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Sept 10th 2001


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... tomorrow will be a difficult day for me ...
... don't reckon I'll be alone in that ...

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Tough day for me too. I lost some friends on FDNY on 911.  Used to go into the city after the NY Fire Chief show and do the ride alongs with the rescue squads. Lost friends on 2 different teams. Haven't flown commercial since.  Still really PISSED OFF !!!

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No American better ever forget tomorrow.

We better never forget who did this to us, and the insane "reason/excuse" why they did it.

Their motives are clearly written down in their writings, if anyone cares to read it for themselves. 

Do not allow yourself to be fooled by the liberal/socialist press, or any political leader anywhere.

There is an agenda here, and a global goal.

We can never, ever, let our guard down again.

Eternal vigilance, is one price we pay for freedom...the liberal politicians, and press, not withstanding.

The people who did this, will have a real shock coming to them. No one will receive 72 virgins for murdering innocent men, women, and children.

They may have misinterpreted, that concept, in their writings. Likely they will have 72 Virginians, beating the hell out of them for all eternity.

New flash!!! Murder is wrong!!! Murderers will NOT be rewarded, in any pleasant way, in the next existence!!!

Don't believe me? Time will tell...and it IS just a matter of time.


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I was sitting on the couch with my wife drinking our morning coffee and watching Good Morning America. When they interrupted showing the towers, I couldn't believe it. My hunting partner and I were leaving for Wyoming the next morning antelope and deer hunting and we really considered cancelling our trip....not knowing what else would come down. It was really unbelievable!

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