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  1. I'll take #8 and the .357 and ..458 sizer dies City Dude
  2. I've got one by you can have for postage, Details by PM City Dude
  3. Marshal, it's in the yellow bubble tag back on the Classifieds index page as 45-70 CD
  4. Good looking rifle Al, what caliber is it? They make it in 4 calibers. Sorry if it says and I just can't see it. City Dude
  5. I'll take it. Sold mine last year and I regret it. City Dude
  6. Howdy Professor! I paid $1250 shipped for a 99.5% Marlin 1894 Cowboy Competition (CBC) .38 Special only, that was smithed by Jim Bowie and custom checkering by Errol Case. I'm happy with it, although I haven't fired it yet. City Dude
  7. I expected to pay for shipping to my FFL and packaging if necessary. Best wishes Three by Eight City Dude
  8. Thanks for the tip Barry Sloe, I do appreciate it. They are a nice pair of blued Ubertis, but not quite what I am looking for. Thanks Pard, City Dude
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