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  1. Maybe those supplies will start migrating South to Morgantown. We have a Bass Pro scheduled to open this Fall and a Sportsman's Warehouse. The shelves in the Warehouse are sadly very bare.
  2. I have a JM Marlin 1894 I bought new several years ago and have never shot. I bought it, an EMF Uberti 1873, and a Rossi Puma M92 all 45LC at the same time. The Puma was the smoothest out of the box, so I shot it for three years. I threw away the box to save space in the safe. Where do you shoot? I prefer FTF and shoot once a month at Logan's Ferry. I live in Morgantown, WV. I will be at Cow Town in Icksburg, PA in SEP.
  3. Wow, that one looks prettier than the one I sold you John. The Charles Daly shotguns are fine firearms. Mine was made by Miroku and was very solid.
  4. Plus, Scarlett's come with a hug for the Cowboy Shooters.
  5. I bought two, worked the actions and stayed with my double. Also, that was before ever hearing of any mods or Lassiter.
  6. I have watched Cody on several occasions where he steps out to the range and fires a minimum of ten through the rifle. If there are no hiccups, the rifle is good for me to take home. I have three rifles that Cody has fired more rounds than I have, those being back-ups.
  7. I have two of the JM Marlin 1895 Rifles. One I bought new and the other used and have shot them in several Long Range Competitions. I have retired them in favor of my discovery of the JM Marlin 336 Cowboy in 38-55. After reading this now I want to pull them from the safe and check the rifling. Just a little paranoid.
  8. Over the past ten years I have bought 18 PPs for between $80 and $150 and they all work and fire as they should. Most are Smith & Wesson and Ivor Johnsons with a few odd ball one tossed into the pile. My remarks were referring to todays prices as per the revolver. Everything today has been inflated and some may never come all of the way back down.
  9. You could buy two or three SASS Legal PPs for what he paid for that snub nose.
  10. As Lassiter says, if you can't stand, can't see or can't hear, don't spot. So, I am a brass picker at most matches.
  11. Most pards come to shoot in this excellent endeavor every year. I personally just come to play in the Long Range Events. These slot will go fast, so I will have my App ready to mail to Dawg.
  12. When we started our 1st club, we just shot what we called Cowboy. For four years we just shot. You could shoot any style, any powder, at any age, but everyone was lumped into the same category of Cowboy. We didn't give any prizes or awards, we just announced who had shot and their ranking. No one complained, we basically just shot for the fun.
  13. Well there goes the neighborhood. I guess I will just have to try and make it over the mountains for this one.
  14. And, if one spreads out a black garbage bag under the cartridges in the sun, it works even faster.
  15. Where do you find which wave you are shooting?
  16. Now if we just knew which shooting wave we have been assigned.
  17. Some of us reload the shot shells as what we shoot are not readily available. I shoot some black powder matches and cannot find or want to pay the asking price for black powder shotgun shells.
  18. If you shoot Bench Rest and belong to either IBS or GBA, then you know that for rifles which the bolts can be removed, you remove them when not shooting. If you are shooting a firearm where you cannot easily remove the bolt, then chamber flags are required. It is just common sense safety.
  19. That bottom one is too pretty to shoot.
  20. Even if you are not mechanically inclined, you can do the work/fitting. If it doesn't fit perfectly, who cares? Most shooters put a leather butt cover on their rifles for slippage, but it will also cover the fitting. I install a mercury recoil suppressor inside of the stock, then add the butt pad, and leather cover. I stuff strips of a wool blanket inside of the leather butt cover and don't notice any kick at all. Sometimes, in the heat of moving to shoot, I don't actually shoulder the 12 gauge and it all works out for me.
  21. yeah, what Rye said. I hope to make it across the mountains as the snow seems to have ended for this year.
  22. I say, let them shoot. Especially if they holster at five, then redraw and shoot the last five.
  23. This was my 1st time being at this match and it was fun. I have attended the PA State Match the last three years which happens to always be on the same weekend, but also has a long hill one has to climb. I shoot for the fun, which was obvious as I shot Frontier Cartridge. I also always tell the TO that I will take all of the help they can give. They have saved my butt more than once, thank you. The shooting array had a mix of having to use your sights to stand and deliver. The only real problem I experienced was when you have to shoot one target eight times, with b
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