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  1. Definitely wouldn't deal with Lohman Arms if this is how they treat their customers by substituting something the customer didn't order just to get the customers money. Would be "Raising Cain" with their CEO!!!!!
  2. Unless any old or new Vaquero has been modified, ie: short stroked with transfer bar taken out like Lassiter and Shotgun Boogie guns are done.
  3. Bob James in Phoenix, "Arizona Thumber", has done ivory and stag for me on a few Colt's and the fit was perfect.
  4. Mike, have him do the hammer also. Had it done years ago by Bill Falk for a friend and it looked great.
  5. Ok, so the "Wild Bunch bought and owned" the property, and leased it to SASS, based on "The Chisler's" recommendation, and soon found out it was a HUGE mistake. And the Chisler left SASS in a very short time. "Oh look guys there's a buffalo roaming on the property, let's buy it." And a lot of SASS members forked over a lot of money for "SPECIAL PRIVILEGES" ,IE:. Memberships to Founders Ranch. And vendors disappeared by the droves compared to when it was in CA., because EOT now was only drawing about 1000 "visitors" compared to 20,000 visitors in CA. and way fewer shooters. Winter Range
  6. Well now that SASS is not on the hook for Founders Ranch, does that mean SASS can lower the membership fee? I mean, let's be honest, Founders Ranch was a loosing proposition versus what it cost to own and operate. Who got the money for the sale of Founders Ranch? Members want to know.
  7. Based on your pictures, I do believe the finish on your Colt is not original. The corners around the frame screw holes appear to be rounded off from polishing instead of squared off like an original Colt would be. If it were mine, I would take it to a good gunsmith who does refinishing and ask his opinion. If it has been refinished by someone other than Colt the value is definitely diminished. A Colt factory letter would also help to determine how it was shipped from the factory.
  8. As someone who works in the retail gun business, we cannot even get ANY Ruger revolvers for the past 6 months. It's semi auto .380 and 9mm pistols from their Prescott, AZ factory and AR15 rifles from NH. We have a banner in front of our store in Prescott saying "Ruger Now Hiring". But getting anyone to want to start working with no experience for $12 an hour and able to pass a drug test seems to be a problem. States with medical marijuana and now "recreational" marijuana are killing companies who can only hire people who can pass a drug test.
  9. Hey, I saw Kevin Costner fire 11 times without a reload in an "Open Range" gun fight. And John Wayne fire 20 rounds out of a 1892 Winchester short barrel rifle just days after the Civil War ended. I've also seen double action .357 magnum revolvers with a "silencer" not make any noise in many Hollywood movies. And I've also seen Elvis, Jimmy Hoffa, Bobby Kennedy, JFK and MLK playing poker in Heaven. I also drink a lot of Southern Comfort everyday. And Joe Biteme won the election fairly.
  10. Putting my money on somewhere in Texas. Still land of the free and home of the brave. And it's next door to New Mexico. Doubt if Ben Avery in Phoenix. New big shot at Ben Avery is causing ACSA nightmares on set up day for monthly matches.
  11. Dear Sedalia Dave. Loved the video of Comancheria Days. Best part was seeing the Confederate mounted shooters!!!!! With all the Confederate statues being destroyed by the left wingnut, socialist idiots who have voting rites, this video warms my heart.
  12. The new Shooter's Handbook is 45 pages. When I started in 1995 I believe it was maybe 6 pages. Of course I could be wrong by about a few pages. My how life has changed. Still "THE MOST FUN YOU CAN HAVE WITH YOUR PANTS ON"
  13. A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to two of the nicest people I have ever met and to their family Tom and Darla.
  14. Wow, sounds like how our Nov. 2020 election results have spilled over into the "game" we love to play. If SASS is supposedly presently a Forum, where it's "customers" ie: members can post subjects and comments about the game they are playing, then when the Moderators decide to nix or move a post, why aren't they telling their "customers" why they made their decision? People who play our game do NOT have to pay SASS a membership fee if they just want to go to local club matches. They are SASS members because they want to belong to and support an organization they believe listens to them whe
  15. Why can't I win my category at every match I attend, and get a prize, because I spent money on the cheapest junk I could find at a swap meet or yard sale, even though I have no idea what I am doing? WAH, WAH, WAH!!!!!!
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