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  1. And, be thinking of all the protestors that will be trying to ruin the hunt. They are already complaining that the local Native Americans should be allowed to kill the bison. And if I remember, this herd is not pure bison. I read they were part of a beef-alo experiment in the early part of the 20th century. Basically you going to have a biologist at your shoulder telling you which one you can shoot. And I saw somewhere that you only keep part of the meat. No thanks.
  2. I have one and use it from time to time. The bluing is flawless but the barrel edges are a little soft from the high-polish buffing. The wood has a beautiful burl in it. It functions flawlessly. There are plans on this forum somewhere to make a dowel spacer that prevents you from doing the Henry Hop. It is the only Henry offering that I like. The front sight is nickel and a little hard to see if I'm shooting in the shade. I have put black magic marker on it but it come right off. I don't think they can be short-stroked but when I'm using it, it's for the experience, not for speed and there is
  3. I wish everyone cleaned their cases, no matter the reason. We have a guy that uses the 45CS cases and they are so dirty and short that they blend in with the ground. As brass picker, I have a hard time seeing them. I like brass that gleams in the sun from 30 yards away.
  4. From the ad: "Here is a print of all the Registered Cattle Brands for the State of New Mexico. This was a tribute piece given to me By the Single Action Shooting Society. It Measures Approximately 23" X 23", on parchment paper, the ink is brown in color...I don't think many of these survived...I was going to get it framed, but my taste run a little on the expensive side so I held off.. $100.00 plus USPS Flat Rate Shipping in Tube. It would look great with your Cowboy image in the center." If it is something you want, I can send your information to him. He is Kid Sopris on the forum
  5. This is not mine and I don't know the guy but I thought some of you might be interested. https://www.coltforum.com/threads/ok-cowboys.384752/#post-3287585 It's a Founder's Ranch/New Mexico Cattle Brands thing on parchment paper. I have no idea what it was supposed to be used for or when it was made. Good luck. From his ad: "Here is a print of all the Registered Cattle Brands for the State of New Mexico. This was a tribute piece given to me By the Single Action Shooting Society. It Measures Approximately 23" X 23", on parchment paper, the ink is brown in
  6. And there's the old story about the soldier in basic training learning to fight with a bayonet. The instructor was telling the recruits that if the bayonet got stock in the body of the enemy, just fire the gun and the recoil would dislodge the bayonet. One recruit raised his hand and stated, if his gun still had ammo in it he wouldn't be needing the bayonet!
  7. I would say it would sell within minutes at $500. I would ask @Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L about the cocking levers.
  8. Since most associate the Colt SAA with the Wild West, I would assume that is where they would focus their market. Never once did I see a Bat Masterson episode that took place in New England. In the period of the Second Generation SAAs, that's what was driving most of the market, the hundreds of westerns on TV and the silver screen.
  9. Have you asked on the Colt forums? The quality seems to be all over the place on them. I would think someone there could answer your questions. https://www.coltforum.com/threads/colt-saa-commemeratives.384148/ Using the link PWB posted I found this: https://www.bluebookofgunvalues.com/#/SearchCategory/Gun/513/COLTS_MANUFACTURING_COMPANY_LLC_FACTORY_COMMEMORATIVES_SPECIAL_LIMITED_EDITIONS
  10. The Baikal is the workhorse of SxS for CAS. I have one that I bought from Johnny Meadows a few years ago. They seem to be a tank. However, if I'm going to spend $1k on a shotgun, it's going to be a CZ single-trigger SxS.
  11. I have used hunting loads and didn't like it. The problem for me is making my teeth hurt and raising a welt on my finger from the trigger guard slamming it. By stage four I was really feeling it.
  12. Aspen Filly https://www.facebook.com/Aspen-Fillys-Merchandise-103794366328467/
  13. https://www.shipmygun.com/go/ Looks cheaper and easier.
  14. The 1967 Lyman manual had fiber wads listed. https://www.scribd.com/document/166710868/Lyman-Reloading-Handbook-44th-Edition-1967 https://www.cornellpubs.com/old-guns/item_desc.php?item_id=4892
  15. Huh-- Number 28 and a list of folks that might just have a visit from Boyd the Butcher, enforcer of the Norwegian Mafia. Number 1, here I come!
  16. Go up to the three dots in the upper right on the ad you want to delete and report it. In the drop down box explain that it is a duplicate ad. The mods will remove it.
  17. Songslinger is checking them out right now. Thanks!
  18. And you will want to know if BP or smokeless. Original Thunderer models were not proofed for smokeless. There were many other revolvers chambered in .41 Colt as well.
  19. @Too Tall Bob The hotel we were trying to book in Tombstone is full Saturday night. What would be a good place to stay?
  20. And delete one of the ads so there won't be confusion.
  21. I had chickens, pigs, cows, goats, and ducks-- so I had varmints. They were owls, cats, dogs, racoons, and possums. Unless he plans on sitting up until 1 am with the hen house in full view, he may as well get a havahart trap. I sat up a few nights. I lost 22 chicks and one hen in one night. Racoons were the worst. They like to eat just the egg-making area of the chicken (butt) and go to the next chicken. They will find any weakness in the coop and use it. The next worse was the neighbor's dogs but they came in during the day when the neighbor was at work. I killed six over a few years. I
  22. I think your post went a little html overboard
  23. @Too Tall BobWe are coming down for the match. I assume the Tombstone Livery is actually in Tombstone? Nevermind. I found it. http://tombstonelivery.com/CAS.html
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