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  1. For sale are six press mounted over powder wad punches manufactured by Fred Cornell. As measured by my trusty dial caliper, punch diameters are 0.328", 0.403", 0.430", 0.454", 0.460" and 0.516". In use, the head of a punch locks into a turret press' ram (in replacement of a shell plate). Four of the punches are mounted in a Lee turret press tool head. Except for a little surface oxidation on the exterior of the punch bodies, these punches are sharp, smooth, clean and very tightly toleranced. Buffalo Arms sells these punches for $62.95 each. For the lot of six punches and tool head I'm asking $200 plus $8 for USPS flat rate shipping. I am only interested in selling them as a lot. Just think, you get all of this for just a little over what Buffalo Arms is asking for three. And, Buffalo Arms is out of stock on many of the sizes. Thanks for reading.
  2. I knew that the Cowboys out there would solve the mystery. Thank you to everyone who spent time to both speculate and solve the mystery. RP
  3. Thank you. Have tried that approach. They do not recognize the parts as being of Lee origin. Appreciate your suggestion.
  4. Howdy, I recently acquired a Lee Turret Press that came with a lot of extras - some of which I cannot identify. Mounted in spare tool heads were six precision-machined devices, each having a tightly toleranced cylindrical bore and matching "piston". The "piston" is concave on the bottom, making the edge sharp, in a way similar to a paper punch. "Piston" diameters are .330, .400, .430, .450, .460 and .515 in. Each is stamped with the letters CSA, then a space and then the letters FC. Using the same order as the diameters, each is further marked (respectively) as follows: 01, 02, 99, 99, 06, 00. I've attached a photo of these items - one together, one with the pieces separated and four together in a tool head. One theory is that they are black powder compression die but, based on the bore diameters and the limited stroke that each "piston" has, this theory is dubious. It seems a shame for these to go unused simply because I cannot identify them. Does anyone have an idea as to what they are? Thanks for reading and sharing any ideas that you may have.
  5. BTT for Labor Day consideration. Thanks!
  6. BTT Thanks again for reading
  7. Nice MEC 9000G in 12 gauge. Includes Manual, Larger Capacity Primer Feed Tray, Adjustable Powder/Shot Bar and Powder Baffle. It's all here. Presently set up with standard MEC powder/shot bar and bushing to deliver 7/8 oz of shot and 12.5 gr of Promo. If you buy all of this new it will cost you just under $900. It's all yours for $450 plus the cost of shipping. Shipping will be a challenge but we can work something out (I'm centrally located in Grand Junction, CO). Also, I plan to bring this press to the Northwest Regional Match in Jerome, ID during the week of August 12th. Hope to see you there. Thanks for reading!
  8. Hello Grey Ghost, You make a very generous offer that I very much appreciate. You truly live the cowboy way! I realize that a 650 is not the optimum machine for loading the 45-70. However, it is a turret press, albeit one having a lot of extra stuff glued to it to automate the reloading process. For the very few 45-70 rounds I plan to make I have no problem hand feeding the rounds and working around all of the extra stuff a 650 has. I did not mean to imply hardship on my part. Instead, I was hoping that the received responses focused more on the availability of what I was willing to purchase - rather than speculation about my motives for wanting it or how I would use it - and tried to make that point in my most recent post. Unintentionally, I elicited your offer which I know came in the true cowboy spirit. Although I decline your offer, I respect you for making it. Hope to meet you someday! RP
  9. You may presume that I can afford and have the room for multiple reloading machines. I cannot and do not. Anyone out there with something to offer, rather than comment on?
  10. Howdy, I'm looking for a Dillon XL 650 caliber conversion kit for 45-70 Government. Also looking for a 45-70 die set. Are there any sore shoulders out there ready to part with one or both? Thanks for reading! RP
  11. These guns have not had action jobs but I find them to be "factory" on the hammer and very light on the trigger. Thanks for your interest!
  12. Shout out to Dantankerous and LQ Jones. Thanks for the comments and well wishes!
  13. Hi Cajun Ace, I truly appreciate the interest. I have no experience shipping hand guns but do know that, as a non-FFL license holder I can use UPS/FEDEX directly. To use the USPS I must go through an FFL on my end., UPS/FEDEX require that you use next day air. I checked the price to find that UPS wants $119. I imagine that the FEDEX price would be similar. USPS wants $92, to which I would have to add the cost of the FFL on my end. Note that, even using the FFL, USPS requires that I use 2-Day Priority Mail Express, thus the high cost. Both are, obviously, high numbers. Note that they are based on weight/size estimates for the package and, again, I am no expert. I would rather that we focus on a total price, inclusive of shipping, that is fair to both of us. If you are interested in a discussion, then maybe we could open up a private conversation. I'll send my phone number and e-mail address through the SASS Messanger. Again, thanks for your interest!
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