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  1. Dang hard to face, but she needs you to be with her till the end. Remember the good times and that she’ll be waiting for you on the day you cross over. It’s the toughest part of loving them. We’re sending knee mail for you Capt!
  2. Ditto on Garrison Joes words. Just cause it’s on the internet doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good plan of action!
  3. The Gila Rangers are proud to be presenting the 2023 Geronimo Trail shootout celebrating the clubs 24th year. There will be plenty of free camping at the range, side matches, swap meet, food, Wild Bunch, long range and Grouse in the woods shotgun sports at the Fowler City range located in the high country Rocky mountains outside of Mimbres NM near Silver City NM. This years match director is the very capable Bud Guzzlin! Check the Gila Rangers website for further details or contact any Gila Ranger officer.
  4. @Tumbleweed Dan SASS #48676 What’s the location of the match?
  5. Nice setup for someone. BTT for the weekend
  6. I too know of him and he was a real gem of a shooter. Once he was taken aside at the Elephant Butte NM annual match because he was belligerent and acting erratically ( suspected hung over) and that’s the last match I saw him at. He was a sketchy character indeed!
  7. Griner Gun Works….. New Mexico Longhunter…… Texas just a couple good ones to start with
  8. CZ Sharptail is a mechanical reset 20” hammerless that has has 1 single trigger. It’s an excellent “coach gun” ( been shooting mine for over 2 years)
  9. I’ve had the fortunately rare opportunity to administer 1st aid and triage a gunshot wound at a match that involved using a staged derringer. Luckily the club president doing the safety brief was using wax bullets and didn’t lose his ring finger, only his wedding ring and a chunk between his fingers plus a chauffeured ride to the nearest rural hospital! If you’ve volunteered at a PP side match, it’ll scare the bejesus out of you seeing “experienced” shooters blasting away with staged guns on the clock. It might not be pretty seeing the little guns being jerked out during a stage! Not the best idea to incorporate derringers and PP into any main match IMO
  10. Griners gun works in New Mexico is another gunsmith to check for CZ work as well. http://grinergunworks.com/
  11. Exxxxaxctly! I’ve shoot many thousands C45S “ 45 Cowboy” with 3.8 of Trail Boss using 150-165 lead and or coated bullets with excellent results for almost a decade. The case also works quite well with BP or subs, plenty of smoke and minimum recoil.
  12. @Trainwreck, SASS #104592 thanks! The funds are sent.
  13. @Copenhagen Kid I’m usually the one that’s too late! Guess getting to sleep late last night is gonna pay off for me this time
  14. I’ll take it. Sending you a PM on where to send you the gold!
  15. A great company to buy from and a SASS member as well https://www.bangandclangllc.com/
  16. My Longhunter tuned Sharptail is rock solid reliable for 28+ local area matches a year plus multiple annual, regional and larger events for going on 3 years now. The mechanical trigger is crisp and and it resets quicker than my mechanical SKB that has become backup Having always shot mid bead shotguns, I did add a small ivory colored mid bead to satisfy myself!
  17. FYI…. A rear sight off a Ruger 10-22 fits with very little to no fittting. An added bonus is no need to blacken the diamond, just turn the sight insert around so it’s black side out! It’s worked well on mine for years.
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