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  1. I’ve got a 17 that was my grandfathers gun from my earliest memory . The barrel had got bent while duck hunting in Mexico in the middle 60s, so it was put away for years. About a decade later my brother and I decided after much measuring that the barrel would still be legal length even after we were to remove the bent end! I smoked a lot of close in dove with that open choke 20 until my grandfather decided in the 80s he wanted it back for his motor home self defense scattergun. Fast forward another decade and upon my grandfathers passing I again became the keeper of the family Mod 17! Both my
  2. https://bangandclangllc.com/ Good supporter of SASS clubs!
  3. On occasion I use my wife’s hammered 103 year old LC Smith that was here grandads and dads gun. The only reason I’ve never cut it is the sentimental attachment that goes along with this particular gun. The 30” barrels won’t win any agility contests, but they aren’t as big a problem as they seem once the timer goes beep. I have had the chambers reamed for modern 2 3/4” shells and run light cowboy and trap loads in it without any issues. You should check and verify that the barrels are steel which will be stamped something like “Royal Steel”on the underside. I enjoy shooting ours and am aware
  4. Yes.... and no. The Henry internals and 73 are pretty much the same, but bolt extensions, hammer springs, hammer, trigger etc are the 66 Yellowboy style. There are parts schematics for all of the Uberti toggle guns on the VTI website.
  5. Think they were known as Ray-Bar front sights maybe.
  6. All of mine are detachable 4 round, or 10 depending on which I choose.
  7. SASS membership is necessary for the SASS State Match. I’m sure there others that will be rusty as well, don’t be to concerned! Come enjoy the friendship and shooting!
  8. I Shot with Little River Scout and his wife at EOT. I still have the Aussie bandana they gave me. They were great folks.
  9. The Gila Rangers are pleased to be hosting the 2021 New Mexico state Championship in Mimbres, NM just outside of Silver City. There will be plenty of food, friendship, side matches, and raffles in the cool pines of the Rocky Mountains at the Fowler City Range. We will have 10 stages of main match cowboy with 5 on Saturday and concluding with 5 on Sunday. Side matches will include 4 stage WB match, Long range, lollipop shoot, golf ball launcher, and the ever popular “grouse in the woods” shotgun matches which kick off on Friday and will continue on Saturday afternoon. There is plenty of free dr
  10. SARCO had small pin bolts in stock within the last month. Check their website
  11. It’s “ do not disturb” setting is active. You can turn it off in settings menu. I have done it before, but don’t ask me exactly how cause I already forgot
  12. PM and email headed your way. I’ll take it if still available!
  13. I asked one of the new owners what the plans were for it, and it is in their plans for it to be available for use as a chapel . Interestingly he mentioned he is an ordained minister!
  14. SASS the organization leased Founders Ranch, and did not own it. One could logically assume that the cancellation of EOT 2020 and relocating EOT 2021 had an impact on finances of SASS continuing to lease Founders and the owners selling the property. The new owners were upbeat on continued use of the faculties for CAS and expanding it for other shooting disciplines.
  15. The OP is asking about data for Tin Star ( N32C ) Having used both, I can vouch they are different powders, from the same manufacturer.
  16. Mine that was done by Goatneck has the bump step notch. Fred was a treat to shoot shotgun with, we all miss him
  17. Both my Richard Mason style open tops are clearly marked as being 45 Schofields, and One accepts and fires 45 Colt all daylong
  18. GWII Californian deluxe are Damn fine guns! They are well made and durable. I’ve lost count of how many rounds mine have shot!
  19. Your correct on the you don’t know. It wasn’t a traditional lever gun from the beginning, but more futuristic like the Winchester 88!
  20. We’ll be having WB match at Mimbres on Friday of Memorial Day weekend if you need a fix then! @Misty Moonshine see you on the 28th
  21. Did You forget that back in those days you were going so darn fast cause all you swabbies were still swinging oars
  22. The membership anniversary pins are sent out as you hit your 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 ....etc years anniversary. They are not retroactive back to past anniversary dates, I asked
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