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  1. One blued .38 special, one nickel .38 special, both 8" barrels, used little. Lightly tuned, with hammer blocks removed - very smooth and reliable. Boxes not original to guns. $1850 shipped insured to FFL, thanks for looking. LQ
  2. this would be a good way to get started, and end up with a decent motorcycle trailer !!
  3. Seriously, this is a good gun - no slop at all. I cut it down & smoothed it a bit. Showed very little wear internally and will last a long, long time in our game. If I didn't already have two I don't use, I'd buy it. LQ
  4. Very nice - I have a pair of Duo-Tone Q series that I'm very fond of. One of them is the first gun I ever shot; it was my dad's when he was a teenager. LQ
  5. I'll try to get some outside pictures when I get home today
  6. Good & evil. Black and white. Yin and yang.
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