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  1. Thanks, Three Foot, I did not know that. I have half a box someone gave me, I'll give them a try. City Dude
  2. Rube, although you can also shoot 32 S&W and 32 S&W Long, I reload and shoot 32 H&R "Magnum" light loads for both of my Grandkids and sometimes myself. I have 4 pairs of these and love the pistol size and the caliber. PM me if you meed more info. City Dude
  3. I have a new unpolished SS New Vaquero grip frame I got from Brownells. I would work a trade and kick in some extra if you are interested, PM me. It's the one that uses the mainspring seat instead of the internal lock, not the one Brownells has pictured. City Dude
  4. I have bought more than a couple of guns from Flaco and I can say he is fair to a fault and a great guy to deal with. City Dude
  5. Thanks RnR Rob, you just save me $1000! I couldn't stand it much longer City Dude
  6. After looking closely, these are unfinished. That would not be a good trade for you. CD
  7. I have a pair KMV00301 New Vaquero SS grip frames still in the factory plastic I will trade you for your take-off Birdshead grip frames with the grip panels. I'll pay shipping to you. You pay shipping to me. City Dude
  8. Buffalowinter, thank you. I'd love to have it, but I think I've managed to talk myself down off the ledge. City Dude
  9. Posted Monday at 03:50 PM Maybe i should have added "for my Granddaughter for Mounted Action Shooting". She is already riding rodeo C.D.
  10. Hey Major, you have exactly what I am looking for. I would be willing to buy the 3 1/2" barrels or the set of Vaquero's from you. C.D.
  11. Thanks Goody! Much appreciated C.D.
  12. I like to keep track of prices, but I was away from my desk yesterday. Could anyone tell me what the asking price was? Thanks, City Dude
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