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  1. I got word that Bang& Clang bullets is running a discount till next week on online orders through their website. I have no dog in the fight, just use their coated bullets and am always pleased! You might want to check it out. https://bangandclangllc.com/
  2. And Sacajawea are given out at in change at your more rural post office locations and stamp vending machines in the larger P.O. offices. That’s where I usually get ‘em
  3. There are a limited number of accommodations on site at the Tombstone livery. Take a look at their website or give cowboy Doug a call to see if they something that’ll work for you.
  4. Good looking bunch of names it’s gonna be fun as it always is!
  5. I’ve had no real world problems in pistol or rifle use. Unlike reading something, over the last decade I have cut down hundreds of cases from various brands 45 Colt brass to C45S and can say it’s like finding a unicorn in a hayfield to measure any appreciable neck thickness increase! If memory serves me it seems that some AMARC and PMC will run about a .001-.0015 thousands thicker after being cut back but still thinner than some top quality brand names of full length 45 Colt case mouths. The one oddity I’ve encountered is that actual manufactured C45S Starline cases tend to split before any cutdowns except for W-W / Winchester which fail at about the same rate. The apparent conclusion is Starline cartridge brass Is a bit more brittle. The other point to consider when running Schofield ammo is the rim diameter differs from 45 Colt where C45S does not. My 1872 Open Tops would chamber Schofield with the rims actually touching, but showed no such interference with Colt or 45 Cowboy (C45S) brass , my 66 will run either without trouble but the 73 definitely doesn’t like playing with Schofield cases and I’ve never bothered putting them in Marlins. Rugers … they just don’t care what comes their way
  6. Sometimes I’m on fire doing the B Western thing! @Too Tall Bob them pumpkin seeds are going in the ground before too long!
  7. Winchester LP have always worked without issues in multiple rifles, Vaqueros and SAA clones as well as Open Tops for myself
  8. And the GWll are very good guns. Just estimating I say that my pair of GWll Californian Deluxe are approaching 20,000+ each round count and have been reliable, tough and smooth
  9. After U.S. Grant passed away EMF was acquired by Pietta which saved EMF from ceasing operations. Unless ownership change slipped under the radar recently, I believe that Pietta is currently still the parent company
  10. A few years back my Bordertown “overnight delivery” took 42 days to get to Quicksand! Luckily I had checked on it and reapplied. I sweated it for a bit till I got off the waiting list
  11. Good info, thanks! These are my my wife’s go-to SG load when she shoots
  12. 45 Colt….. 5.1 gr with a standard LP primer and 180 gr coated bullet from https://www.bangandclangllc.com/
  13. @Griff did you modify an existing carrier or buy a replacement for the C45S change?
  14. BTT…… these are just too nice to go to waste IMO
  15. These are a great pair of made in USA classic Justin boots that I have just outgrown. They are in very good condition, the half soles were only done for stability, not wear or anything else. They were mostly worn for dress and light outdoor use and with spurs on a couple occasions, but I have gone up in size over the years and they just sit around not ever being worn. they are SIZE 10 1/2 EE. If your not familiar with boot sizing, Justin are usually close non boot sizing IMO. I’m asking $75 and I’ll cover shipping to the lower 48. Thanks for looking
  16. Call me crazy, I definitely prefer the half mag style lever guns for taking afield. I’ve always thought they seemed sporty! Interestingly my plain vanilla Marlin / Glenfield 1/2 mag 30-30 has always been an absolute tack driver, so go figure
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