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Has anyone ever tried hunting with their SASS gun?

Jed I. Master

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I love using old and reproductions of the old firearms for hunting.


This 131 year old '73 Winchester in 38-40 worked perfectly this year. Was loaded with 1.9cc of Swiss 3Fg under a home-cast 192 gr. FP cast from ordinary wheelweights.





Last seasons take with the pictured Bisley in 45 Colt. Both were right at 50 yds. out and taken with a cast bullet handload. (A little luck helps with shots like these!)







This little Uberti has been a wonderful hunting arm for me.









This old '97 got me a limit of the little gray rockets.





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Very nice!


As I sold off all my non CAS firearms I am going to have to hunt with only CAS firearms if'n I ever git around to huntin' again. I keep telling myself I am going to hunt again but thar jess ain't not enough time fer hunting anymore. :(


I'd LOVE to try deer hunting mulies in Western Kansas with my 1860 stuffed full of 250 grain 45 Colt BP loads. Course, the occasional coyote coming too close might be of interest as well.


Quail with my hammered TTN and BP would be a HOOT!

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I took a couple of nice big does with my 1866 in .45 Colt, during one season.

Took a nice buck with my 1885 in .45-70 and I use my "Wyatt Earp" open hammer 12 ga. when I hunt partridge, rabbits and grouse.

My Browning BSS now feels lonely and neglected in the safe.

No handgun hunting here in Canada for a long time.

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I was early to our September shoot, only one there, when a groundhog came out of the woods.
I stuck one of my cowboy .45 Colts in my 1873, and took a shot at him.
The sun was right at my back, and I was able to watch the bullet all the way into the dirt, about 20 feet in front of him.
He went back in the woods.

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