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  1. The Germans won WWlI! Eisenhower and Nimitz we both German descent. There were more American Germans that there were Germans in Germany. l was told that i didn’t check it out
  2. way to go Hoss! you understand this game is about friends and safety
  3. well i got one going and set up for small primers. if there is another one out there i would one to set up for large primers. Thanks everybody for looking. Irish ☘️ Pat
  4. you’re welcome. i hated to saw off the bottom part of the grip of my 1911!
  5. if you pick up a wet baby squirrel you will need A tetanus shirt. Ask me how i know! Irish ☘️ Pat
  6. i just saw that too. I sure don’t need these if anyone is interested. I guess i could saw off the bottom of the grip on my 1911
  7. after more research I believe that they are Colt Defender 6 round magazines
  8. i bought these two Colt magazines from a widow that had already sold her husband’s guns. they are new and i thought they would work in my full size 1911. well now that I have finally tried them they are too short for my 45 automatic. they are new as far as I can tell. They are Colt manufacture. one hold 7 easy they other one keeps popping out number 7. How about $50 shipped for both. Irish ☘️ Pat i am only selling the two short mags
  9. 1886 will handle anything you can get in it. it won’t take long bullets like a sharps. I have two a Saddle Ring and a take down. shoot some Hornaday Leverution in one and see how tough you are ! I have a box of 18 I am saving in case I see a T-Rex in my yard. Irish ☘️ Pat
  10. anyone want to part with an old model Lee hand priming tool with the round Tray. I would love to find another one. Irish ☘️ Pat
  11. i see them listed at very good prices. 45 colt for $769, limited edition for $1,059, and 1894-C with Curly Maple stock for $1,249. has any one bought one yet? They are listed under Marlin Gun sales, irish ☘️ Pat
  12. I also have a nice belt from the Dillion catalog also
  13. get a nice pair of leather suspenders from a SASS quality holster maker. me and Taco Bill both wear them. They will carry the weight of jeans and holsters and get the weight off your hip. mine are Black hills brand. Irish ☘️ Pat
  14. Palidin carried a Marlin with a knight. chess piece in laid on the stock
  15. lowered price to $2,100.00, Irish ☘️ Pat
  16. Has anyone heard what gun the 22 year old had. I am just wondering
  17. I had a teller tell me she was having a “Squirrel “ moment
  18. Hope your family gets well soon. Look at what this idiot on a motorcycle ran into!
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