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OT: dubble action redhawk

Chili Ron

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I just got info on the redhawk .357.

Eight rounds edge to edge in a nice circle on a double action.

SUCH a fine looking piece of stainless hardware.

Ruger mails too much stuff but from time to time a Winner.

Not a first choice for carry but so fine for around the ranch, perhaps?

Something to think about on cold snowy days?





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+1 GP 100 44 special .

Very Nice Gun !

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Years ago we took a SS Redhawk in .44, cut the barrel to 4 inches, round butted it, crowned it, modified sights and polished the action. It is absolutely my favorite going into bear country gun. You won't be sorry with yours.....

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Ruger introduced the Redhawk .45A last year. Chambered for .45 Colt and .45 ACP. It uses halfmoon clips that fit to the inside of the chambers, not the outside like a Smith 625 or Model 1917 by Smith or Colt. Very cool.

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Red Hawk has 8 chambers in the 357? Really?

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I have an S&W 327 Night Guard that holds 8 rounds of .357. Mine has the 2.5" barrel and I love it.


The only problem is finding a speed loader...and I wish I could get a 4" barrel installed but, alas, my particular 327 was made in 2012. The only Year they made that barrel configuration and barrel installation method so S&W will not convert it as they never made any other barrels for that model made in that year. But that's okay. I do love that revolver.


Having 8 rounds in a revolver makes it more bulky but so what? It's cool and it carries 8 rounds! I am sure the Ruger is just as cool. :-)

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