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The passing of two cowboys

Count Sandor, SASS #74075

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It is with heavy heart that I must report the passing of two of my cowboy friends, both members of the Illowa Irregulars.  Earlier this week Captain Jake (aka Mark Mortier) left us after a long bout with illness.  Today it has been announced the Preemption Judge (aka John Miller) has passed, also after dealing with several physical issues.


Captain Jake was the driving force behind the beginnings of, and was the heart of the continuation of, Wild Bunch competition in Camden Mills, at the Milan Rifle club.  He traveled extensively in the Midwest, doing both WB and CAS.  Condolences for Captain Jake may be left at https://www.vanhoe.com/


Preemption Judge was one of the original members of the Illowa Irregulars, and was known for wearing many hats, especially around the Milan Rifle club.  He is credited with pushing for and instituting many of the physical improvements at the club over the years, and at the time of his passing was serving as Vice-president, and was head of the grounds keeping crew. Condolences for Preemption Judge may be left at https://www.wheelanpressly.com/



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They were also my Good Friends......Both are at peace  "HOME ON THE RANGE"....  Rest in peace my friends...RT

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These were truly two of the finest people you would ever want to know.

As Count Sandor stated, Preemption Judge was a tireless worker and supported for CAS at the club. If something wasn't right or fair, he would would take up the issue and not let go until it was corrected. He may have seemed a little gruff on the outside, but once you got to know him, you could not help but like him.

Capt. Jake was a big hearted man with a warm and friendly smile. The minute he saw you, he would walk up and give you a sincere greeting. He was the kind of person you wish you could had known all your life. As Count stated, Jake was he main man for WB matches. Our club sets up on Saturdays for Sunday matches  WB would shoot on Saturdays after set up. As MD's, we always had to have our matches submitted a week ahead so Jake could set the course of fire for WB. He was also one of the people behind our January Iron Man shoots. A couple years ago, He suffered a very nasty broken leg in a freak accident while setting up for a shoot. He was back the next year, working just as hard as ever.


Not enough good things can be said about Jake and the Judge. They leave some mighty big shoes to be filled. They will be missed.

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