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  1. Excuse me PWB, but what is a "line RO"? Never in 26 years of SASS have I heard the term "line RO". Have taken RO 1 and RO II twice, and been an RO for all these years at State, Regional, and National events, never heard this "line RO" term used. In the "heat of battle" the RO is watching the shooter " safely" move thru the stage and doesn't have time to stop and look at the shooter's rifle's action when the shooter puts his rifle down horizontally or vertically to see if there is a live round "partly" in the chamber before following the shooter to his next firearm. Nor are the spotters close enough to observe this. They are trying to stay up with the shooter and count hits and misses and possible safeties and procedurals. Only after the shooter finishes the stage, and before he/she, AND ONLY HE/SHE, picks up his/her long guns, can a TO or spotter observe a possible "partly" live round in the chamber. Where under the above circumstances can an official call for anything other than "NO CALL"?
  2. Shooter fires 9 rounds out of a 10 round rifle stage, with no matter what rifle type he is shooting, 1860, 1866, 1873, Marlin or Winchester 1894, 1892 Winchester or clone, Henry Big Boy, Colt pump or clone, etc., can anyone, whether TO or spotters or other members of the posse, 100% tell if when the shooter laid the rifle down there was a round partly in the chamber? Before firing first round of next firearm shooter goes back and fires 10th round, it's a NO CALL!
  3. According to Arizona ATF auditors, our "mom and pop" gun store has the largest amount of firearms in inventory every audit and carries a very large amount of ammunition and reloading supplies and accessories. We fight every day since Covid, and especially since the 2020 riots, to try and resupply our shelves. Was finally able to get 4000 small rifle and 2000 small pistol primers at a cost of $65.50 per 1000 PLUS Hazmat. We do a large enough per year purchases to not have to pay shipping. Cabela's, Bass Pro, Sportman's, Walmart, Cal-Ranch, "big box" outfits etc. buy FACTORY direct, so they cut out the wholesale distributor network who the "mom and pop" dealers have to buy from. We have 5 employees plus the usual overhead, and we are not a "Philanthropic", or "not for profit 501" company. So what do any of you retail small business owners think our mark up over cost should be to make a profit after expenses? Don't care what retirees and union workers and government employees and people who have never had to run a small business think.
  4. Is the ivory elephant ivory? Makes a difference in value. Engraving looks very nice. Engraver even did the hammers, which you normally do not see on Colt SAA revolvers. How far apart are serial numbers? Some folks put a premium on consecutive or near consecutive serial numbers. In my gun store if grips are elephant ivory I most likely could get an Arizona resident to cough up $10,000 for the pair.
  5. Yo Hells Comin, glad you put a selfie with your last picture of your buckle!!!!!
  6. Hang in there Creeker and the rest of you really concerned, SASS dues paying, and SASS supporting members. Be interesting to see how many "Active SASS Members" are paying attention to what is really going on in our game. Don't understand why non SASS members are allowed to "JUMP" on the Wire and "Give Their Expert Opinion" on everything, but don't pay up and join SASS. "If you ain't a member, you can look, but you can't put in your 1 cent worth."
  7. Would be nice if Misty (President and Owner of SASS) or the "Head of the ROC" would chime in on this important topic, instead of always dumping it on Pale Wolf to represent them. How many times on the Wire when important topics have come up, and the only to reply is Pale Wolf? Is he their 'Crash Test Dummy" who has to take all the abuse. I hope he gets extra pay for doing their job.
  8. My vote is for Beth Sutton of Yellowstone to be in charge of all rules. Her motto is: "Your the Trailer Park, I'm the Tornado". God save the Union.
  9. Dear Palewolf, please lock this ridiculous BS down so the rest of us can enjoy the Wire!!!!!!
  10. Dear Bisley Joe, just immerse yourself in the movie "Back To The Future", and pretend your Marty Mcfly, and be whoever you want to be, and leave the rest of us SASS shooters to who we want to be. Or maybe write a book about the REAL old West gunfights with your wealth of knowledge that you seem to have learned from years of watching Hollywood movies and TV shows and Spaghetti Westerns. Or maybe, get a life.
  11. Well pardner, if we are going to shoot in CAS our revolvers like they did in ALL the Western movies you have watched, then why aren't we shooting one handed from the HIP and hitting the bad guy with a kill shot from anywhere from 2 feet to 50 yards? Oh, and why aren't we FANNING our revolvers and killing 10 bad guys without a reload? TV series and movies are just Hollywood fiction. Who among us has any first hand info from someone who actually saw gunfights in the Old West? From what I have read from people who did extensive gunfight research, a lot of people were shot in the back, even by peace officers.
  12. Maybe it's for their "non-binary" soldiers who complain the 9mm "kicks too hard" and hurts.
  13. Winchester just got a $145 million dollar order for 38spl, 9mm, and 45acp ammo from the US Army. Takes priority over commercial orders. When do you think you'll see Winchester pistol primers? Oh, and Winchester is operating the Lake City military pistol and rifle ammunition plant. Don't hold your breath.
  14. Some of our fastest shooters in Arizona, in all classes, shoot a lot of clean matches. Shooting clean means your front sight is on target when your guns are fired. How fast can you shoot to overcome a miss or misses? I shot 35 matches last year and had 1 miss the whole year. Got a lot of congrats, some "shooting to slows", but, since I carry a sidearm for work, I don't need a fast "MISS". Pick your goal and go for it. As long as you are satisfied with your performance don't worry about what others think.
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