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  1. Sorry for your loss LEP. Just remember that Taz will be waiting for you on the other side on the day you arrive! Our condolences from myself and Moonshine Millie.
  2. I learned my lesson on this! Im loading up the camper and going shooting in Arizona! Sure hope I don't poke myself in the eye over there And yea... I still kinda feel stoopid
  3. Well now don't I look stoopid! Continue on without my input.
  4. Sheriff Roscoe P Coltrain ... he never did catch them Duke Boys! https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/apr/7/actor-who-played-dukes-of-hazzard-sheriff-dies-at-/?fbclid=IwAR3kilDt5no2rjGfdAgUvHq_iXBDFV7eKr28D271D-aSBhp_ok4htCN74OU
  5. Pioneer over length work well David Balthazar. Youll be pleased!
  6. Your local hardware store { Ace, Tru Value, etc} will be able to help you out with the appropriate size masonry bit and tamp in inserts to properly mount the curtain rods. Your might spend $15-$25 at the most for the materials you'll need to do several windows. Its not so difficult and If you have a drill and tape measure you ought to be good to go! Most any other way to attempt hanging curtain rods is folly IMO
  7. Cylinder/ Cylinder served me well for almost a decade. As They can be difficult to find sometimes, Imp Cyl and skeet are quite acceptable for SASS distance shotgun use IMO.
  8. Garrison Joe's advice posted earlier regarding TB with light bullets in 45 Colt cases is spot on! With 160 / 170 /180 bullets in full length 45 Colt cases with light powder charges, Trail Boss is dirty! On the other side of that coin, when Trail Boss is used in 45 Cowboy cases with the same bullet weights it is much cleaner and performs well. After Having put thousands of 160 gr down range in matches as well as Practice, 160gr is better suited for use in 45 Cowboy ( C45S) than 45 Colt! From my personnel observations. There are several powders to choose from, and everybody has a favorite for 45Colt. Ill suggest you try some 180 gr coated bullets and 5.0 700X with a Federal standard or match primer. You won't be able to feel any recoil difference, it's accurate and noticeably cleaner in a toggle gun! If you haven't tried the coated bullets, get in touch with George at Bang n Clang bullets and perhaps he'll send you a sample pack to try. Once I started using them the results were very noticeable!
  9. tracking info sent via PM this afternoon!
  10. Better make sure that your aim is good when you try to "stab" that thing back in your holster
  11. Nice set of guns! I'm surprised they aren't gone . If I didn't shoot 45, Id be looking real hard at them BTT
  12. after 12 stage 2 day match, my lever hand is aching with my slicked up 92 Rossi clone, but not with my slicked up Marlin. Both are in 45 Colt. 92 clone Rossi is smooth, the Marlin is just that little bit better IMO!
  13. Payment headed your way! Have a great day
  14. PM headed your way. Email sent as well!
  15. The Gila Rangers are proud to present the 2019 edition of Geronimo Trail Shootout! There will be 10 stages of pure CAS fun along with the ever popular Golf ball shoot and cowboy trap for multiple gun giveaways as well. There is plenty of free camping at the range in the cool high country timber and a Friday WB side match as well. There will be music on Saturday night to go along with great food! Check the Gila Rangers club page or Facebook for more info and contact myself, Captain Clark for any other questions! We look forward to seeing you this year...CC 89893
  16. what caliber is your Marlin? Load data can be posted these days FYI..
  17. 2 thoughts come to my mind. 1. Why the need for the 4.75" holsters? 5.5" work well with shorter barrel guns. 2. If you going to sell the 5.5" Hellfire holsters.. what are you asking for them!
  18. Sportsman's Warehouse usually carries them as well.
  19. The Gun Clubs load great and run well in the 97 .
  20. Barry Sloe is a good pard to ride range with! His wife is even a better choice! Hope you enjoy Texas BS !
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