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  1. Hey Phil, isn't it wonderful when you try to find out something technical and a bunch of yahoos hijack your thread. I was going to use another word for yahoos, but I knew the Moderators would shut me down. This is why a lot of shooters will not read the Wire.
  2. So if somebody from Honduras or Mexico or Syria or Iran etc; "sneaks into the US" across the Mexico or Canada borders and ends up in California, where the state will give a drivers license to anyone regardless of how they got into California, and claims to be a "resident", they should be eligible to be the US National Champion? Sorry, but if you are not a "legal" US citizen you should not be the US National Champion. Just my personal thoughts.
  3. After the 2006 "100 year" rain and flood on Fri. night and Sat., and the Sat. stages had to be cancelled in the scoring, and some shooters were really upset, some folks suggested moving Winter Range to early Nov. when the weather has always been great. Some folks said that Nov. is not "winter" and I said "you folks have never lived in the Midwest part of the USA". I know that reserving time at Ben Avery is usually a 3 year in advance situation, but if the board would think about it, maybe WR could be moved to a better time of the year in the future. There would also be almost a 5 month break between WR and EOT for folks to save up for both events. Just my thoughts.
  4. Besides what Lead Monger is saying, I have been to matches lately where a rule question comes up and I am told it is not in the Rule Book but is a SASS "convention". What is a SASS "convention"? I thought that was where everybody used to get together in Dec. in Las Vegas.
  5. The weather is foul because of "climate change" and it's all Trump's fault.
  6. Congratulations to my hero "Hell's Comin" for shooting "Fire and Ice" CLEAN!!!!! and coming in 2nd Overall against a much younger "kid" the "Duece".
  7. Even if someone tells you to contact Palo Verde Gunworks in Arizona, don't because he is retired and no longer taking in new work.
  8. You no bring fruits, vegetables or bullets, but Marijuana and illegals is OK to bring into California!! Oh, and by the way, you get caught smuggling one plastic straw into Ca. and it's a $400.00 fine!!! No wonder law abiding, hard working, tax paying Californians are leaving the state in droves as soon as they retire.
  9. Mike, Tramp just moved here from your area. Talk to him and ask him what he thinks of the Prescott, AZ area. This has also become a haven for retired law enforcement and has one of the best VA hospitals in the country. Shotgun News named Prescott "Gun Town USA". AZ has no state gun laws, we just follow Fed. law. If you and Terry want to come here for a vacation, I will be more than happy to put you guys up at my house for as long as you need. I can make time to take you around the area and show you the sights. We have four seasons here and the cleanest air anywhere. If interested call me or E-mail me.
  10. Don't know about the other Cabela's , but since Bass Pro took over the store in Glendale, AZ. said they no longer give Military/Veterans discount and no layaways. If you ain't got the money today you ain't gettin the gun.
  11. I've known Mickey and Maureen for over 22 years.  Met them when I started in CAS in Washington where they spent their summer months.  When I moved to AZ 14 years ago they were there to introduce me to the AZ shooters.  Two of the nicest folks you could ever meet.  We shot together many times and have many posse pictures of us together at big matches.  Mickey and I would communicate via E-mail with jokes all the time. After you have been in this game for many years all of a sudden you start losing the folks you "grew up with".  So sad.

    So sorry for your loss Maureen.  You two were inseparable.  Prayers up for you and family.

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