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  1. Congratulations Phil on being the EOT 2024 Elder Statesman World Champion. I have known and shot with you since you started in CAS, and you are one hard working, dedicated competitor. Yeah, he probably should have been shooting on crutches or in a wheel chair. Good luck on your knee replacement this coming Wed.
  2. Congratulations to Sadie and Knott and hope to see and shoot with you next Sat. at ACSA.
  3. Sometimes shooting clean has an advantage. Congratulations to my partner Turquoise Bill.
  4. Ummm...Rooster, you got Ken Curtis's picture of Festus, mixed up with Buck Taylor, Newly O'Brian on Gunsmoke. Met Buck at EOT 2004 at his tent with a lot of his paintings on display. Very nice gentleman to talk to about his movie and TV career.
  5. Guess I am lucky. In 28yrs of shooting and being a TO at CAS matches, in 9 different western states, have never seen a shooter take more than, let's say 20 seconds, to try to solve a firearm problem and go on and finish a stage. Stuff happens, and you just go on and have a happy life.
  6. My question is, can you legally get any of them back across the border to California? Perfectly legal for AZ residents.
  7. He might be retiring as a weather forecaster, but I have known Phil since he fired his first shot in a CAS match. I have seen him with all kinds of physical supports on many parts of his body, and describing his latest surgery, but he was still shooting. I'll bet there will be a timer in his coffin when he dies beeping every 10 seconds.
  8. Dr. Zook, cool alias, now spend time before spending money, at Cowtown, ACSA, and Rio Salado watching and talking to CAS shooters. You will learn more info that will be more helpful than surfing the internet. You will meet folks who have been there and are now there and can help you get into CAS. Just show up and be friendly and there will be folks who might even after a match take you over, give you guns and ammo, and walk you thru a stage. Welcome to Arizona's most fun shooting sport.
  9. I know, I know, don't bring a rock to a knife fight, and don't bring a sword to a gunfight. But, every time I watch "Second Hand Lions' with Robert Duvall, it brings back memories of all the Errol Flynn and other swashbuckling movies. I do believe life was better back then. At least it seemed more fun.
  10. Why don't you contact Ruger? They are very nice folks who will answer your questions.
  11. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!! Can't say what I really mean on the wire.
  12. God help the guy who says: "My wife will have whatever I order for her." It will probably wind up a "Lorena Bobbitt" moment for him later that night.
  13. Forty, I said we don't want the leftist, flip flop, Kalifornicators, which unfortunately there has been way to many moving to AZ who are trying to turn us "Blue". We welcome the conservative, hard working, taxpaying citizens who want to keep AZ "Red". And if they are gun folks, even better. "An armed society is a polite society."
  14. Great Forty!!!!! Keep posting how wonderful the weather is in our part of the US so we can get more folks from crappy weather areas to move here and drive our housing prices even higher! It's bad enough we have these leftist, liberal, "Kalifornicators" moving here with their flip flops, t-shirts, and wanting to change our Cowboy way of life. I always enjoy having breakfast every Thur. morning at Zeke's with you, but, please watch what you post. "Maybe, this is a bad weather place to move to" would be better.
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