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  1. Muzzleloaders have a season for most big game. Hunting in CO is a lot of fun, but very hard in some places. Enjoy the hunt Pat Jim
  2. Congrats. Early retirement was the best decision I ever made. Hope your decision works out the same for you, it will be a different lifestyle. Be open to it and enjoy. Jim.
  3. That sounds interesting. Our youngest married a yankee and they live in southern Illinois. I haven’t seen it, but I’ll have to start looking for it
  4. I got to use mine. Had to shovel out a path to the woods for our dog. He likes to do his business in the woods, not around the house. He’s a rescue out of CO, but he doesn’t like snow falling on him. He wouldn’t do #2 until it stopped snowing and I got him a way to the woods, 3 days. He’s a little hard headed, must take after the wife
  5. I live in LA ( Lower Arkansas). We have 8” of snow on the ground. Currently 27 deg. Warmest evening this week. I’ve lived in ND and CO. So no stranger to snow or cold weather. But Arkansas doesn’t see snow or temps like this very often. They are not equipped for it. Water systems are not built for it. No road equipment to clear roads etc. You cannot compare AR with places that get this sort of weather every year. Most stores have not had any deliveries this week, they are starting to run out of a lot of stuff. Bet it’s a few more days before delivery trucks start running. Lucky for us, we mis
  6. There is a Volkswagen in the upper right corner, about half way between top and center line
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