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  1. .32 S&W dies are in stock at Titan Reloading. Anyway, they were last week when I ordered mine.
  2. I have a Taylor's (Italian replica) 1885 high wall in .38-55. The bore slugged at 0.3805. I shoot .382 bullets from Rimrock. Double set trigger helps with the fine work.
  3. I have used Moldex PuraFit 6800 disposable foamies in industry and at the range for 20 years. IMHO they are the best of the foamies. About thirty bucks for 200 pair, the last time I bought a box.
  4. It was a good time, the weather was just perfect.
  5. Yes, and I found some loaded ammo on (Gun Broker or Ammo Seek) from Liberty Shooting Sports. Others had some, but were higher priced, almost $60 a box. If your revolver only has one patent date on the rib, it is a second model, and OK for smokeless. If it has three or four patent dates, it was a black powder gun. Hope this helps. Flint
  6. My Taylor's 1885 High Wall slugged at 0.3805." I shoot .382 bullets from 2.125 brass.
  7. I load reclaimed shot I buy from the trap club. Knockdowns don't care if the shot is *round.*
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