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  1. Yo Hells Comin, glad you put a selfie with your last picture of your buckle!!!!!
  2. Hang in there Creeker and the rest of you really concerned, SASS dues paying, and SASS supporting members. Be interesting to see how many "Active SASS Members" are paying attention to what is really going on in our game. Don't understand why non SASS members are allowed to "JUMP" on the Wire and "Give Their Expert Opinion" on everything, but don't pay up and join SASS. "If you ain't a member, you can look, but you can't put in your 1 cent worth."
  3. Would be nice if Misty (President and Owner of SASS) or the "Head of the ROC" would chime in on this important topic, instead of always dumping it on Pale Wolf to represent them. How many times on the Wire when important topics have come up, and the only to reply is Pale Wolf? Is he their 'Crash Test Dummy" who has to take all the abuse. I hope he gets extra pay for doing their job.
  4. My vote is for Beth Sutton of Yellowstone to be in charge of all rules. Her motto is: "Your the Trailer Park, I'm the Tornado". God save the Union.
  5. Dear Palewolf, please lock this ridiculous BS down so the rest of us can enjoy the Wire!!!!!!
  6. Dear Bisley Joe, just immerse yourself in the movie "Back To The Future", and pretend your Marty Mcfly, and be whoever you want to be, and leave the rest of us SASS shooters to who we want to be. Or maybe write a book about the REAL old West gunfights with your wealth of knowledge that you seem to have learned from years of watching Hollywood movies and TV shows and Spaghetti Westerns. Or maybe, get a life.
  7. Well pardner, if we are going to shoot in CAS our revolvers like they did in ALL the Western movies you have watched, then why aren't we shooting one handed from the HIP and hitting the bad guy with a kill shot from anywhere from 2 feet to 50 yards? Oh, and why aren't we FANNING our revolvers and killing 10 bad guys without a reload? TV series and movies are just Hollywood fiction. Who among us has any first hand info from someone who actually saw gunfights in the Old West? From what I have read from people who did extensive gunfight research, a lot of people were shot in the back, even by peace officers.
  8. Maybe it's for their "non-binary" soldiers who complain the 9mm "kicks too hard" and hurts.
  9. Winchester just got a $145 million dollar order for 38spl, 9mm, and 45acp ammo from the US Army. Takes priority over commercial orders. When do you think you'll see Winchester pistol primers? Oh, and Winchester is operating the Lake City military pistol and rifle ammunition plant. Don't hold your breath.
  10. Some of our fastest shooters in Arizona, in all classes, shoot a lot of clean matches. Shooting clean means your front sight is on target when your guns are fired. How fast can you shoot to overcome a miss or misses? I shot 35 matches last year and had 1 miss the whole year. Got a lot of congrats, some "shooting to slows", but, since I carry a sidearm for work, I don't need a fast "MISS". Pick your goal and go for it. As long as you are satisfied with your performance don't worry about what others think.
  11. He was the "fastest moving BIG BOY I ever seen". One of the GRAND old timers. RIP Mister Taggart.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong. Misty Moonshine "bought" SASS only? Is that correct? If so, then who owns Founders Ranch? Is it the former Wild Bunch members? Inquiring minds would like to know.
  13. Hey Larson, years ago match director Mudflat Mike up in WA. did that at a monthly match. Every shooter got a big blue ribbon, like the ones at a 4H event, that said WINNER on it. They were passed out to each shooter before their first stage. Everyone had a fun day.
  14. Unless there are two Ken Amorosano's in this world, Chisler has been the Editorial Director of True West magazine for quite a few years.
  15. Hey, if the NFL can be a non-profit, why can't SASS?
  16. CAS started out as a fun game. "It's the most fun you can have with your pants on!!" CAS is "a social event interrupted by gunfire!!!" "It's shooting Cowboy guns like our heroes did on Sat. morning TV and at the movies." "We get to dress up like John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Lone Ranger, Hopalong Cassidy, etc. and shoot real bullets." And then the word "CHAMPIONSHIP" came into the "GAME" And everyone wants to be a champion in something. RULES, MORE RULES, MORE RULES, "CONVENTIONS", AND MORE RULES AND MORE PROBLEMS. And here is where we are today. WE ARE NOT GOING TO GET SHOOTERS FROM USPSA, ICORE, 3 GUN, ETC., BECAUSE WHEN THEY LOOK AT OUR RULES THEY SAY, SORRY, NOT FOR ME.
  17. Since most members of SASS are at least 60 years of age, and did not grow up in the "I should get a trophy because I participated in such and such" , I believe that if you don't beat someone in your category, why should you get an award? I met a shooter that came in last in his category at a state championship, and in the bottom 1% of all shooters, but he was the only shooter from that state in his category, he was the state champion!!!!! IF YOU DON'T BEAT SOMEONE ELSE, YOU DON'T DESERVE A TROPHY. Just an opinion from an old SASS member.
  18. And then there are clubs that set the shotgun targets so "LIGHT" that an airsoft gun can knock it down with one shot BUT, when you try to reset it, it won't stay up!!!! IT"S A SHOTGUN TARGET!!!!! It should be set heavy enough for a standard 20ga. 7/8oz load has to "HIT IT" to knock it down. Match directors are responsible for targets as well a stage descriptions.
  19. Page 9 coming up!!!! Let's set a record for longest post!!!!
  20. Does anyone know how much the host organization for the 2022 EOT spent on buckles and other awards since it was out of their pockets? Would be interesting to know how much compared to what SASS spent on past EOT's?
  21. If we are going to design stages to "level the playing field", then all stages should be shot from one spot. Let's face it, there are shooters who are 6'+ tall and can move to the next position in 2 or 3 steps. While other shooters who are 5'+ tall might need 10 steps. There are shooters who are 20 yrs. old who can move like "greased lightning", but the 70+ year old shooters might move like "pond water". We have an "aged based" system of shooting that already "levels the playing field". They are only competing against shooters in their own category. Look at WR, EOT and all big match Overall match winners for the last 30 years and show where a Senior Duelist, Cattle Baron, Ladies Senior B-Western, etc. was the overall match winner. Why put in "P" traps that are not necessary to "level the playing field".
  22. Everything "Gunzilla" wore or shot with was "out of the SASS world"!!! I remember seeing him at EOT 2004, the last California EOT, and thought, "now that guy is really having fun".
  23. Hang em after the ya giv em a restart and they do it again!!!!
  24. Our stage writers for Whiskey Row Gunslingers in Prescott, AZ, mainly Turquoise Bill, only contacts a very few experienced SASS members to critique the stages before our monthly match to avoid pitfalls. We even have someone who is a PHD English Major who makes sure everything is spelled correctly and properly hyphonated. Of course that's not me for the hyphonating. Having multiple eyes reviewing the stages before they go to print helps avoid problems.
  25. Sure hope other stage writers at club level and above matches read these 6 pages, so far, of this post and learn something about stage writing. Luckily our local club, Whiskey Row Gunslingers of Prescott, AZ, stage writers contact other members and let them critique the stages a week before the match. Saves a lot of problems on match day.
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