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  1. We had baseboard radiant heat in our house in Colorado. Liked it very much. Had a two story log house with basement. Had 6 different zones to regulate the temps so had a lot of control. Ours was a boiler system in basement. Boiler also supplied our hot water. Was propane fired but was pretty cheap to run
  2. Pic #11 appears to be miss lableled. Those are not German soldiers. They’re ours holding a Nazi flag
  3. Don’t believe I’d call that a distraction
  4. I guess that thing would qualify for a good reason under Australia’s gun control laws to have a gun
  5. Looks like one round has a Remington head stamp. The primer is also different. Appears there are 19 of the original 20
  6. UB you got that right. Lutefisk is worse thing I ever put in my mouth
  7. I’d guess he poured liquid out of pan, since he just picked it up off fire. Good looking taco’s. But a little to much hot stuff for my tastes.
  8. I like the Polaris, on my third one. Buddy has a Grizzly, it’s a good machine, but I think the Polaris has a better ride. Like Dan said, if your going to ride at altitude, bigger is better. If someone is going to ride with you, the Polaris Touring model is very nice. Some places don’t allow riding double unless machine has 2 seats. My side/ side is a Can-Am and it is great
  9. I have the 4” Mountain gun. I really like it. Have had several 44’s over the years, it’s my favorite. Carry and shoot it a good bit. I think it’s fun to shoot JB
  10. Might have to agree, except I’ve been taught to be sure of your target. Shooting at shapes is a bad deal. Hunters have shoot people doing that. Could have been a drunk neighbor. Bad deal all around. Cops should have identified themselves. He’s most likely going to pay big time for this
  11. Or standing at a window pointing a gun at someone out side the window.
  12. The knifes with the replaceable blades don’t look as pretty, but are very nice. One blade will last thru skinning out and quartering an elk. Real good for folks that aren’t that good at sharping up a blade
  13. There are times when you’ll need a rd or two for your rifle. At Comin at Cha there was a 10 + 1 rifle stg. I’ve needed a rifle reload due to jacking a rd out during a stg. Never have needed a pistol reload
  14. Sounds like you have a good plan. I didn’t have the option to not live in ND. It was a interesting experience. You’ll see some of what I think is the best parts of our country, while looking around. Enjoy and good luck Jim
  15. Spent 2 years in North Dakota when it was booming up there. All my hands flew in and out. They real liked doing that. If your on a drilling rig in the Permian Basin, you’ll probably live on location during your hitch. So you basically can live anywhere you want. Have spent time in W TX. it’s an acquired taste. N.M. , AZ, Utah and CO have a lot of great places to live. For what it’s worth, I’d take my time and look things over on my time off. Good luck
  16. I spent 1-1/2 hr in a dental surgeons chair this am. Isn’t the way I like to spend my mornings. So far everything appears to have worked out ok. Can really understand your nervous. I’ll remember you in my evening prayers. Sure everything will work out for you too
  17. Try this. Maybe I can do it right C691FC21-363F-4562-90BF-652C3E34157E.mov
  18. My Kimber conversion kit fits on my TRP. The problem is seating the mag. With the length the beveled mag well adds, 22 mag is too short
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