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  1. I have played in quite a few of them(21). Great matches with Great people. I feel kind of attached to that little town!
  2. Keep on Keeping on! Sounds Great. We will keep prayers coming!
  3. She will not give up on you, you will not give up on her, and God won’t give up on either of you!
  4. Good news just keeps coming! We should all remember that God hears and answers prayers!
  5. I will continue praying for her and you. She is a fighter! But You Sir are my hero! I cannot begin to imagine the pain you have felt, the stress you have suffered, the financial worries you have, the schedule nightmare you endure, the travel nightmares you put up with, those things would have killed me! You continue on and even find time to update us about our friend. You have my utmost respect and admiration! Someday you will march with the Heroes and Saints as they pass in front of the Lord!
  6. She is a fighter! Sorry it is such a long process, but she is moving in the right direction! I believe God is taking this trip beside her, so let’s all keep praying!
  7. My prayers will continue. When you have a “Lady” that was as sharp and as active as her a stroke can be very frustrating and depressing. I believe that she will beat both these tings and be back bright as sunshine and happy as can be soon! I want them to put your picture by Loving Husband in the dictionary!
  8. I have always believed prayer worked! This amazing woman’s progress just affirms my belief. I think the thousands of Cowboy prayers have been heard by the Lord and he has decided to give us this lady back! Keep praying folks, I believe the Velvet Glove I know and love will be back sooner than anybody could have imagined. Maybe consider changing her alias to “Miracle Woman”!
  9. If she can continue to fight so hard, then we should continue to pray so hard!
  10. Let’s all keep raying for this gal! She is “one of a kind”. Always enjoyed seeing and talking with her, and she could do that Gunfighter thing really well. Hang in there girl!
  11. Let me add my prayers to all the others. I hope and pray for a full and complete recovery for this beautiful and competitive girl. She is a real gift to all of us!
  12. Send to

    Jerry McDaniel

    102 Moonglow Trail

    Huntsville, Al. 35806


    Send me your address and I will go ahead and ship it.  Thanks



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    2. Carolina Reaper

      Carolina Reaper

      Received today - thank you. That is some clean stuff - won’t be hard to tell my old shells from these...lol

      Do you wet tumble with pins or something?

    3. Sawyer


      Walnut first for 4-5 hours, then corncob for a couple more.  Glad you like it.

    4. Carolina Reaper

      Carolina Reaper

      Did you get the check OK? I had not seen it processed and wanted to make sure you received it.

  13. I want to shoot Mounted Steampunk Shooting. Everybody has to ride Mo-Peds with cubic inch displacement between 35 and 50 cc. Later we could add Harley’s into the mix!
  14. I have been a member for quite a while and both proud and happy! I think SASS has had a very positive impact on my life! I can't begin to count the wonderful people I have met! I have made numerous good friends as a result of SASS, friends I will cherish until the end of my days. I have met all the Wild Bunch, most of the World Champions, and a lot of the SASS Scholarship recipients. everyone of them have been wonderful people who shares my views about life and values! What are these people worth to me, no value would ever be high enough for me to give up one of them! I also developed a
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