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  1. I’ve been trying to downsize my container for sometime, not going so well. I just like to eat
  2. I also have left and right revolvers. Different emblems on grips. Can’t tell any difference between the two. Does help when cleaning. Keeps the cylinders in the right gun. Draw different one first at times. Just what I do. And I’m not OCD
  3. I’ve shot in 1 state match and Winter Range and haven’t been shooting a year yet. Everyone was very good about hiding their grins and laughs. Didn’t finish last in either of them. ( might not have been far from there, but hey) The bigger shoots are a lot of fun. Go for it. You’ll meet some great folks and have a good time.
  4. Since the early 90’s I’ve had CCL’s in AR, TX, ND, CO and AR again. AR ( 1st time) and TX process similar, ND the most in depth, CO and AR(2ed time)easiest. Just had to present a copy of my Gunsite certificate for CO. AR 2ed time, basically transferred my CO permit Worst part is being without a permit while waiting for new permit.
  5. Got that right. We’ll talk about that Yankee for years.
  6. Enjoyed reading your story. Hope you get the urge to continue
  7. You need some signal for a booster to work. If no signal, nothing to boost.
  8. I have used Wilson boosters in 3 different houses and 5 portable skid shacks( basically heavy mobile homes on skids). Worked real good for me. Separation between inside antenna and outside antenna is important. Location of inside antenna is something I always had to play with. Set it up temporarily so you can try different locations. There are different types of outside antennas, depends on your location. Can make a big difference in cell signal
  9. it Is easier that the older ones. I’ve got a standerd and MkIII also that are a little more work
  10. Have a sight similar to the Fastfire on a Ruger IV and a 9mm. They are a blast.
  11. Doing my winter cleaning. Have way too many red dot sights. 1) SPF. Burris Fastfire 3. NIB. 3 MOA Red Dot. $180 shipped 2) MeprolightTRU-DOT RDS. 1.8 MOA Red Dot. NIB. $200 shipped 3) SPF. MEPRO 21 Bullseye Red dot Picatinny Rail Adaptor. $290 shipped PM or email for more details jbohannan56@outlook.com
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