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  1. I'll take this if the deal pending falls through
  2. Why are all these deals so far away. dang I need one of these...
  3. I have a 650. What caliber conversion kits are you wanting to get rid of?
  4. I just order coated bullets from Scarlet. She has projectiles in stock no loaded ammo at the moment.
  5. Yes sir I believe my first 92 was a 20 inch gun. Stainless Rossi and it was light and very smooth after Steve worked it over.
  6. Maybe my terminology was incorrect. I want a slicked up fully functional 92. I guess If I can find a 73 with a round barrel and 20 inches I would go for that. I know they are better I have one in 45LC. just wanted a lightweight 92. There was a guy in Beaumont Texas that used to work on the 92s and make them sweet. I had one years ago my first go around with the sport.
  7. I will take these. How do want payment? I can do paypal if you like. PM sent Larry
  8. I will take them both. I can do PayPal if you like. send me Payment info please. Thanks Larry
  9. Just the caliber conversion unless they are Dillon Dies. I have a nice set of RCBS carbide but they are cumbersome in the 650.
  10. Thanks Bill I already have one. I just need one more. I am trying to get two complete set ups so my son can shoot with me. I can shoot 45 LC and he will shoot my trusty 38s
  11. I assume since you were planning to use this for Elk hunting then the gun will handle modern powders and loads? That is one purdy rifle. Why did I open this thread....
  12. I am looking for NIB or like new Ruger NM Bisley Vaquero Stainless 5.5 barrel chambered in 45 LC. I have 1 already and I need another to make a pair. I am also looking for a Dillon 650 45LC conversion kit. I have a plethora of non CAS rifles and pistols as trade fodder if your willing to trade as well. Skinny
  13. I am interested in the gun belt and would like to come look at them if that's possible.  I live south of Houston.  832-385-3374


    or reply with your number  please. Text ok 

    1. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      live in old alief area west houston can meet you Saturday you name the time and how about Bass Pro shop on 288 and beltway 8

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