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  1. Forty Rod never answered my PM. Do you have any left? JFN
  2. I don't think that Ruger makes a new model Bisley frame. Any Ruger Bisley frame should fit. When I converted my New Vaqueros I bought Bisley frames from Brownells and they screwed right on. They were in the rough so I had to polish and fit them. But the screw pattern is the same. JFN
  3. Title says it. Let me know if you have one preferably not checkered. JFN
  4. If those are all Winchester head stamp, I'll take them. JFN
  5. I'll take them! PM me where to send the $. JFN
  6. Reaction target are nice throwers, but they went out of business two years ago. I really like the MGM toaster thrower (like the reaction thrower). It throws the bird straight up. They have two on the website. Find the pigeon toaster. JFN
  7. So there are 380 pieces of Federal, 32 pieces of Norma and 20 pieces of Winchester for a total of 432 rounds of 308 brass. All 432 for $100 shipped? If that is true I'll take them. Tell me were to send the check. JFN
  8. Here is a question for you 45 Colt Pedersoli Lightning owners. The Lightning is notorious for blowback in 45 Colt. Since I shoot 45 Schofield in my Marlins, I tried it in a couple AWA Lightnings. One I owned and one we just tried it on to check the blow back. Both of the rifles cycled the shorter round perfectly with no blowback. Has anyone here shot 45 Schofield rounds through their Pedersoli Lightning? Will a Pedersoli cycle the shorter rounds? JFN
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