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Bitterroot Jake, SASS #9532

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I have not really kept up with the value of these lately so I need some advice what they are selling for now.


I have a Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited in 45 Colt, 24" octagon barrel, purchased new in 1999. This was my wife main match rifle for about 4 years. Because of her job as a nurse she worked a lot of weekends so she never shoots but 5 or 6 times a year, she no loner shoots . The guns has had no modifications and I prefer my 1873"s and 1866's so I have decided to sell it. It does have some cart dings but is other wise in very good condition.


Wondering what they are current selling for ? Any help would be appreciated.



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One in 44 mag for Classifieds gor 1350.00

Just saying

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For current prices go on gunbroker and do an advanced search of completed auction where the item sold. Narrow your search by caliber, barrel length ect. 357s are doing very well, 45s not so much.

JB is exactly correct. But don't look at how they are priced, look at what they actually sell for. There are a number of high priced Marlins that have been on Gunbroker for months. The longer barrel in 45 Colt is not that popular.

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$6.00. I'll give you $7 since it's Christmas.


If I had the budget (it is Christmas time), I'd consider it. They make for a great deer rifle in addition to CAS.

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you can always come down but cant go back up....


and depends how quickly you want to sell it.


someone may really be wanting one....

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Up here 1994 Cowboy rifles in .45 colt go for 200 - 300 dollars more than the model 1895 in .45-70 ... This goes for both New and Used ....



Jabez Cowboy

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