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  1. I bought two stainless models with the faux ivory grips about ten to twelve years ago to use when I get older. I passed on a Marlin 1894 in 32 H&R as I thought $500 was too high, who knew. I never did find the rifle, but I still have the revolvers. I am only 73 years young, so I am holding on to them for future use.
  2. MS Word. I have a file with the target shapes and figures. Just copy and paste.
  3. +1 Darn that Covid Booster in my right shoulder. I hope to be able to make the trek back up from West Virginia more next year.
  4. I have two and paid more than that for each. The Winchester Model 24 is a solid, heavily constructed shotgun, much like a tank.
  5. Melt and pour into a muffin pan.
  6. Two. When I was just getting started a few years ago, turned from shooting shotgun threw a window and had to move to the next window, a spotter was standing right there beside me and he said I had swept him. I said he shouldn't have been right by side when I had to move, but I still got the Stage DQ. The 2nd was when placing the rifle in a vertical box before moving forward, the rifle slipped, thus a Stage DQ. I have yet to earn a MDQ
  7. It looks like you are ready to make a lot of loud noise and smoke. Welcome to the fun.
  8. The High Noon Match at Tusco is truly a match you do not want to miss. You will not meet a finer bunch of shooters. I have scheduled this Match in my calendar for 2022.
  9. For those Long Range Shooters, find the Long Range Results below. Thank you to all that competed. I hope you all had fun and will shoot with us again next year. Frontier Lone Rider High Noon at Tusco LONG RANGE Results * Denotes: Woman Shooter DATE: 01 OCT 2021 Main Match Revolver SHOOTER Smokeless Buckshot Charlie * Fancy Free Spirit Black Powder Frontier Lone Rider Revolver Caliber Lever Action SHOOTER Smokeless Buckshot Charlie Black Powder Frontier Lone Rider Rifle Caliber Lever Action SHOOTER Smokeless Frontier Lone Rider * Fancy Free Spirit Black Powder Woody Shootem Rifle Caliber Single Shot Traditional SHOOTER Smokeless Ruger Ray Fancy Free Spirit Black Powder Ruger Ray Rifle Caliber Single Shot Modern SHOOTER Smokeless Buckshot Charlie Black Powder Boss Outlaw
  10. Yes, what a bargain. A beautiful range and wonderful pards to shoot with on any day. This is where the saying originated (or rumored to be anyway), you come for the shooting, but come back for the people.
  11. I will take it. Let me know how you want the funds forwarded. Frontier Lone Rider
  12. You are more than welcome to join in the fun. Shooting black in that 1886 or was that an 1883?
  13. I just checked all of the suppliers where I have purchased GOEX in the past and none have any in stock.
  14. High Noon Long Range Categories Main Match Revolver Black Powder Male/Female Main Match Revolver Smokeless Male/Female Revolver Caliber Lever Action Black Powder Male/Female Revolver Caliber Lever Action Smokeless Male/Female Rifle Caliber Lever Action Black Powder Male/Female Rifle Caliber Lever Action Smokeless Male/Female Rifle Caliber Single Shot Smokeless Modern Male/Female Rifle Caliber Single Shot Smokeless Tradional Male/Female Rifle Caliber Single Shot Black Powder Modern Male/Female Rifle Caliber Single Shot Black Powder Tradional Male/Female Frontier Lone Rider
  15. Only three days, oh no and I have so much to do. With a little luck I will be there to enjoy another great match. And, come one, come all, up to Stage two for some Long Range Shooting. High Noon at Tusco Single Shot Rifles has two Categories, Traditional or Modern Basically it’s EJECTORS (Modern) vs EXTRACTORS (Traditional) If you hold the gun level and open the action, if the empty casing clears the chamber, its Modern. Trap doors because of the complex nature of opening, fall into Traditional even though they eject Original 1885s that do not eject are Traditional Rolling Block - Traditional Handi rifles with extractor or ejector deactivated Traditional Sharps - Traditional Newer 1885s or Browning 78s fall into Modern Handi rifles with ejectors Modern Frontier Lone Rider
  16. Another year and another great match. It turns out that Rawhide Ron is just an excellent posse leader. He is very patient and explains everything until every posse member knows the stage directions. For those of us that are getting up there in years, we do appreciate your understand and assistance. Thanks again to all of those doing all of these preparations and work. Frontier Lone Rider
  17. I get my springs and sometimes firing pins from MGW. Long Hunter Shooting Supply.
  18. Companies sell Lewis Lead Removal Kits for just such an occasion.
  19. MGW sells Stoeger replacement stocks. I have never been able to get one from Stoeger.
  20. Most follow the SASS Rules. Even some SASS Affiliated clubs do not follow the SASS Rules to the letter. Some rules are over ridden with Range Rules which pertain to that specific range.
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