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  1. Roy, I have a Browning 86 with a pistol grip like yours. How much for a lever wrap? Irish ☘️ Pat
  2. How about a Bullard? I had never heard of rifle until I read the story. They cost $38 compared to $25 for a Winchester bug were supposed to be a outstanding rifle that went out of business quick. Irish ☘️ Pat
  3. There is one for sale in Guns International at Cabelas Scarborough Maine for $899, Good Luck
  4. Spell check is killing me. I meant we had someone from here and our paper ran an article
  5. I hope since his handle is “Joke um “ is his making a bad joke. I have the utmost respect for all our volunteers. He had a young man from our area served as a tomb guard and our local paper ran a great artist on him. Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas served as a Captain in the 3rd infantry (Old Guard). And I am proud of him
  6. I just poster a couple for sale on the SASS wire if anyone is interested. Irish ☘️ Pat
  7. Nickel single shot Colt 22 short asking $200 shipped….next is an American Derringer made in San Antonio stainless 357. Forerunner of American Derringer. I bought this one from Goatneck Clem at Comin at Cha a few years ago. I sent it to American Derringer and had them replace the springs and clean it. They said it was built like a Russian T-34 tank! I found some old information on the that mentioned that Philadelphia Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo carried one. It is as good as they come. I am asking $400 on it. Irish ☘️ Pat
  8. Lowered price to $1,600 shipped. Irish ☘️ Pat
  9. I seem to reminder Evil Roy loading his 97 on his CD that way
  10. Adding more pictures as requested. I found a site for Grandpa’s Gun Parts with all kinds of Buffington sight parts.
  11. Thanks I bought is as is. Feel free to make me an offer, Pat
  12. Thanks I bought is as is. Feel free to make me an offer, Pat
  13. I am going to sell my original 1873 made in 1884 Trapdoor 45-70 cavalry carbine. It is made before 1898 and can be shipped direct to the buyer. I think it looks great to be that old. I shot it a Trailhead last March but am now on another project. I am asking $1,800 shipped. You can call or text me 601-431-1603. Irish
  14. They started adding safeties on Marlins and Winchesters for a reason. I love my old ones but I can understand a youngster in the woods in cold weather getting excited by a big buck and accidentally losing control of that half cock hammer. I think we used to call it buck fever. My cousin has a big shoulder mount of his first buck. He was so it excited it seems he shot at the horns! Only one buckshot hit the deer in the head and killed it!
  15. I sent you a PM, Irish ☘️ Pat
  16. Only if you were in Louisiana in the mud on a winter day!
  17. I tripped over some one else’s gun cart years ago and and me and their guns spilled. I jumped up quick as I could picked up their gear and did not ever said a word till now. Irish ☘️ Pat
  18. Something to think about with kids and lever actions. My generation were all raised shooting Marlin 30-30s. One of my friends lost control of his hammer on half cock and shot a hole through his dads truck and luckily did not hit anyone. After that all the dads traded in the Marlins and the kids got bolt action 243s for hunting. My two kids got their deer with my old 243. Dont get me wrong I have 73s, 86s a marlin 1893 and a 95 and a 94 but an excited kids can have an accident before you can react. Irish ☘️ Pat
  19. Hogue, ajax, Eagle, and Altamont all make nice grips
  20. Well if you want your brass 1866 to have a nice patina you can either shoot black powder or urinate on it. The second choice may leave a little odor. Irish ☘️ Pat, I left mine bright!
  21. Jax T, I just sent you a PM, Pat
  22. I ordered an El Paso Saddlery Speed Rig gun belt in June and still waiting. If anyone has a light tan color belt in 48 waist I can use one, ☘️ Irish Pat
  23. Not all are A-5s couple of 86s, 95, 22s, 25,9mm, Gold, 380, Buck Special, Browning model 12 DU and can’t think of the rest, always got room for more!
  24. That’s a Focke-Wolf 190 trailing smoke. Not a ME-109. Probably just a typo, it was great video
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