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  1. Black Jack Zak and Sassy Dancer have volunteered to teach the class. Even if you don't want to be a match official or a Timer Operator every SASS member should attend an RO1 class. Even if you have attended an RO11 class once, or even multiple times, going to a refresher class is beneficial to being up to date on current rules and conventions.
  2. Seems like nowadays the shooters are more concerned about how fast they can shoot the stage and win their category, or the match, and be a "STAR" than what the match is all about. Most of the newby fast shooters have no idea who Hoppy, Gene, Roy, Dale, Gabby or any other of our heroes were. It's all about winning a trophy or a buckle and have bragging rites. The old days of CAS are gone. It's no longer a "Social Event Interrupted By Gunfire".
  3. You want to buy once fired .405 ammo? Contact Blue Ridge Ranger, I think he has some.
  4. In the summer of 1995, when I joined SASS, I asked a SASS member, "What is Cowboy Action Shooting?" His reply was "It's a social event interrupted by gunfire!" "If you are not a sociable person, then maybe you should play some other game." His words were what got me into this "game" and have kept me in this "game" for 25 years. There have been ups and downs in our game for all these years. We lost folks during the economic crunch in 2008 and the "Corona" problem has caused us some problems. but, we are still here today and will be here tomorrow.
  5. Slimy, something to also think about. Your 30" barrel is probably FULL choke which will have a tighter pattern and more recoil. I know there are those who will say that at the distances we are shooting at it makes no difference what the choke is. I have two cutdown to 19" late model Winchester 97's with screw in chokes. I patterned them at normal SASS distance with a Full, a Modified, an Improved Cylinder, and a Cylinder bore choke. There was a difference in pattern size. Have the barrel cut, forcing cone lengthened and chamber polished and you will have a good shooting shotgun. Also, having the ability to change chokes by having screw in chokes put in means you can also use it for Cowboy Clays side matches or bird hunting.
  6. Where in the rule book does it say a shooter has to wear a hat. I know in certain categories they have rules about what kind of hat it has to be, but where does it say you have to wear a hat.
  7. I've known Mickey and Maureen for over 22 years.  Met them when I started in CAS in Washington where they spent their summer months.  When I moved to AZ 14 years ago they were there to introduce me to the AZ shooters.  Two of the nicest folks you could ever meet.  We shot together many times and have many posse pictures of us together at big matches.  Mickey and I would communicate via E-mail with jokes all the time. After you have been in this game for many years all of a sudden you start losing the folks you "grew up with".  So sad.

    So sorry for your loss Maureen.  You two were inseparable.  Prayers up for you and family.

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