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  1. I just got off the phone with the REAL Troy Selph; he does not post here nor is he a member. The scammer is using his FFL information on a number of different forums. If there is any doubt, Mr. Selph may be contacted at his business or cell. STANDING STONE ARMS INC 260 TWO HAWKS LN, HILHAM, TN 38568 (931) 268-1946 (931) 704-3814 cell Be safe out there - trust not, but verify. LQ
  2. Found this on Reddit doing a search on the phone number. My dad always used to say if something sounds too good to be true it usually is.
  3. Similar experience, he contacted me Saturday night. Business exists and does list an FFL number and is active. STANDING STONE ARMS INC STANDING STONE ARMS INC 260 TWO HAWKS LN, HILHAM, TN 38568 (931) 268-1946 Cell number he contacted me with shows San Antonio area code but also returned hits in Greece. Google phone, maybe? His pm to me has been deleted, no SASS number or posts on his account here. LQ
  4. I'll take it per our conversation. Thanks!! El Q
  5. Moon clips make loading faster with practice, and most importantly guarantee complete ejection. No more getting singles caught behind the star
  6. Those will be perfect in August LQ
  7. PM sent. I'll take the spaghetti western holster if still available. LQ
  8. Anybody got one they'd part with? Used preferably. Thanks LQ
  9. Yes it will - made by Pietta and I bought it through EMF: https://www.emf-company.com/store/pc/1858-ARMY-SHOULDER-STOCK-229p1197.htm
  10. As new, never used. To my knowledge fits only the 1858 Remington. $240.00 shipped. SOLD TO The O'Meara !! LQ
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