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  1. Uh, what are ya worried about insurance Phil since your goin to be flyin on yur broom.
  2. Thank you Larson for this trip down memory lane. He did my NMV Vaqueros in Feb. 2007 so I would have them for Winter Range. Still have the invoice on a piece of 8.5X11 paper. It says, "Here ya go Sir. Sorry for the delay, no excuses, just behind is all. Came out real good, shoot good also. Total ya owe me is $300, did some things free for ya and I paid shipping. Thanks, Wes Flowers You don't hardly find gentlemen like Wes anymore. Wouldn't sell this piece of paper for any amount of money.
  3. IT'S CRAZY!!!!! The gun store I work at has been able to get Ruger Wrangler 22's, a couple of Ruger LCR revolvers and a couple of Ruger SP101 revolvers and ONE Ruger GP100 in the last 6 months. We have over the last 30 years been one of the highest volume mom and pop dealers in Arizona according to our ATF auditors.. We have great relations with our suppliers. Vaqueros and Blackhawks have been like getting Colt Single Action Army revolvers. NONE. Have gotten a good many Colt Pythons, Cobras, King Cobras and the new Anaconda. I would like to be the fly on the wall watching gun manufacture
  4. Ruger polymer frame guns are semi-autos which are made in Prescott, AZ. All other Ruger firearms are made in New Hampshire or North Carolina. The East Coast factories are pumping out AR-15's and PC 9mm Carbines and PC Charger 9mm pistols. Reason being these are the firearms the Left Wingnut Socialist antigun idiots are working on to ban. Same thing with Smith & Wesson. Try to find double action steel revolvers. Folks, it is what it is for the forseeable future.
  5. We have RO1 and RO11 classes which are very good. How about "How To Spot" classes? Has any club tried this? Unfortunately none of the clubs I have ever belonged to and tried to get them to start has done it. After 25 years of Spotting, Timer Operating, Posse Marshaling, Picking Brass, Watching the Unloading Table, etc. I have developed my way of trying to be respectful to shooters when I call misses. If another spotter or TO says they saw an edger I will agree to look at it. If "I did not see a miss, I will not call a miss." Usually I will tell the shooter if they are unhappy with
  6. Whether it's a 22lr/22mag, made by whoever, or .357 or 45lc built by Pietta, doesn't matter, Heritage's customer service sucks. If you buy any Heritage and have a problem you are up a creek without a paddle. Same with their parent company Taurus. People who bought their PT911 guns were notified of a recall. Send your gun in and Taurus will give you a $200.00 credit towards a new Taurus firearm. Doesn't matter if you paid $400.00 for your gun and they can't fix it, sorry, this is how our LIFETIME WARRANTY works. I have 26 years in the retail firearms industry. I deal with customer p
  7. Customer of our gun store bought a Heritage 22lr/22mag convertible June 2020. Gun would not lock up with 22mag cylinder. Sent it back thru our Distributor. January 2021 Heritage said gun can not be fixed and will send new one when available. April 2021 received new gun from Distributor. Could not cycle gun. Firing pin stuck all the way forward. Sent it back to Distributor. End of May 2021 received new gun from Distributor and it seemed to cycle without any problems. Delivered to customer and have not heard from him since. Luckily this customer had more patience than any custome
  8. Sounds like shotgun targets were set "Too Lite." How many times have you seen shotgun targets that can't be reset no matter how hard you pull on the reset rope or chain? Poor stage prep by whoever is setting up stages. If a shotgun target will fall over when shot with just a "wad" with no lead shot, bad shotgun load, then targets were not properly adjusted before match started. If shooter missed a knockdown and then re-engaged and another target fell he should shoot where the target was.
  9. They were not "color case hardened" like a Colt SAA. They were "case colored" like a Ruger. I won one at 2004 EOT. It was different because it was all high polish blue and had 1 piece "Ivory Like" polymer" grips. I called Colt, because I had never seen one like this, and gave them the serial number and asked about it. Their answer was, "Uh, don't know anything about it being different than a standard Colt Cowboy." Oh well, sold it to a friend. Wish I hadn't with today's Colt market.
  10. No matter what, "You are still wanted all over the state of Arizona!!!!"
  11. "Old age and treachery will overcome youth and laziness". Jackrabbit, you should be the "poster boy" for the Energizer Bunny!!
  12. Definitely wouldn't deal with Lohman Arms if this is how they treat their customers by substituting something the customer didn't order just to get the customers money. Would be "Raising Cain" with their CEO!!!!!
  13. Unless any old or new Vaquero has been modified, ie: short stroked with transfer bar taken out like Lassiter and Shotgun Boogie guns are done.
  14. Bob James in Phoenix, "Arizona Thumber", has done ivory and stag for me on a few Colt's and the fit was perfect.
  15. Mike, have him do the hammer also. Had it done years ago by Bill Falk for a friend and it looked great.
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