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Powder for .45-70

Rye Miles #13621

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I pretty well settled on Trail Boss, but I have also used Varget.

One of my .45-70's liked it. The other three didn't.

For the 100 and 200 yard ranges I have available to me, I found TB driving a 350 gr lead bullet was hitting the gongs consistently and grouping well on paper.

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(I) quit using toilet tissue, went to a card wad atop the powder and corn meal to take up the rest of the volume.

Probably unnecessary but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and I know just enough to get in trouble.



Well, you can get away with that practice in a straight-walled rifle case like 45-70. Doing that in 38-55 or other more pronounced-shoulder cartridge can quickly ring the chamber or cause high pressures (trying to blow a cereal plug through the constriction and down the barrel in addition to the bullet itself).


Be aware that none of the powder manufacturers recommend an over-powder card or ANY type of filler or powder positioning puffs any more with smokeless powders! Too many guns damaged.


If an unwadded charge of Unique doesn't work well, then you are MUCH better off going to a larger volume charge of a more suitable powder. TrailBoss or 5744 or 4198 all will work well with cast bullets, and give you a 50% case fill too.


Good luck, GJ

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IMR SR 4759 till it's gone then switching to Accurate 5744 for cowboy loads. IMR 4198 for hunting loads.

+1.....SR4759 for my roller and Marlin with 300 gr cast, 4198 for heavier bullets. When my supply is exhausted soon, am switching to 5744 for all weights. My favorite sub is APP.

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Cleaned up my mess, quit using toilet tissue, went to a card wad atop the powder and corn meal to take up the rest of the volume.


NEVER do this if you are using smokeless. Good way to 'ring' the chamber.

A firm roll crimp will do more to level out the burn.

K.I.S.S.=Just load the Unique and crimp the case........


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There is difference in felt recoil between Trail Boss and most other powders. TB feels softer, even though it's a fast powder. I use it in all cowboy loads for 38Sp, 44Sp, 45 Cowboy Sp, and 45LC, including 45 acp; and a 45-70 trapdoor for targets at and under 100 yds. Also in 7.5x55 Swiss. For other reduced loads in other military rifles, IMR 4064 and Alliant 2400 (carefully), sometimes Red Dot. For 9mm and 40 S&W, Clays, Power Pistol, or Bullseye, some Titegroup for Super 38. Probably should have settled on Unique for pistols and may life simple (and cheaper).


The collection of powder is looking like the collection of bore cleaners.

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i presently use TB sights set for me at 100yd have also used tight group a few grains less than tb got the same fps. the tg was bit harsher recoil. could not get any problems to occure with either for powder location or temp placed rounds in freezer let lay in sun use standard velosity primers all mfgs no problems

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