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  1. I also have used the dry tumbler for years with corn cob and lizard bedding media and that worked. I have started shooting black and noticed the dry tumbling was not getting the inside of the brass as clean as I wanted, so I bought the Frankford Arsenal Wet Tumbler and pins. I don't have any brass to clean yet until I start shooting again this Summer. But, I am hoping for the same reported results that others have said they experienced.
  2. I was shooting an 1892 sweep at Smoke in the Woods and the spotters said I had two misses. I said we can't even see the targets, how did you see two misses, but I still had the two misses.
  3. What is your size, pards will provide what you need if they have the correct size, just in case.
  4. You obviously don't shoot black powder. If there is no wind, after the third shot, you can't see the targets and the more you shoot, the worse it gets. The same with the 1892 and 1873 Sweeps.
  5. From one who actually taught Math, I would say that this is an example of a problem seeking a solution with too much time on their hands. For those of us older ones, we feel more comfortable walking up to a stage and having a recurring sequence that we are familiar with shooting. I do, at times, forget the shooting sequence even while I am shooting. I try to follow the KISS Principal.
  6. I have one that I bought in 2019 for a young lad that was going to start shooting CAS but changed his mind. I will check with an FFL today to see if he will ship. Rossi R92 XXXXXXXXX MODEL 92 357 Mag Lever Action Blue NIB This Rossi Legendary Performance Rossi MODEL R92 (WINCHESTER 1892) 38/357 with a 20 inch round barrel is new in the original box. 11 NOV 2019 NEVER FIRED $700
  7. I use a Walters Vegetable Wads and activated charcoal granules for filler which is made for water filters/purifiers. The charcoal does not react to the black powder, thus extending shelf life, or so I am told.
  8. It looks like someone just has too much time on their hands out in sunny Ohio. For those of us in WV, we spend our time shoveling the white stuff and chipping what used to be water. I do plan to break out the 44-40 with black in a couple of weeks, just to see if it all will still make a lot of smoke. Keeps the mosquitos away you know. FLR
  9. I have seven 73s all with the cut & weld mod, but when I decided to start shooting the black, I decided to only shoot 66s. A young friend told me that he had installed his own short stroke kit and I thought if he did, I could do likewise. Since, in my own mind, I can still do some things with my hands, I have installed short stroke kits in three 66s. I only shoot black in these three and I am not a fast shooter. One just has to have some basic mechanical ability and know how to use needle files. I really can't tell the difference between the jobs after using them for awhile. FLR
  10. Have you been shooting this revolver for some time without any issues? If so, then re-read the above suggestions and give the solutions a try. If this is a new revolver to you and it has always shown these issues, then I suspect the cylinder throats. I only shoot GOEX fffg powder. I load both lead and coated bullets. I had ordered bullets with a .428 diameter, but after having high primers and other issues, I discovered that the bullets were actually .430. I purchased cylinder reamers from Brownell's, but the smallest reamer is .4270. That size was still too large for my cylinders. When I contacted Ruger they said these cylinders are no longer available for purchase and the original 44-40 were actually cut at .4250-.4260. I had three cylinders reamed by a gun smith and sent six cylinders to Ruger to have these cylinder throats reamed to .4290. Very few throats came back at .4290. It is rare to actually have stock cylinder throats that are all reamed at the same diameter on the same cylinder due to the manner that Ruger cuts the throats. Even the ones that Ruger reamed for me this past Fall had three different diameters. Out of the six that I had sent them, only one came back with all of the cylinder throats cut at the same diameter. Of the eleven 44-40s that I have, only two have all of the same diameter cylinder throats cut at the same diameter. I loaded a bunch of .4270 diameter rounds and at our shooting distance they seem to work. I am now loading .4280 to be closer to the majority of my cylinder throat diameters. They all seem to shoot just fine in all four of my 44-40 rifles. I am just happy when they all go off without any issues. That includes actually hitting the target. Frontier Lone Rider
  11. You are welcome to have all of mine as I plan to file it all in file #13.
  12. Sadly, they don't have anything in stock that I need.
  13. I had to apply a lot more pressure to get them through my RCBS Cowboy Resizing Die. Then I started sorting them out of my used brass mix. I have a baggy full, some of which I have already loaded. I do not plan to reload any more of these. Now to pull the already loaded ones apart to recover the bullet and powder. I am not sure I will go for the primer. FLR
  14. I primarily shoot 44-40 with black powder. While cleaning my brass I found several pieces of CBC 44W Brass mixed in with my brass. My RCBS Cowboy Dies do not like this brass. Is this really 44-40 brass? There is currently some for sell on Gun Broker listed as 44-40 brass.
  15. The snow in West Virginia should be melted by then and Spring is on its way. see ya there.
  16. That is what I use also, last loading step, a LEE Factory Crimp Die.
  17. I happen to have stacks which I have been providing to friends and fellow shooters for $50 per thousand. But, only to those I know and face to face. I have also given some away to new shooters. I used to be a hoarder, now I am a prepper.
  18. I also have moved to the LEE Auto Bench Prime. The 1st one I had the top that holds the shell holder in place ripped right off, separated from the body. I tossed it as I had ordered three by then. I guess I don't have to use that much pressure to ensure the primers are seated.
  19. I have been buying my last 5,000 plus from Slippery Bullets and another 5,000 plus from Chey-Cast since Scarlett does not offer the ones I have been shooting. For other calibers I use Scarlett.
  20. I started with a Rossi M92. I have 19, stainless, all but two are 45LC. Two are 357 Mag. Straight out of the box, all the 45LCs had stove piping issues. Then I bought Steve Guns CD on how to correct the stove piping issue. Yes, it requires a shim on the right side.
  21. As of this morning Starline has 45LC in stock and selling for 1000 for $226.00. Limited to two.
  22. The Rossi 92s are notorious for stove piping the rounds. I have several of each barrel length. Steve Guns is the one to work out any kinks. FLR
  23. I also ordered some smaller jewelers ss pins, hopefully to help clean the inside.
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