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  1. Okay thanks, I will take the #15 Muzzle Covers also. I'll check on the PM, I sent it over an hour ago. City Dude
  2. Fireball, what is your price on the muzzle covers? That part is cut off C.D.
  3. Chance, I will take it. Shipping to Alaska 99654 City Dude
  4. Doc, I'll take #1, the Shilo Sharps 1874. I just hope I can shoot it half as good as your do. City Dude
  5. Ace - FWIW, there is a regular plow handle (XRN-3RED) and a short that is 1/4" shorter (XRN-3RED SHORT). Nice for small hands.
  6. Also, Wondrous Times on the Frontier, The Frontiersman, and Plains Woman
  7. Hey Flaco, I would love to see that when it is finished! City Dude
  8. Tried to send a PM but it sez you can't receive them
  9. I need a Ruger 45 Colt, 3.75" Stainless Steel, Model 5120, Catalog No. KNV-453 to match the one I already have. I will consider a pair of 5120's if you have a pair you don't want to break up. Birdshead considered. Thanks, City Dude
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