 ammo.

The heavier bullets may start beating the op-rod.


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Sorta like how the garand can not handle most commercial hunting rounds due to the oprod.  So u might would be better off with the 7.62 x 51 ammo then ?  Use hunting ammo in 308 sparingly unless down around 150 grain?

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My friend has an M1A he’s been shooting for 25 years with NATO 147 grain ammo and commercial .308 with 150 grain bullets. 

I do the same in my M1 Garand that I converted to .308 years ago. 

A 150 grain hunting load will take cate of anything you encounter where you live. If it doesn’t you’re doing something wrong. 

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