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I didn’t check in the alias look up, or go through all the previous pages so I hope this hasn’t been mentioned.


As I was shaving this morning, I happened to glance down at my shaving brush and saw the words “Pure Badger.” I thought, now that sounds like a good alias. Conjures up the image of one mean hombre. “Don’t mess with him, he’s pure badger.” I think if I ever change my alias and it’s available, that may be my choice.

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For the automobile minded  (Comes from watching Disney's Cars, Cars 2, and Little Cars with a friend's grand kids. Planes is next.  Piper Cub comes to mind even before I see the flick.):

Willis Jeep

Austen Healy

Chevy Corvette

Crosley Hotshot

Dodge Charger

Edsel Ranger

Ford Fairlane

Frazer Manhattan

Henry J. Vagabond

Hudson Hornet

Aston Martin

Jordan Playboy

Nash Rambler

Shelby Cobra

Morris Minor

Harley Davidson







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10 hours ago, Warden Callaway said:

Hobble along Crashady


Best one yet!

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On 11/6/2022 at 9:26 AM, Dumpre said:

“Tom Riddle” would be a good one.

Had a frat brother named Larry Riddle.


Joined the Navy  Reserves, transferred to the Marine Corps, went from there to the USAF Reserves after four years.  He was trying to pickup the Army and Coast Guard the last I heard.  I haven't any info, not even rumors to say whether he did or not....but if were a betting man.???

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