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  1. Had this happen at the AZ state championship in 2006 with my 73 rifle. Brand new Starline .38spl brass with Federal small pistol primers and 125gr bullets. Load I had been using for years and never had a problem with many times reloaded Starline brass and Winchester small pistol primer. Got some new brass for big match and bought some Federal primers because that's what everybody said were the best. Primer fell out of fired round and jammed up rifle. luckily it was last round fired and declared broken gun. Upon inspecting other 9 fired brass they all had primers backing up but not out. Never used Federal primers again. Never had a problem with Winchester primers in rifle or pistols. Short stroked race 73 and short stroked race New Vaqueros. All with light springs.
  2. Knowing Hells Comin for many years, I am surprised he didn't use his "Old age and treachery, will always beat youth and speed." Phil, you are slipping in your "vintage" years.
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