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  1. Cleaning out my metal bldg. and discovered 4-5 hundred (more or less) 12ga AA grey hulls. These are the super handicap mono hulls. Free to anyone that wants to come and get them. No deliveries or shipping. Located in Ellis county Texas just south of Dallas. Futher investigation found a rubber pad in the bottom of the box, probably only 300 or so hulls.
  2. Have you shipped the shotgun yet?



  3. The bullets I use are teflon coated not moly coated and the bullets are sized after being coated.
  4. I go through 500-600 thousand swaged, coated bullets a year. Never go back to to cast bullets with wax or grease again. Machines require 90% less maint. with coated bullets.
  5. Gunslinger, I need a SS mag spring for my 24" Uberti, .45, '73.



    Tray Golden

    16084 Firetower Rd

    Conroe, TX 77306

  6. Howdy Gunslinger,

    Thanks for responding. You say you can help with acquiring a Super Blackhawk hammer? Please let me know what you have and how much you want. Marshal Jack Murphy (mtnboy@peacefulacres.com)

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