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  1. Just so we are clear, I assume the footwear requirements don't apply if the shooter has physical limitations and can't wear common styles. Both my wife and daughter have had foot operations. One wears AFOs (braces), the other has pins in her feet, so they wear Billy Shoes https://billyfootwear.com/
  2. Canon made a 400D about 15 years ago. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_EOS_400D The battery for it was the NB-2LH Battery Pack The 40D uses BP-511A, BP-514, BP-511, BP-512.
  3. And I live about five miles from IR. This was my view a week ago. Yes, real estate is inflated. It has been for decades. Pick a place a little farther out and prices go down. But we are in the top ten places to retire. Yavapai County has three SASS clubs.
  4. Thanks for the offer but I can't use it. My camera is a Canon 60D and the battery is different.
  5. 1. Canon 100mm Macro Lens EF 1:2.8 (Non-USM) manual/auto focus $150 shipped 2. Tamron AF 17-50mm 1:2.8 (IF) telephoto lens. $150 shipped I take good care of my camera gear. They have been stored in an air-conditioned space since the day I owned them. No, I don't have the boxes. What you see is what you get. There's nothing wrong with them. I just have too much camera gear that I don't use. PayPal, Venmo, MO or check if you're a SASS member.
  6. Two that seem to be 64", one that is marked 36" 40-60#, and unmade strings. I no longer have a desire to make or use a selfbow. My elbow is tore up. All for $20 shipped. Sold Paypal, Venmo, check, or MO is acceptable.
  7. There is the Pioneer Museum just north of Phoenix.
  8. Be sure to also check out the NCOWS clubs in Indiana. The NCOWS nationals used to be in Evansville. They may have moved to Kansas. But, the SASS state finals is at the same site that EOT is at so you can also shoot in it.
  9. Having lived in Indiana, here's the format: Sweat your hind end off, have a hard time gripping your guns while shooting because of how slick the grips get, try to see the targets with salt in your eyes, go take a break in your car with the a/c on full blast, shoot the last stage thinking this wasn't worth the drive, then on the way home wish that EOT 2022 wasn't so far away.
  10. One never knows. Most folks won't cast themselves in a bad light when asked. She says no.
  11. No insulation in it. It is just the canvas shell and a felt liner. I would say not a cold weather item as is. A large mummy bag may fit as insulation. It is very cowboy-ish but not something to use backpacking.
  12. FPE= Federal Pacific Electric if I remember correctly. Any FPE panel should instantly be changed or get good homeowners and life insurance. Worst design ever. Worse than the old GE (?) panels with aluminum buss bars. I forget the other name manufacturer that used the same style breakers as FPE. Edit: If you can hear a sizzling sound in your panel or you can make the lights flicker or dim by pushing on a breaker, you need to change the panel and breakers. If an outlet sizzles or is discolored or if plugs seem to just fall out, replace them.
  13. Sounds like a problem you need to get checked. Many electricians use stab lock receptacles which only use spring tension to make the connection. And, they use the cheapest receptacles available. This adds up to spring tension being lost, the connection getting worse, insulation starts melting, the connection gets worse. The circuit stops working totally or a fire starts. Seen it many times. Electric heaters cause many fires. Stab lock receptacles cause fires. Put the two together and problems happen. The power going on and off may just have been your warning. Heed it. I always wrap
  14. This was marketed to me as a cowboy bedroll, perfect for trail rides. I have since found out it is a Swedish military sleeping bag that is very popular for preppers. The attraction is that plant material can be shoved in between the inner and outer shells. I don't know if it has been used or just stored. The outside is canvas and the inside looks like felt. From the Internet: These bags are called bårsäck. You can fill this bag with whatever insulation you might find; hay, spruce, leaves.... These bags can be used to carry casualties off to get medical attent
  15. I am doing more thinning and thought I would offer this here. SPF -- One set -- Frabill FXE Storm Suit -- Brown bibs and jacket. Size Large -- Made to keep you fishing in any wet weather. Used once. Like new. $75 plus shipping. One set -- Frabill FXE SnoSuit -- Red bibs and jacket. Size Large -- Made for ice fishing or snowmobiling. Used twice. Like new. $75.00 plus shipping. I will trade for stuff I need. Looking for .41 Colt brass, molds, and dies.
  16. I ate it! I was shocked when I got it. My future mother in law just thought is was the funniest thing ever to see me blush 10 shades of red when they brought it out!
  17. I had a talk with my daughter the other day. She was talking about a cute medical assistant that mentioned he had a room mate during a conversation while flirting with her. The other medical assistant laughed and tattled on him and said his room mate was also his girlfriend. My daughter was flattered that he would call his girlfriend a room mate so he could flirt with her. I told her that there in lies the problem. She was being drawn to yet another guy that was proving that he would be disloyal to a girlfriend. She hadn't looked at it like that...
  18. Here is an opposite story: In 1983, while still in the USCG, I bought a Dan Wesson .357. I was going to visit my girl friend on leave for my birthday. My girlfriend went into a local mom & pop gun shop and told them I had just bought a pistol. What should she buy me for my birthday? She surprised me with a boob cake, a Lyman Orange Crusher press, an RCBS powder thrower, and an RCBS balance scale! And 37 years later the only thing I don't still have is the Dan Wesson and the boob cake!
  19. I didn't want to ruin the Old Gentleman thread, but I have had just the opposite experience... I have a bad track record on helping guys my daughter has a relationship with. I taught her husband how to reload and got him hooked on CAS. Within months she caught him cheating and divorced him. Two years later she got engaged again. He fiancé wanted to learn how to reload and wanted to start CAS. I taught him. New Years eve she caught him cheating when she checked his phone messages. I am no longer teaching anyone she is dating to reload or take them to CAS matches until
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