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  1. Guess you could say we shot the lights out tonight. I wonder who won the night shoot? Tomorrow morning is the big show. Good luck to everybody
  2. Bandolier or belt? TG vote online or summit! Taylors or Cimmaron, which is better? Aluminum or brass carrier What brand 97 is the best.......Winchester, Norinco, IAC, Polytech, Coyote Cap.......
  3. Nice rifle. Jax T is a good cowboy to deal with. Somebody buy it and save me from the brass madness
  4. Lyman kinetic hammer style. They are simple, and reliable.
  5. 12 days to go. The night shoot under the lights is always fun!
  6. The article submitted was correct in length, structure, photography, captioning, subject, content, etc. The product was solid and on point! I wil assure you that Skinny and I have exchanged emails and phone calls on the subject for the past year! My observation wasn't so much a complaint, but disappointment with what transpired over that time. I hope that are contributors in the future that will step up to fill all that glorious digital space with content going forward. I choose to move forward from here and wish them well.
  7. Bang & Clang. Good prices, and they are a reliable CAS supporter.
  8. My disappointment is not with those making the effort to keep the Chronicle viable, but is with the outcome we face today. The economics of publishing have been explained before when the "original" format was discontinued. I tried my hand at contributing to the Chronicles content, but perhaps it has been a, too little- too late scenario! I'll admit that print media marketing is not my expertise, guess insightful reporting isn't on that list either
  9. The October Chronicle has some sobering announcements from Misty and Skinny regarding the future of the Chronicle and reasons for its impending reduction to 2 print editions starting in 2020. It's a shame that the Chronicle is heading the way it's described in the editors column. I know that it's highly unlikely we will ever again attempt to submit anything for inclusion in the print or digital version after patiently waiting for over a year for an annual match report to be published .... Which never happened! It was a waste of time and resources on our part to attempt and contribute unsuccessfully , yet to continually see subjects rehashed multiple times by the same contributors. It was the Chronicle that first drew me to the game a decade ago, and now that seems to be a bygone era. Rest in Peace old friend... Cowboy Chronicle
  10. I've got a 24" that might fit. Its stock stroke in the white with nicely striped wood! PM me if you'd like some photos sent your way.
  11. Guess my paint horse grazing in the pasture here next to the house! He's so smooth, makes me look like I know how to ride
  12. If you read the linked story you will see the same liberal hand wringing being used by such notable rhinos Republicans like Bill Bennett that is used today by liberal leftist like Beto and others. The Colt voluntary ban was championed by the left and in the eyes of many led to the 1994 Ban. Ruger was steadfast in resisting the bans then, as they are now!
  13. OOPS... now we gone and got moved to the saloon
  14. March 16, 1989 https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1989-03-16-mn-2136-story.html
  15. They suspended sales of ARs to the public during the Bush administration. Your 1911 and SAA were not included in the mix. This was during the period of time that all " black rifles" we're first portrayed as the boogeyman. Colt was selective, guess they thought they knew what was good for free Americans.... Kinda like liberals IMO Colt chose the easy route to suspend sales rather than upset the Feds , which are their target customer base!
  16. Fellas, remember that Colt did this in the early 90's as well when they " voluntarily" suspended sales to the public the 1st time they caved to the liberal left agenda! That was the end of the line for Colt in my book as I sold off my SAA Colts and made a conscious decision to support firearms manufactures that were supporting the shooting PUBLIC! Colt has been a long wretched business train wreck for decades and cares not one bit about the 2nd amendment as long as they can stay cozy with Uncle Sam/ Big Government.... IMO Yes I still own a Colt..... My 1st firearm I ever bought with my own money when I was a teenager. Sad for what they became and even more so to see how they sold out the American firearm owner!
  17. UH... "Welded up hammers to make them taller" ? My understanding is that you may reprofile SxS hammers, ( Pg 40 shooters handbook) but nothing is mentioned about taller. That kinda sounds like an external modification you are describing. Maybe I'm missing something.
  18. Only speaking for the LR shoots around the Southwest, it is almost always 10 shots per each category you choose to participate in. It might vary depending on the Match Directors discretion, and some regional preferences.
  19. If your holsters don't have a toe plug I say try it with the short holster if you don't hang up the front sight... like Steve McQueen in Magnificent Seven! Occasionally I shoot my 5.5" with holsters cut for 4 3/4" guns. Not all appliances have to be a perfect match in CAS matches!
  20. Cause they are sweet to shoot They got it right when they built them!
  21. Uhhh to be period correct.........44WCF
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